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Excel: Arrows scroll sheet instead of move cursor. How to switch

Using Windows XP EXCEL, my arrow keys, which normally move from cell to cell,
became scroll keys, moving the entire sheet up-down or right-left. I am
unable to find how this came about or how to return to the original
operation. HELP! (and what topic in the help file covers this?)

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My arrow keys are moving the screen instead of moving from cell to cell. I'm
not sure what I did or how to get it back to normal.


When I press the arrow buttons, the entire sheet moves while the marked
square stands still, instead of the cursor moving while the sheet is still.
What have I done and how do I rectify it? I am using Excel 2003

On the keyboard, the arrow keys when used move the screen instead of moving
to the next cell. How do I switch back to moving from cell to cell?

Every now and then when I'm using Excel 2003, my arrow keys will start
moving the frame around (as if I were scrolling) instead of moving
between cells. Is that because my scroll lock is on?

There is no light indicating if the scroll lock is on - I mean, there
is no such light on my laptop at all. Is there any way to tell within
Excel or on my PC?

Windows XP Pro SP2
Compaq Evo N800c

Occasionaly, when working is an Excell spread sheet, the Aarow keys will
change function - Instead of moving to a different cell, they move the entire
sheet. I assume that there is a toggle somehow to change this, but I haven't
been able to figure it out yet and end up using the curser.

In an existing worksheet the arrow keys (up,down,right & left) cause the
worksheet to scroll accordingly instead of moving from cell to cell.

Is there a way to make the arrow keys move cell-to-cell instead of having
them scroll the entire worksheet?

Using Excel 2003.



For some reason now when I use the arrow buttons they move the view bar up
down left right instead of moving from cell to cell. If anyone has any
suggestions how to change it back it would make my life much easier. I use
them tons and now it is killing me!!



I have no idea how it occured but I am now getting a tip box appear with fast
moving row numbers when I scroll down instead of the rows just moving down.
It is very annoying how can this be turned off??

I have a set of data and I am plotting population levels on the y axis and
time on the x axis. I want to start at time of zero with an initial
population. I can't figure out how to make excel start at 0 instead of 1.
My first data point is ( 1,y1) and it should be (0,y1) to be correct.

Isn't it time to start programming Excel with VB.Net instead of old VBA? but I don't find any tutorials how to convert VBA to VB.Net ... am I to early?

I have looked through this forum and found a couple of threads related to my issue, but none provided relief.

Whenever I paste rows from one spreadsheet into the other, it just overwrites the next rows instead of moving them downwards, no matter if I right-click on "insert copied cells", ctrl + v or just paste. There must be something in the default options I can change. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Just bought excel 2011 and now all of my documents insist on using commas instead of periods.

I tried to fix it and change the currency, tried changing the numbers to different formats, and tried writing my own custom numbers-- which worked until I had a number like 1.3 (where I had to write the dot) and it assumed it was text or rounded it up or down. When I've tried writing the numbers and using the comma the program rounds the number up or down. Also, the formulas only work if the numbers are whole (1, 3, 4, etc.). It doesn't seem to matter whether the numbers are a currency or a general number.

Please help?

Can I "enable the macros" in the VBA code instead of expecting the user to do it? I know it's a security issue, but many users won't knowunderstand how to do this.

Likewise, is it possible for me to set a Medium macro security level in the VBA code? I know, security again, but it would make things easier, even if I need to alert the user first.

Cannot find any 'options' settings that will revert the arrow key usage back
to normal such that the cursor moves from cell to cell instead of scrolling
the work sheet. It occurs on all excel files.

I just started using a new PC and all of my excel settings were lost. Before
I could use my arrow keys to move from cell to cell or select data. Now when
I press my arrow keys I stay in the same cell, but my spreadsheet scrolls up
or down. I do not know what feature needs to be activated to enable me to
use the arrow keys to move from cell to cell.

Please help, its driving me nuts.


I have Excel 2000, and for some reason when I try to move around the
spreadsheet using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the cursor stays on the
cell and the entire worksheet moves up, down, left or right. The same thing
is true when I try to scoll down the spread sheet using the scoll tool on my

Any suggestions?



I opened up Excel and tried to move across cells with the arrow keys. Instead, the page scrolled as if I was hitting the scroll bar with mouse. The active cell did not move, it would just scroll off the page.

Enter and tab still work to move the cell down/to the right, respectively (and shift enter moves up). When I go into a cell and try to enter a formula, it still scrolls instead of moving to the reference cell when pressing the arrow keys (but I can select the cell with the mouse).

I played with the options but there was nothing that I could find.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Any advice would be appreciated.

When we usually move the arrow on the keybroad, then the cursor move to next cell, depending on the arrow direction. Now, my spreadsheet is a little straight. When I moved the arrow not matter which direction, the whole sheet was moved, instead of the cursor moving one cell.

could anyone help me out?

Many thanks!


i went into my excel on my work computer that has multi. users and my arrow
keys no longer move from cell to cell they scroll the page like you were
clicking the bottom scrolling bar

Not sure what I did, but when I use the arrow keys to move around the
worksheet the entire sheet moves in the direction of the arrow I push. The
only way to move from cell to cell is to "enter" down to the next cell, or
click a cell with the mouse.
I've looked all around and can't figure out what I've changed to make this

Any ideas?

Hi Guys

I am trying to do some data entry work in a excel sheet, I am trying to make my work easier instead of moving around the sheet using arrow keys i would like to run a macro, which helps me to move around the sheet. I will try to mention the cursor movements step by step.

