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Drop Down List - Select Multiple Items

I need to select multiple items from a drop-down list that I created because
there are times where more than one item is needed.

For example, my drop-down list might contain the following:
apples, oranges, pears, lemons, mangos

I want the data cell to show that I selected: apples, oranges, pears (for

Is this possible?

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I'm working with Excel 2007, and I'm trying to create a drop down list that I can select multiple items from, and have them appear on my sheet. I've gone through Excel Help, and I'm completely LOST.

Example list.

1.) This proposal includes 10 trees.
2.) This proposal excludes 10 trees.
3.) This proposal excludes all concrete.
4.) This proposal excludes all work shown outside the limit lines.
5.) This proposal includes all work as indicated per the client.

I would like to be able to see this complete list, in a drop down menu; and pick items 1, 4, & 5 only to show on my sheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

How set up a drop-down list where multiple items can be selected

How do I use drop down list selections/values in a vlook up formula?

What I want to to do is when some one makes a selecton from a down list, my
vlook up formula will look up this value in a source and return another value

I am trying to populate a cell with text based upon a drop down list
selection. I have tried the following but when tested, results are not always
correct (a toucan is a bird, but a palmino is not a dog) Also, african grey
returns #N/A.

=LOOKUP(G16,{"pointer","collie","poodle","palomino ","thoroughbred","quarter","parakeet","african
grey","toucan"},{"dog","dog","dog","horse","horse" ,"horse","bird","bird","bird"})

What am I missing?

Drop Down List pulls from a source within the worksheet.


Im trying to return mutiple values to a single cell using the cell validation setup/tool.

I.E. a user selects the cell and is presented with a drop down list from which they can select multiple values. Thereafter the cell will then be updated with the selected values separated by a semicolon or comma.

Are there built in tools which will allow this or is a macro required and how?




I have created a pricing sensitivity for a list of products. In cell C3, users can select a product (i.e. Apple, Elmo, or Bowl) and based on this selection, a range of Prices and Units are then updated and the Revenue for each price point calculated. A few lines beneath this, I have a little summary table that lists all the products. I'd like for users to be able to enter in the optimal price point for each item and then have the Units and Revenue for that selected price point for that specific product automatically update.

For example, if I select Apple from my drop down list my price choices are $5, $10, $15; units are 100, 85, 70; and revenue are $500, $850, and $1,050 respectively. On the summary table, I would like units 85, revenue $850 to update automatically if I select/input a $10 price. This would happen for all the products so at the end I want to be able to calculate a blended revenue mix given my pricing changes.

I've racked my brain trying to figure this out without using VBA but I think VBA may be the solution to this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you need an example spreadsheet.



I was wondering if it was possible to have a drop down list and when a
entry is selected it automatically populates other cells with the
correct information (bit like an IF)

This is my data validation list for the drop downs in Worksheet 1.
1 Grapes Fruit 5 kgs
2 Beans Veges 7 kgs
3 Pear
4 Cauliflower

In my Worksheet 2 I would like to be able to select Beans from the
entries from Col A in cell reference B7 and when that is selected in
Veges will appear in C7 and 7 kgs in D7.

Any ideas? I use both 2003 & 2007 (in case there is any difference in
what functions are available)


I have a question I am hoping someone will be able to help me with. My
overall goal is to create a dropdown list with a line of data in it. When
selected only the second half of the line will be shown in the cell.

What I plan on doing is entering all of my data into two columns (first
column + second = dropdown list, second column = what is shown in the cell).
I would then create a drop down list from multiple columns. Using alot of IF
statements in VBA with a Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
program that would chage the entry from first column and second column to
only second column.

I have two questions-
1) Is it even possible to have a dropdown list based on two cells?

2) Is there an easier way than this? Since I have about 100 entries and
may want to add more later.

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

Hi, new to the forum, and pretty new to Excel, though I have a bit of old school programming under my belt.

I hope I named this right, but let me explain. An item is picked form a drop down list. That item has other data associated with it such as this:
Item1 Easy 0 1 3
Item2 Easy 1 3 8
Item3 Hard 2 5 13
Item4 Easy 4 8 18

Depending on what is in Col B, I would like to change the drop down list next to the first drop down list where you selected the item. So if I picked Item1, then the drop down list in the next cell would be of the EASY list. If I picked Item3, it would be from the HARD list... Etc.

