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Possible to change chart title and label box widths?

This seems like a basic question, but is it possible to change the
width of chart tables or series labels? I can select the label text
boxes, but I can't resize the text boxes.

>From searching the forum, it appears that for some reason Excel doesn't
let you change the widths?!

Any creative solutions?



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For some reason the charts' labels and titles in a workbook keep reverting to
a Font size 1 every time the data is refreshed. I manually change it to the
correct font and it once again reverts to 1. Is there a default somewhere
that I am not changing?
Thanks for your help.

Hi, basically I have a chart with a bunch of data in it that is
dependant on the value in drop down list. So when I pick a different
selection from the dropdownlist, the data in the chart changes as
desired. The only thing that doesnt change automatically, is the chart
title, and the chart legend values. Is there a way to do this? any
ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated.



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Hi all!

I am not familiar with VBscript at all, so please go easy on me. There is a document I've been working on in Excel for quite some time, but another person added in some macros.

Basically, the first macro looks for a defined date within one of the worksheets and changes the date within the headers on all pages.

After that, there are various macros set that change the titles of different charts. For example, one chart may be titled, "Surveys Returned = #" and it will go to another worksheet, look for the defined #, and then insert it into the title.

There are 8 macros of this sort that have worked fine up until now.

Now I have an actual worksheet that has a chart inserted into it, so it's actually lying on top of the cells instead of being a separate chart sheet (it has to be this way for a few reasons).

The following code is how we've been changing the titles in these charts when they're simply chart sheets:

Sub Macro10()
' Macro10 Macro
' Batch Work BW

    Sheets("Survey Data Tables").Select
    I = ActiveCell.Value
    Sheets("Batch Work BW").Select
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    Selection.Characters.Text = "Surveys By Channel Received:  Batchwork" & Chr(10) & "Total Mailed
for Channel Received:  Batchwork = " & H & Chr(10) & "" & Chr(10) & ""
    Selection.AutoScaleFont = False
    With Selection.Characters(Start:=1, Length:=41).Font
        .Name = "Arial"
        .FontStyle = "Bold"
        .Size = 12
        .Strikethrough = False
        .Superscript = False
        .Subscript = False
        .OutlineFont = False
        .Shadow = False
        .Underline = xlUnderlineStyleNone
        .ColorIndex = xlAutomatic
    End With
End Sub
I need to take this code and change it so it actually points to the chart within the worksheet. How do I go about doing that?


I've written some code to programmatically change the chart title and chart
title font size based on user interaction.

Problem is that each time the title undergoes a smaller font size change,
the chart actually changes position within the chart area by moving up.

Also any labels i've placed in the chart area also changes position and move
up as well.

Anyone have any ideas why and how to stop this?

Thank for helping!

Hi, basically I have a chart with a bunch of data in it that is dependant on the value in drop down list. So when I pick a different selection from the dropdownlist, the data in the chart changes as desired. The only thing that doesnt change automatically, is the chart title, and the chart legend values. Is there a way to do this? any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated.



I have an excel spreadsheet with graphs on the same sheet. I have had them for 8 years. This month, when I went in to update the data (updating the charts) I had to change the title on one of my graphs to say "Billings by Client - 2009" versus 2008. I clicked on the title, went to the end, backspaced, but the minute I typed in a '9', the error message showed up and I said, yes, notify Microsoft.

I have tried deleting the current chart title and then inserting a new title, which works fine, until I start typing inside the box with the new title. The minute I click on a letter, number, whatever, it gives me an error message, shuts down excel, reopens excel.

I only found one other person on google with this issue and the answer was blocked. I cannot find any issues dealing with graph titles in the Knowledge base at Microsoft. I need to get this graph done but cannot do much if I cannot even change the title.

Any suggestions please? Thanks, JL

Hi folks,

was unsure whether this was the correct section for this post, if its not then you have my apologies.

I am using VBA in Access to generate a report in Excel, I am currently seeing what I can do with graphs in excel. The data transfers fine and the graph shows pretty much ok, but I would like to change the title on the graph.

    Dim xlApp       'removed definition so IsObject would work
'    Dim xlApp As Excel.Application
    Dim xlBook As Excel.Workbook
    Dim xlSheet As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim xlGraphData As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim xlChart As Excel.Chart
    Dim xlSeries As Excel.Series
        Set xlChart = xlBook.Charts.Add
        xlChart.ChartType = xlLine
        xlChart.ChartTitle.Text = "Value of Burned Hours as % of Total"
        xlChart.Location (xlLocationAsNewSheet)
This code gives me an error at the xlchart.charttitle.text -
'Unable to set Text property of the ChartTitle class', I had been trying with .Caption instead of .Text but the same error kept occurring

Any ideas where I'm going wrong ?

ooops....... Using Office 2003 with XP Pro

I have a pre-made form, and I it has a check box with the title "trade for
service" next to it. I need to change that title, and can not get to the
cell to change that. The sheet is unprotected, but I can not change it.

