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If I accidentally saved, can I undo it somehow?

I accidentally saved a sort that I did on a single column, can I undo it
somehow? Is there a way to trick Excel into giving me back what I had before?

Thank you,

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I have a data validation list which returns a number to G49 from a list through VLOOKUP. If I pick the first value in the data validation list, then number "1" will be returned to cell G49. If i pick the second value it will return "2" to cell G49.

The VBA below is designed to run a macro depending on the value in G49 but it wont run. If i overwrite the VLOOKUP formula by typing "1" or "2" in G49 the macro runs. Can someone tell me whats wrong with the code?

    If Target.Address = "$G$49" Then 
        Select Case Target.Value 
        Case Is = 1: Call Deponi 
        Case Is = 2: Call Dæk 
        Case Is = 3: Call Fyldplads 
        Case Is = 4: Call Gips 
        Case Is = 5: Call Jernogmetal 
        Case Is = 6: Call PVC 
        Case Is = 7: Call Madrasser 
        Case Is = 8: Call Stortbb 
        Case Is = 9: Call Stød 
        Case Is = 10: Call Trykimp 
        Case Else: Call Deponi 
        End Select 
    End If 
End Sub 

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I was working on a workbook and delted rows on it. I was supposed to save it
to another filename but accidentally pressed ctrl s and saved it to the its
current filename. can i recover the old file before i accidentally saved it?
if so i dont know how please instruct me the file was realy important
otherwise i will end up retyping the whole thing again. please help me.

My main problem is opening exccel files that are attachments to emails. I
double click on the attached Excel file and the box comes up asking if I want
to open or save the file. If I select open, it only opens the file as a copy
of the attachment. If I select save, if saves it properly, but then I have to
go find the file and open it in it's saved location. This is a new feature it
appears in 2003....and I dont like it!

"zannyann" wrote:

> Everytime I open an excel document it states that the document should be
> opened as read only unless you need to save changes to it. Then it ask if I
> want to open as read only. I never want to open as read only. How can I get
> the document to just open. I have goon to properties and the read only box is
> not checked. I am using office 2003. Thank you.

I accidentally saved over my account file and am trying to recover it.



6/25/2007 0:00 3.87
6/25/2007 1:00 3.66
6/25/2007 2:00 3.46
6/25/2007 3:00 3.46
6/25/2007 4:00 3.29
6/25/2007 5:00 3.29
6/25/2007 6:00 3.47
6/25/2007 7:00 4.44
6/25/2007 8:00 5.65
6/25/2007 9:00 6.66
6/25/2007 10:00 7.38
6/25/2007 11:00 7.57
6/25/2007 12:00 7.57
6/25/2007 13:00 7.62
6/25/2007 14:00 7.71
6/25/2007 15:00 7.71
6/25/2007 16:00 7.53
6/25/2007 17:00 7.13
6/25/2007 18:00 6.38
6/25/2007 19:00 5.82
6/25/2007 20:00 5.82
6/25/2007 21:00 5.33
6/25/2007 22:00 4.95
6/25/2007 23:00 4.49

this data here i am trying to learn the cse functions but man oh man is it giving me a hard time i wish to maxif i want to get the max for the range between 6am - 6pm & 6pm to 6am for each day the formula i have is
=AVERAGE(IF($A$6:$A$29<=AC7,$F$6:$F$29)) = 5.675989653
my answer is wrong. can u have more than one condition if 'AC7&AC8'
'AC7 or AC8' thanks alot guys i hope we can do it. please note tht '6/25/2007 23:00' is one value custom values

Hi everyone can you help me with this.................plz..............

I have a xml file in which there are lot of file names are present.
For Example:

So I have to create a vba code such that if I serach with ".pdf" then it has to give me the answer as "qwerty"..............
Hi everyone can you help me with this.................plz..............


There should be something a button or just a message to show when I last
saved my drawing. It should show when I even hover my mouse in the button.

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
click "I Agree" in the message pane.

Is it possible to restore an Excel document if I used SAVE instead of SAVE AS
to create a new document??

i accidentally saved a blank file overa worksheet can i recover the
worksheet file that was overwritten

please help

There should be something a button or just a message to show when I last
saved my drawing. It should show when I even hover my mouse in the button.

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
click "I Agree" in the message pane.