Now I have not got started in VB stuff yet, and was hoping I could do it with the built in 2007 functions

I am attempting to create a fantasy football draft spreadsheet where I
can leep track of the players the other teams select. In my current
workbook I have multiple worksheets for RB, WR, TE, etc.. Columns A
and B have the first and last name. Column C has the NFL team, Column
D the player position (which is redundant since each sheet only
contains a single position). Column J has a drop down list for each
Fantasy Football Team. Currently when I select a team from the list it
changes the row color to gray, which tells me the player has been
selected. What I want to do now is when I select a team from the drop
down list copy the player name to another spreadsheet which has the
players listed under each team like this:

Barnies Ballers Head Knockers
1. Peyton Manning 1. Shaun Alexander
..... ...
14 Kevin Jones 14. Hines Ward

Even more elaborate would have the players listed under each team but
broken out by position under each team like this:

Barnies Ballers
QB 1 Peyton Manning RB 1 Larry Johnson WR 1 Randy Moss
RB 2 Kevin Jones

If its too hard to do on a single spreadsheet multiple sheets one for
each team would ne okay as well. Any help would be greatly

I have a worksheet ('Data Sheet'!) that analyzes other worksheets in the same workbook. I would like to be able to use a drop down list to select which worksheet the 'Data Sheet'! analyzes and then based on that selection, all of my formulas look to that worksheet.

I'm using a VBA import sub to collect the different worksheets, give them a unique name, and then repopulate the drop down list.

Is it possible to have a formula with multiple worksheet references, reference a cell that contains a worksheet name instead? I would prefer to stay out of VB if possible. I thought about having a macro change all of the cell references per a drop down selection, but I would prefer it be in the formula for speeds sake.


I have numerous lists which contain code and price of items.

I would like to create drop down selections which will populate the following field based on the selection made.

In my attached example i have three columns that need to be populated.
I have managed to figure out how to display the correct options in the 'List' & 'Code' columns but can't figure out how to get the correct 'price' to display based on the selected item from the 'code' drop down list.

I hope this makes sense and someone can help me?


Here's my question in simpler terms... Which Excel function should I use if I need values to input automatically in one cell based upon a users drop-down list selection in another cell? Caveat - my drop-down list has approx. 2,500 values so I found out the hard way that the IF function is not an option.

Here's a more detailed description of my problem... I bid for jobs daily in my construction business and would like to start using Excel 2010 as my primary bidding system. Currently, each construction item that my company can perform (approx. 2,500 items) are listed line by line in Column A of Worksheet 1 and it's corresponding price in Column B of Worksheet 1. For example, Cell A94 has the text "Pour Concrete (Sq. Ft.)", and Cell B94 has the price "$38.93" (as this is my price per square ft. to pour concrete).

I've now created a second Worksheet (Worksheet 2) where I'd like the bidding calculations to occur. In cell A1 of Worksheet 2, I used the Data Validation tool to create a drop-down list which lists all of those construction items from Worksheet 1. That drop-down list has been copied and pasted into cells A2, A3, A4, etc. so that I can input multiple items on the same bid sheet. In Column B, I'd like the corresponding price for each item to automatically input based upon the construction item that is selected from the drop-down list. How do I do this?

Ideally, once I have this issue figured out, I will manually input each item's quantity into the cells of Column C of Worksheet 2. Then, I'll use the product function in the cells of Column D so that Excel will automatically multiply item price times item quantity.

I hope this is clear enough. Thanks in advance!


Hi all

I would like to know if it is possible to implement a feature where by certain columns are hidden depending on what is selected from a drop-down list.

I'm presuming this may be achieved by the selected item affecting the custom views in some form? Also guessing it may take a Macro to get this going. I have installed and used macro's in the past but never written my own.....

any help appreciated!

I have created a spreadsheet with a few drop down list via data validation. I would like to be able to navigate through this spreadsheet with only using the keyboard and not a mouse. I can tab over to the cell with that contains the drop down list, but I can't seem to find a way to activate the drop down function as one normally would by selecting the triangle with their mouse. Is there a way to display the entire drop down list, navigate to an individual item in the list and select it using only the keyboard?

Thanks, Spence

Sounds simple but I've had to admit defeat. I've made a 1st drop down list of numbers 1-10. I would like to make a second drop down list to only show numbers that are less or equal to the first list. ie. Choose 6 on the first drop down the second would only let you choose numbers 1-5.