On a worksheet, I have a List Box Control (lbProfitICSales) with a
ListFillRange named "Profit_Ind_Cd_Sales". When selecting an item in the List
Box, I want to change the x and y data series in the single chart on the
"Profit-Ind Cd Sales" worksheet. I don't understand why the following code
does not work- I always get an "object does not support this property or
method". Help lookup indicates this code should work.

Private Sub lbProfitICSales_Change()

Dim strwksht As String

strwksht = Application.ActiveSheet.Name


With Worksheets(strwksht).ChartObjects(1).Chart
.HasTitle = True
.ChartTitle.Text = "Profit by Industry Code Sales Regression"

Select Case lbProfitICSales
Case "Comb GP"
.SeriesCollection(1).Name = "Comb GP"
.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = Worksheets(strwksht)!Range("C10:C65")
.SeriesCollection(1).Values = Worksheets(strwksht)!Range("U10:U65")

Case "Comb PAD"
.SeriesCollection(1).Name = "Comb PAD"
.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = Worksheets(strwksht)!Range("E10:E65")
.SeriesCollection(1).Values = Worksheets(strwksht)!Range("E10:E65")

Case "Comb OP"
.SeriesCollection(1).Name = "Comb OP"
.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = Worksheets(strwksht)!Range("G10:G65")
.SeriesCollection(1).Values = Worksheets(strwksht)!Range("W10:W65")

End Select
End With
End Sub


Is it possible to change and entire sheet to Upper case using the 'Upper' function?

We are need to change all the text to caps but can only seem to apply the function to one cell at a time and then copy it down for the column. This is going to be a fairly labour intensive process as we have many columns. Is there an easier way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance


I am using a pivot table wizard that summarizes labor hours for each employee based on work order. My pivot table wizard gets its data from several worksheets that have monthly reports. Is it possible to change the source data for my pivot table wizard to include a new spreadsheet that has new records?? Any help is much appreciated...

Is it possible to change the input range of a drop down box Form
Control programmatically?
I have a list of categories for user selection. The categories will be
obtained from a database through ODBC. The may be changed from time to
time. How can I change the input range of the drop down box?

Hi all
Is it possible to change visibility of Trendlines on a Scatter Graph?
i develop an app in .NET and need to make Trendlines visible or invisible by
user selection.
anybody have any idea to do this work?
Thanks a lot

Is it possible to change the "result of a formula" to a "number"? click on the cell and all you see is the number... not the formula
originally used to calculate that resulting number.

I have a cell containing:

="Number of combinations = "&COUNTA(C2:C1500)*COUNTA(D2:D1500)

This number easily exceeds 1 million which makes it diffcult to read with all the digits in one long row, so I would like to format it with thousand-separators.
I could make the calculation in another cell e.g. C25 and then write:

="Number of combinations = "&C25

and then format C25 to thousandseparators, but that does not change the appearance in the cell where I combine it with the text.

Is it possible to change the number format in such a case?


Is it possible to change the "result of a formula" to a "number"? click on the cell and all you see is the number... not the formula
originally used to calculate that resulting number.

I have a spreadsheet with around 1000 links to a network location, I need to
copy this info and spreadsheet to a cd to send to a european office, is it
possible to change the links automaticaly ? as to do it manually will take a
long time, thanks for any help offered

there are no problems just challenges

Do any of you know if it's possible to change the caption (title) of a user form to a variable or cell value? Or does it always have to be hard coded?


My application is for Excel98 and newer. I use
Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrintPreview).Show so users can preview the
reports. However, by default, the user can change my header and footer if
desired. Is it possible to disable the Header and Footer CBs when calling

Thank you in advance.
Jim Kobzeff


I was wondering if it's possible to change multiple cell values at once without using a loop?

i.e. if I had a range of numbers in column 'A' and wanted to pick out the cells with value 57 and change those values to 75, could that be done.

Somthing like:

If range("A1:A100").value = 57 then
   range("A1:A100").value = 75 
I know that doesn't work, but something along those lines?




Is it possible to change the Left and Width parameters of a group of TextBoxes in a For/Next loop, when the only common factor is the amount of change?

The TextBoxes ar of different widths and locations. The common factor is a small TextBox the left of each TextBox which is what I am hiding under certain conditions. When hidden I need to move the TextBoxes over to where the hidden TextBox was and then enlarge the TextBox by the widt of the heddin TextBox (When the condition changes, I will resore the orginal positions and sizes).

vba did not like this bit of code in a For/Next loop:

Me.Controls("TB" & i).Left.Value = Me.Controls("TB" & i).Left.Value - 24 
Me.Controls("TB" & i).Width.Value = Me.Controls("TB" & i).Width.Value + 24 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines
Can anyone see what is wrong with it?


Users need to input a set value (£85.96) into cells on certain dates (when they are on standby) and rather than having to type it in, is it possible to click the cell and that value be entered?

Thanks guys.

The contents of my spreadsheet have an * at the beginning of the text in
several of the cells (i.e. *Doe, John). When I attempt to do a Find&Replace
specifying "*" as the find and "" as the replace, it simply wipes out
everything. Is it possible to specify * as text and not as a wildcard? Or
is it possible to create a macro that does the same thing? Any
suggestions/hints, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


Steve Stringham

Is it possible to change the default number format in Excel?

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.