I have columns from A to Q

A = Serial No: ( I will Type That)
B = Current Date (When I type Serial No: in Column A, It should come automatically)
C = Current Time (When I type Serial No: in Column A, It should come automatically)

Thats First part
Then in Column I if more than 2,then cursor should go to K,if less than 2 go to J
Then in Column K if YES, then cursor should go to L, If K is NO then go to O
Then in Column J if more than 2, Then cursor should go to P,If less than 2 got to Q
Then in Column M if the text value or list value( Which I have not decided yet) is 'AUC' then cursor should go to N

I hope the explanation is OK

Can somebody help me on THIS TASK


Not sure what I did, but when I use the arrow keys to move around the
worksheet the entire sheet moves in the direction of the arrow I push. The
only way to move from cell to cell is to "enter" down to the next cell, or
click a cell with the mouse.
I've looked all around and can't figure out what I've changed to make this

Any ideas?

whenever I click on a cell in a sheet, and try to arrow down or over to the next cell, it scrolls the whole sheet instead of moving the cursor to the next cell. I've turned this off before but can't remember how...can somebody refresh my memory on how to enable it to just advance to the next cell?? thanks

Hello i am trying to edit a macro that copies the values from an identical worksheet from several different workbooks. right now i have a code that does a good job of copying the sheets needed and names them based on the file name from which they were copied, which is ideal. the problem is it opens all the sheets in a new workbook. i would prefer to have it automatically fill the values instead of creating new worksheets, that way i can set the master workbook to total the hours for each person in a separate sheet. also some of the workbooks data is being pulled from will be password protected, but not all of them. I am not very familiar with any sort of coding, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Here is the current code i am running

 'The example below will copy the first worksheet from each file in a new workbook
 'It copy as values because the PasteAsValues argument = True
 'First we call the Function "Get_File_Names" to fill a array with all file names
 'There are three arguments in this Function that we can change
 '1) MyPath = the folder where the files are
 '2) Subfolders = True if you want to include subfolders
 '3) ExtStr = file extension of the files you want to merge
 '   ExtStr examples are: "*.xls" , "*.csv" , "*.xlsx"
 '   "*.xlsm" ,"*.xlsb" , for all Excel file formats use "*.xl*"
 '   Do not change myReturnedFiles:=myFiles
 'Then if there are files in the folder we call the macro "Get_Sheet"
 'There are three arguments in this macro that we can change
 '1) PasteAsValues = True to paste as values (recommend)
 '2) SourceShName = sheet name, if "" it will use the SourceShIndex
 '3) SourceShIndex = to avoid problems with different sheet names use the index (1 is the first worksheet)
 '   Do not change myReturnedFiles:=myFiles
Sub RDB_Copy_Sheet() 
    Dim myFiles As Variant 
    Dim myCountOfFiles As Long 
    myCountOfFiles = Get_File_Names( _ 
    MyPath:="C:Documents and SettingsGerowJJDesktopGroup Time Sheets", _ 
    Subfolders:=False, _ 
    ExtStr:="*.xls", _ 
    If myCountOfFiles = 0 Then 
        MsgBox "No files that match the ExtStr in this folder" 
        Exit Sub 
    End If 
    Get_Sheet _ 
    PasteAsValues:=True, _ 
    SourceShName:="Summery", _ 
    SourceShIndex:=1, _ 
End Sub 
 ' Note: You not have to change the macro below, you only
 ' edit and run the RDB_Copy_Sheet above.
Sub Get_Sheet(PasteAsValues As Boolean, SourceShName As String, _ 
    SourceShIndex As Integer, myReturnedFiles As Variant) 
    Dim mybook As Workbook, BaseWks As Worksheet 
    Dim CalcMode As Long 
    Dim SourceSh As Variant 
    Dim Sh As Worksheet 
    Dim I As Long 
     'Change ScreenUpdating, Calculation and EnableEvents
    With Application 
        CalcMode = .Calculation 
        .Calculation = xlCalculationManual 
        .ScreenUpdating = False 
        .EnableEvents = False 
    End With 
    On Error Goto ExitTheSub 
     'Add a new workbook with one sheet
    Set BaseWks = Workbook.Name("PullTime.xls").Worksheets(1) 
     'Check if we use a named sheet or the index
    If SourceShName = "" Then 
        SourceSh = SourceShIndex 
        SourceSh = SourceShName 
    End If 
     'Loop through all files in the array(myFiles)
    For I = LBound(myReturnedFiles) To UBound(myReturnedFiles) 
        Set mybook = Nothing 
        On Error Resume Next 
        Set mybook = Workbooks.Open(myReturnedFiles(I)) 
        On Error Goto 0 
        If Not mybook Is Nothing Then 
             'Set sh and check if it is a valid
            On Error Resume Next 
            Set Sh = mybook.Sheets(SourceSh) 
            If Err.Number > 0 Then 
                Set Sh = Nothing 
            End If 
            On Error Goto 0 
            If Not Sh Is Nothing Then 
                Sh.Copy after:=BaseWks.Parent.Sheets(BaseWks.Parent.Sheets.Count) 
                On Error Resume Next 
                ActiveSheet.Name = mybook.Name 
                On Error Goto 0 
                If PasteAsValues = True Then 
                    With ActiveSheet.UsedRange 
                        .Value = .Value 
                    End With 
                End If 
            End If 
             'Close the workbook without saving
            mybook.Close savechanges:=False 
        End If 
         'Open the next workbook
    Next I 
     ' delete the first sheet in the workbook
    Application.DisplayAlerts = False 
    On Error Resume Next 
    On Error Goto 0 
    Application.DisplayAlerts = True 
     'Restore ScreenUpdating, Calculation and EnableEvents
    With Application 
        .ScreenUpdating = True 
        .EnableEvents = True 
        .Calculation = CalcMode 
    End With 
End Sub 

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