Thx in advance for any help!

Good day.

I have a spreadsheet with a few drop down lists (data validation). I need to allow my users to save their selections in this spreadsheet with a different name and then close it. My question is can I clear the selections made (e.g. in cell E12) in the master spreadsheet when another user opens the it? I tried some code but there was error saying it can't run because E12 is a merged cell. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Alright so I've developing a report for my superiors and normally fairly good with excel, but I am quite stumped on this one. I'm not sure if I should be using a macro or if this can be solved with a formula.

Basically here's what I'm trying to do:

B50 of the attachment contains a drop down list. I want to be able to select a name in the drop down list. Once I make that selection it will search the table on Sheet 2. And it will return the number in column A into the client column heading back on Sheet 1.

So basically if I were to select "Bryan" in the drop down list on Sheet 1, the "Client" column with fill with the numbers 2 - 46.

Not sure if that makes sense but hopefully someone much smarter than me will get it.

Thanks so much in advance for the help.

Michael2011.03.23 Excel.xlsx

My boss has asked me to fulfill two tasks:
(1) Within a single sheet, create line charts based upon the data in the attachment.
(2) Incorporate a drop down list in order to give him the option of select a chart that displays the volume comparison and then the revenue comparison.

I'm good with completing the first task. However the second task has me stumped, and I would appreciate some guidance.

I am creating an order form for my business and I'm completely lost and confused. I have 12 items that I'm trying to incorporate into drop down boxes. Ultimately I want to be able to click on the drop down box, select item A, and have it populate the correct information for that item in the cell immediately to the right. I need it to do this several times to allow for color, size, price, etc. So for example, I need to click on the first drop down box and select A, which will populate Nike Golf Shirt in the cell to the right. Then, in the cell next to that, I need a drop down box for color. Next to that, I need a drop down box for size, which I will need to populate a coordinating price in the next cell. Someone please help, I'm in a bind (This will be the last time I volunteer to create an order

Hopefully there is a simple answer to this.

I have a 2 column list (i.e. one column is product names (call this column C) and the other is product price (Call this Column D)).

Now in column A, i have created a drop down selection of the product names (in column C).

What i am trying to achieve is: whenever someone selects a product name from the drop down list, column B automatically populates with the price from column D. I tried to do this using IF formula. it worked, however, as the product name list is quite long (26 names) the formula would fail saying too many arguments.

So as an example, in Cell B2 i would put: =IF(A2=C2,D2,IF(A2=C3,D3,IF(A2=C4,D4))) which worked, but as the formula grew, it would respond with too many arguments.

I hope this makes sense

I have a data validation list at the top of my spreadsheet. I also have add/remove buttons with macros associated to them. I would like to remove the buttons and just have a macro executed when an item from a drop-down list is selected.

Drop-down list #1
Drop-down list #2
Drop-down list #3

If a user selects an item from drop-down list #1 (any item), then a macro will be executed that will unhide a number of rows associated with drop-down list #1. Currently the macro buttons already unhide the rows associated with the list, but I'd rather not have to deal with the buttons.

If you don't understand what I mean, then please ask me to clarify and I'll do my best. Any help is appreciated!

Hello Excel Gurus!

I have a drop-down list consisting of two choices, Group A or Group B. If Group A is chosen from the drop-down list, I want Group A's attributes(defined on sheet 2) to populate the appropriate column on sheet 1. Likewise if Group B is selected.

Is there a way for Excel to auto populate cells with list data based on the selection made from a drop-down list?

Let me know if more info is required to determine a possible solution. All positive feedback is appreciated!

I am trying to make a quiz on excel and i want to ask a question where users
are required to answer by selecting there answer from a drop down list.
However one of my questions is what 2 types of music are your favourite?users
therefore have to choose there 2 favourite music preferences from 2 drop down
lists which i have created using validation. However at the moment because
the drop down lists both say the same thing users can answer the question
wrongly by selecting the same answer for both drop down lists and i would
like to know how i can stop them from doing this so that they have to select
2 different answers and not just the same one for each drop down list!!
Basically i want the two drop down answer boxes to be unique and for them
both not to have the same data in each at any given time. Is this possible
and how can I do it? A step by step guide would be extremely helpful!! Thanks.

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