I need to have the information I am entering into my workbook with dates of
service to our customers vehicles (required every 90 days) to transfer to a
calendar so that I can know that these dates are coming up without looking on
every sheet TRYING to keep up on it. I would like to have a calendar at the
end of my workbook showing service due dates on the day they come due. If
not a calendar, maybe just a complete list that is sorted by date. I know
Excel can do it, I just dont know how. Can you help me?

I realise this may be a stab in the dark but I receive a "File Error - Data May Be lost Error" on opening one of my workbooks, the workbook then fails to open completely.

This only appears to be an issue when I "Save As" the file to a partition on my works server, On the my documents partition everything seems to work ok.

If I simply save the file it works fine as well. This means I can still access my data but the version control is a bit tricky.

Like I said, this is a shot in the dark but I hope somebody has come across this before any guidance would be great

I have this problem on and off(mostly off), but today is an "ON" day and it is killing me.

My macro's pause themselves in the middle of loops, while waiting for another process to complete, and at fairly random if I am using the keyboard to break the process...the continue button is there and works. The odd part is that the process doesn't really stop, and if I don't press continue it's as if it split from if a sheet is supposed to be closed it doesn't ever close.

Anyone ever seen this before?

I have a "financial" spreadsheet. I am not able to describe it well but, to put it vaguely, several cells display errors when I input an integer less then 10 into a precedent cell. If anyone would like to see the worksheet let me know. Thank you!

If i start at 25 years it works ok

Term 25
Repayment Year 25

IRR to Maturity (repayment/sale at par) 43.33%
Spread over Treasuries 3,914
Annual Return on Investment -0.911%

I type in 10 years it works ok

Term 10
Repayment Year 10

IRR to Maturity (repayment/sale at par) 35.65%
Spread over Treasuries 3,146
Annual Return on Investment 0.273%

If I go lower than 10...

Term 9
Repayment Year 9

IRR to Maturity (repayment/sale at par) #num
Spread over Treasuries #num
Annual Return on Investment #value



I accidentally saved an Excel file after deleting some information (I meant
to do a save as). Is there any way to recover the prior verison?

Sorry, but I'm not into programming language, but I can do a simple Macro Record and even attach it to a button.

I have a simple worksheet template for reservations at our B&B. As soon as I enter the last name of the guest, a FormatConditioned sell displays to remind me to save the file, as NAME-YYYYMMDD (name and arrival date)

I can put a forumla into one cell that displays that intended file name; I can copy it and paste-special-value into another cell. I can copy that cell and hit SAVE and Ctl-V that as the name of the file, and save it.

I can do all that manually, but when I try it as a macro, it tries to save the file as the name of the LAST guest it did that to. If I'm saving JONES-20070106 it asks if I want to replace SMITH-20061221.

When I look at the debug code (god forbid - it's like opening the hood of my car!) I see SMITH-20061221 imbedded in the macro!

What am I missing?

Thanks for any help!

Jim / Sleepless in Toronto

Hi Guys and Girls,

I just joined this forum and well i hear that the members here are brighter then the sun, therefore, i cannot go wrong.

Here is my question.

I have created a nice Inventory and Invoice System.

If someone is interested i can post it here, there is no personal data there yet


Now i named my sheets
Sheet 1 = STEP 1_Customer Registration
Sheet 2 = STEP 2_Filter Registration
Sheet 3 = STEP 3_Invoice
Sheet 4 = STEP 4_Statement
Sheet 5 = Cell Modules

Step 1 is has a if function that gives a customer an ID and gets all their info
as in company last and first name apt and and and.

Step 2 Here we register the serial number of the product and can also choose the
customer ID from step one therefore the product will be registered to the customer.
(However not all of our products have serial numbers therefore this one is only for products with serial numbers)

Step 3 the invoice. Here is were we can choose the customer ID and the customers fields will be filled out a quick quesiton of is the customers address is the same as the shipping if yes then it will copy the address also into the shipping address section. Also who the sales agent was
On the same sheet, the second page will be the shipping order page with no cost info but only a shipping form (whats inside the package sheet)
lastly in this sheet there is a label page with the shipping address of the client.

STEP 4 The statement section.
At this sheet nothing should be touched.
It takes the sales agents name from Sheet 3 (The Invoice)
and has an Index and match function for his or her commission.
In this sheet there is a thank you for making this sale happen
the commission amount for this sale and detailed info about how much
he or she got for which sale. Agreed terms.

Cell modules
Well here is the list of parts we have
How much they cost
How much commission there is
sales agents
and so on.


