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how to copy an embedded image into excel from word or from any oth

how to copy an embedded image into excel from word or from any other

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Hey there. I have a rather weird problem. I need to copy an entire row of data into one cell. Let me give you an example of what my output needs to be.


The output I need in my one cell is:

Is there an easy way to do this? I know it's strange, but unfortunately this is the output I need...

Thanks a ton!

How would I set up via DAO to pull an Access Query into Excel? The reason I am wanting to use DAO is because in the query there is a LARGE memo field, and any other way I try to bring in the query it cuts off the Memo field.

Would someone please tell me (step by step) how to embed an autocad
drawing into Excel?

I need a command to copy an entire sheet into some variable, in order to paste that variable in the same sheet later, if necessary (classical undo functionality).

Something like:
Public w As Worksheet 
Private Sub CopySheet() 
    w = Worksheets("test") 
    Worksheets("test") = w 'UNDO if necessary
End Sub

Hello specialists!
How to copy an array to an array of the same size without changing relative
cell references in the formulas?
Best regards,

Hello specialists!
How to copy an array to an array of the same size without changing relative
cell references in the formulas?
Best regards,

I am working off a document created by someone else in Visio. They have
create a 'spreadsheet' using lines and individual text boxes. I want to
import/copy this text from visio(ideally keeping the formatting, but not
essential) and paste it into Excel cells.

If I select one text box from visio and copy and paste it into excel, it
pastes the text into a cell as text (which is what I want). However, If I
select multiple text boxes it will paste this into excel as an image. I have
tried paste special but this only gives me different image types to paste it

Can anyone assist or point me in the right direction.

Or am I barking up a non-existent tree?


Using Excel 02, WinXP, we were able to copy an Excel
spreadsheet as an object into Word 02 (it had specific
colors that they wanted to appear) but how can we copy the
spreadsheet back into Excel as a worksheet format again?
The originators cannot find the original Excel spreadsheet.

I want to import an Autocad Dwg into Excel and have it linked

to the dwg so that it will automatically update. Is this possible?

If so how do you do this.


Importing multiple lines into Excel from txt. or MSWord

I have data comprising of some 325.000 rows, naturally .csv on allows a
little over 65.000.
How can I imports or paste data from txt. or Word into EXCEL that the
program creates more than one page to accept all the data.

The macro on gave me an “out of memory’ result.



This is something I have never done, but an curious on how it would work. I
have been looking around here and on Google, but haven't quite found what I
am looking for. To be upfront my preference would be to just keep this
entire system I am going to discuss in Access, but NO ONE at my work besides
me knows how to use Access. So we end up with 50MB & 30MB Excel files that
contain one HUGE worksheet that is 47000+ lines of data.

So my question is if I made an overlay of Excel to Access is this something
that would reduce the size of the Excel files thus increasing performance? I
looked at the MS Query and can see how to get the basic data into Excel from
Access, but it seems that the Excel file is still large (ie the query's data
is imported not viewed)...

How can I just have Excel view the data in Access, but not store it into the

Additionally, can someone give me direction on how to also use Excel to edit
the data in the Access Tables (via DAO preferably), do I just use SQL APPEND
or INSERT INTO? How does Access know what to do with edited cells?

I know this is a lot of stuff so I hope some of you have taken the time to
read down this far, thank you in advance for you assistance.

-Steven M. Britton

Hi All,

I am trying to create a VBA code in excel. When i select any row which i need to modify via user form and click Edit button then all the contents of the selected row should be displayed on USER form.

Could you please help on this how to implement and if you have any existing code related to this.


Hi all,

I have one vbscript that is working fine on my local mechine but it's not working on my server mechine
my local mecine is:Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
my server mechine is:Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
How to run my vbs script on my server mechine or any othe way to run the macro in cmd prompt
Iam using the following command to run my vbs script
cscript my_vbs_mac.vbs

my vbs script name is my_vbs_mac.vbs
The following is the vbs script Iam using

Set oExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
oExcel.Visible = False
oExcel.Application.AutomationSecurity = 1
oExcel.Application.ScreenUpdating = False
oExcel.Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Set objWorkbook = oExcel.Workbooks.Open("C:Documents and Settingsusersramtext.xls")
oExcel.Run "my_mac"
Set objWorkbook = Nothing
Set oExcel = Nothing

Please help me

Im copying a cell in excel and pasting the content in notepad. The content
pasted in notepad automatically having a newline at the end. So the cursor is
moving to the next line automatically. How to get rid of this problem? I want
the cursor should be there at the end of that particular line. It looks like
a small problem. But I copy and paste from excel to notepad at least 1000
times a day. All the time Im pressing backspace to delete that extra line.
Can anyone help me here to get rid of this problem?
How to remove an extra line added by excel when pasting into notepad from a
cell in excel?

