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Default line thickness

Can anyone tell me how to set the default for the line thickness used when
creating a line chart.

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I find the default line thickness in excel 2007 is too thick for most purposes, so as a result I always have to go in and change the line thickness when I plot a line chart. It would be useful if it was possible to set the defaults for line thickness and axis options to the values I most commonly use.

I'm using Excel 2010 and if I create, say, a rectangle with the same line thickness as the axes in a chart and then align it, say, with the top of the plot area everything looks perfect at 400% zoom. When I zoom to selection, things are still lined up okay, but now the line thickness of the rectangle is greater than the axes. Going to 100% zoom, the line thicknesses are the same, but now the rectangle is below the top of the plot. Does anyone know what the deal is? I'm trying to line things up with VBA and it's very frustrating to only have it look right when you're zoomed in as much as possible.

Greetings all,

Am I able to change the default line style width to a finer line?

Currently, I have to change each line's data series, and make the width finer, the default for Excel 2007 seems to be 2.25 which is much to wide for my purposes. (Making 2-D line charts)

Thank a lot,

Is there any way to create a custom line thickness for an Excel graph? Something in between the hairline weight and the thin line weight.

I appear to have a couple of problems in Excel 2007 SP1

i) Although the help says you can reformat multiple lines by using the Ctrl
button and the mouse, it doesn't seem to work .. I highlight the first line
and when I try the second it deselects the first . Any ideas

ii) I'm using Excel to display sets of spectra .... the default line
thickness is 2.25pt and I want to set the default to 0.25 pt, how do I do it

iii) I resized a graph of 160 lines by hand (yawn, yawn) and saved it as a
template ... however when I draw a new graph from the 160 lines and apply the
template, Excel tells me that I've exceeded the 256 limit on lines drawn and
obly draws about 70 graphs ..... I suspect this is 2 x 160 - 256 so Excel is
drawing the lines at the default, then redrawing them at the template size
and removing the default. How do I get around this ? (Changing them by hand
one-at a time is not accceptable).

Is it possible to change the default line thickness for ALL lines and
rectangles to be drawn from the drawing toolbar (until you change the
defaults again).

Thank you.

Hi; I'm trying to change the line thickness on Excel scatterplots. I'd appreciate advice on how to do that.

I do a lot of charts that contain spectral data. I'll have 20-30 data series
and I plot them as a XY scatter using the line only format. However the
default thickness in XL 2007 is way too fat and consequently I loose any
ability to differentiate the series. So far the only way I've been able to
change this is by actually selecting each individual series and changing the
thickness. Is there a way to change the default line thickness to 1/2 pt?
Or at least to change all the series in a chart in one go?

Hello everyone, hope someone here can help.

Although I have no problem cycling through my chart lines and chaning the thickness (there's a fair few series of data here) I need to provide this chart to a client who will then be able to select pivot chart data and it will automatically chart the relevant lines.

Currently any additional series I plot doesn't retain the chart style of the previous lines.

I need the 'Chart style' to have the differing colours (as it is by default) but with a much lower line thickness (due to the proximity of the data points in places I'm using 0.25pt line thickness)

any ideas?

For printing purposes, I would like to reset the default colors, thicknesses, and line choices (dashed, dotted, etc) for the lines and markers on the charts. Is that possible?

Thank you for helping this old teacher.


There have been certain cases where I would like to use thicker line styls/borders while doing conditional formatting instead of patterns. It seems that the default line styles in the format cells menu while doing conditional formatting only include thinner lines styles (several dashed line styles including one straight line). Is there any way to include thicker line styles such as if you were to go to Format, Cells, Border tab?


I have created a pivot graph. The lines are too light and thin to read properly and when I update the data it defaults back to these. Is there a way to chane the default lines and colors?

I am using VBA to create a set of line charts. The default line colors
include yellow or other light colors, which should be avoided. Is there a
method to change the default colors? Glad if anyone could give me a hand.

How do I change the default setting for the "Line Weight" when creating
charts - at the moment all of my graphs are created with a very thin line
weight & I would like the standard to be thicker....

I would like to change the default width of the lines fo shapes and lines.
The program automatically uses 3/4 pt. I would like to change the default to
3 pt instead of having to do it manually for each object,line shape.

How to change the default line width value that is already exist in the
Excel scatter graph? Default value present for line style width is 2.5
points. I need to set my own value. Thanks.

In Format Cell Borders Line Style I use a dash or dotted box around cells
rather than the solid line that is the default setting. How do I select a
different line as the default.

When I use the arrow tool (or any other AutoShape) to draw, it always defaults the "line color" to the "no line" setting. If I have the object selected, I can then change it to black (or default) but the setting does not stick when I draw another arrow.

I have *a lot* of arrows, lines, and boxes to draw and would like to find a fix, rather than changing the setting each time or using copy-paste. Also, I would rather not run "detect & repair" because I don't want *all* my settings to return to default.

I have checked the Color settings on Tools>Options, but it doesn't help -- and I have searched the MS Knowledge Base but so far cannot find how to change the default line color value.

Any suggestions?

I've set a default chart type in Excel, one that has my own preference
for line thicknesses, symbols, colors, fonts, etc. I'm basicly happy
with the time savings in not having to change these settings every time
I make a chart.

However ...

One small annoyance is that every couple of months, the default chart
type reverts back to the original default. Now, it's not all that big
a deal to reset the default back to the desired chart type I have
created. But what is bugging me is, why would this happen?

I'm fairly sure I'm doing something in Excel that causes the chart
default to revert. But, that something is done in a previous Excel
session (by the time I realize it has happened). So I am unable to
remember exactly what I could have done to cause the default to change.

Any ideas welcome.



I have a lot of charts to create for my thesis and I'm supposed to use only certain colors that are specified by my university. These charts are coming from several workbooks. Is there any way to create a chart style or edit the default color palette? The only information I have found says to go to Excel Options>Save>Colors and change the colors that appear in the bottom two rows. The problem is, the colors in the bottom two rows are not the ones that appear in graphs by default. Any suggestions for changing only the colors and maybe the line thicknesses?

How do I change the default setting for the "Line Weight" when creating
charts - at the moment all of my graphs are created with a very thin line
weight & I would like the standard to be thicker....

I select a heavier line weight for a Pivotchart graph so it is easier to see,
however every time i change something on the graph from the drop down box the
line weight goes back to it default (lighter) weight.

I am going insane trying to figureout how to change the default line style width from 2.25 pts in excel 2007. The line is just so fat that it does not work for me.

I have tried saving a chart I made as a template and then applying that template to other charts. Usually the 1st few sets of data will have the proper line width, but the rest default to the thicker line width.

To change the line width I right click the line of data and choose format data series then Line Style which takes me to width, which defaults to 2.25 pt. That is the value that I would like to change to a default of 1pt.

Can this be done? I have tried most of the day and have not come up with a way to change it.

I'm trying to plot two different data sets on different Y-axes. The x-axis is time, and when I pick the default 'Lines on 2 axes' chart, it automatically formats the x-axis as category instead of Value. Then I can't zoom in etc.. How can I force x-axis to be Value? Thanks, Jim

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