Now if you have read the above words on what i made you will understand this if not i will try to summarize.
I got a sheet which is an invoice.
i have if statements there as well as lists
at times on top of each other.
Meaning that if i selected something from the drop down box the IF statement is gone.
(Drop down box here has products) The IF then statement on top of it is for
if you select a serial number from the list then the product is automatically selected.
Now then if i would save this invoice it would all be gone therefore
i would like to save this invoice as a separate excel sheet.
Now lets see.

Customer ID is 12001 and Company name is XYZ Co.
I would like the excel file to have the following name
Company name + Customer ID.xlsx

The file already exists
then it should add the sheet to that file.Basically like in invoice storage for that particular customer. Sheet naming could be Customer ID + "-" +1 (i.e.: 12001-1 , 12001-2 etc.)

Now after that sheet is saved there, i need the template invoice sheet (sheet 3) to be clear again with all if statements functional and so on, kind of like a reset button.
or maybe make it not.

Advancing this feature i would like to create a sheet in the same MAIN Workbook called
STEP 5 Invoice History.
Where i can see all references from different workbook sheets, lets say within a specific folder range like customers
in customers there would be several different xlsx files. each customer with one file
each file containing a sheet with there invoice, if the customer has more then one invoice the file has more then one sheet. sheets should be labeled customer id "-" +1 like already described.

Is something like this possible with Excel and Macros.
I think it is, i mean there are some amazing things you can make.

I thank you for your help.
Any time or help is appreciated

Please right click and save

Inventory and Invoice System.xlsx


if i click excel file in my system it is not opening.i fi click file and use
open and locate then only it is opeing. if i double click the file it shows
the blank excel. every time i need go for file and open it. Please give the
solution for this


I am having a finger of fudge with a macro at present. the problem is thus, i want an xls to auto save in the .xls format and in the mhtml format. The xls seems to be saving well at the allotted times, but the mhtml appears to be corrupt. If i manually save the mhtml, it opens in IE fine.

Here is the current code i am using:

Option Explicit

Public DTime As Date
Sub SaveMe_MistakesandAll()
    DTime = Time
    Application.OnTime DTime + TimeValue("00:00:30"), "SaveMe_MistakesandAll"
End Sub

Sub SaveName()
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="C:Documents and SettingsnavMy Documentsautosavinghess_egypt_line_log2.htm"
End Sub

If anyone has any ideas as to what the problem is it would be might handy. Also the mhtml format is not binding but i would like something to be opened in a browser along with the .xls

Many thanks for you help and advice in advance


I have an excel application which gets input data by importing xls files.

My problem:

I get the xls files from a different system so I can not change the way the are created.

When I try to open the input files in excel 2007 I get the error: "Excel found an unreadable content ...choose yes to repair ..."
If I choose "yes" and let excel solve the problem, it opens the file. After opening the file, If I press "save" and open it again with excel 2007 there is no problem.

If I open the original data file in excel 2003 there is no problem.

I have a VBA macro which import the data file to my application.
How can I handle the error using VBA and open the file despite this error ?

Thank you for your help

Hi there,

Just a quick question as to how do I use the "AND" & "OR" operators in VBA. I know you can do it in excel where "AND(Logical,,,)" [same for OR], can be used. But how do I do that in VBA? What happened if I have and IF statement were it goes something like this:

if (X>0) then
if(y>0) then
do something
end if
end if

I can truncate to something more easier

if(X>0 "and" y>0) then
do something
end if

I know you can do it with Java where "&&" can be used for "AND"



I opened up 2 version of excel and tried to close one, I forgot the other was
opened and when I chose not to save it I lost my old one also.

If there anyway I can get it back?

I tried system restore but that was turned off also ;(

Thx for any help!

In article >, =?Utf-8?B?VGFyYQ==?= > wrote:
>When I try to attach a scanned document I have saved as a jpeg it won't let
>me open it when I click on it. I also tried it with a pdf and I can't open it
>eithor. Please Help if you can.

Try "insert picture", "from file" ... ?

I lost hours of work today & am trying to find it. I did not save it & for
no reason, it asked me if I wanted to save changes to the regular blank
worksheet I have constructed & I said no. It's gone. Can I get it back?
Thanks. Keep me from pulling out my hair.

Also, when I am using this spreadsheet, the depth of the lines change & I
have to keep readjusting or the print gets lost halfway in the line above it
& I can't read it. New recently, the info in the ine above where I am typing
temporarily disappears, but then reappears when I move on to the next box.
This is new & different.

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.