I've seen a few posts about issues copying worksheets containing cells with
text values > 255 characters. I have a similar issue but it involved copying
a cell range from Excel and using Paste Special to paste them as an embedded
workbook in Word.

If I copy the cell range from one Excel worksheet and paste them to another
worksheet the cell contents are not truncated. However, when I paste special
into Word as an embedded workbook, the cell contents are truncated.

Is there a way to get the Excel cell range into an embeeded workbook in Word
(or PowerPoint) without having the text truncated?

- Drew

Hi there, ive been looking all over the internet for answers to my problem but could find none.

I need to be able to copy a specific graph, in the form of an image, from a page. This image always has the same name, "itmu-cpu-generic-lastweek." I already have to code to create an instance of internet explorer and go to the page, but cannot find how to copy that one image and not the whole page.

I guess it does not really matter if it is copied to the clipboard or saved to the computer, as long as it is on my computer so that excel may grab it and throw it into a cell. Any help will be greatly appreciated

I'm trying to either copy images (cut and paste) or insert pictures
(Insert Object) into my Excel worksheet and then link them to a Word
document. I cannot establish a link. It works perfectly for text,
but I cannot get it to work for an image/picture.

After I get the image into my Excel worksheet I click on the image and
perform the copy, next I go to my word document and click on Paste
Special. The dialog box opens but does not allow me to select Paste
Link, only the Paste option is available.

Saving the document in Excel first didn't help. The Source field in
the Paste Special dialog box shows source UNKNOWN. I'm sure this has
something to do with the problem.

This, works fine if I go the other direction Word to Excel, but I need
the Image in Excel.

Also, when I initially copy/paste the image into Excel, if I try Paste
Special it does give me the option to Paste Link. The source field
is populated with file name that I originally copied the image from.

Any idea?



I have a macro , using this macro i can copy an excel sheet into
another excel sheet, but i used paste method ( pastespecial

I want the same functionality with out using paste method,

How can i do this task?

Thanks in advance

It seems like one of the most basic codes involving Excel and Access, but I've been struggling to determine how to copy access query results into excel using VBA.

I would like to write an excel macro that
1) opens an access dba file
2) runs a query
3) either copy or exports the query results
4) closes the dba

#3 is elluding me. I have the following code to open a dba called "Production" which includes a existing query called "Query" and either export or copy the results to an xls called "QueryResults." It hangs on the export line.

Sub GetData()
  Set appAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")
  appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase "F:Production.mdb"
  appAccess.Visible = True
  appAccess.docmd.SetWarnings True
  docmd.transferSpreadsheet acexport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, _
        "Query", "C:QueryResults.xls", True, "Sheet1"  :confused:
  Set appAccess = Nothing
End Sub
Thank you in advance for your help and understanding!

How do you copy an entire row in excel to a new tab based on a cell value. Then delete the cell in the first sheet


I have an access database of around 90k records but I need to divide it into 2 excel sheets (still working in xl2003)
I did have limited success with CopyFromRecordset since it only allows for a maximum

I have done that by hand, but I am sure there must be a macro way to it

obviously I hardly know how to use access --

solution can be either a macro in Access or a macro in Excel, but I tried and I haven't managed to import data from the database even through the menus. The database has password and aparently some sort of problem since I miss an access module I think.

hints are welcome!


Original post from kydan47 on Fri, Jul 21 2006 7:03 am

Could not respond to this post because it is too old and has been
closed. I have the same problem and I tried all three of the solutions
proposed by users in the three replies. None worked. The first two
allowed me to select every object on the worksheet except the ones in
question. The third solution produced a cell with 18 point bold
letters that read, "Invalid request" and in the cell beneath it, a
"click here" hyperlink that took me back to the webpage. Following is
the text of the original post (which perfectly describes my problem).
I am desperate for a solution.

> Copied & pasted an html page into Excel. Has little check boxes that will can
> be checked, but not removed. Can't grab them, deleting columns or rows just
> moves them over by one.
> Any idea how to get rid of them? Would like to keep the rest of the data.
> Have tried using every command or option found, must be missing something.
> Thanks in advance

EXCEL has VERY nasty habit of truncating very long fields/cells. So when
I copy it the cell contents get cut off! For example I need to copy 1000
cells rows
into a blank sheet or workbook, but because my cells contain A LOT of
(ie entire email correspondences) whenever I copy the cells the
contents of the cells always get truncated! This is very undesirable,
how do I tell excel to faithful copy exactly and not truncate my


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Copied & pasted an html page into Excel. Has little check boxes that will can
be checked, but not removed. Can't grab them, deleting columns or rows just
moves them over by one.

Any idea how to get rid of them? Would like to keep the rest of the data.
Have tried using every command or option found, must be missing something.

Thanks in advance,

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