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How to auto update Excel Web Page

Hello I'm looking for some guidance on how to go about updating a web page
with Excel data with out manually opening up Excel 2003 and publishing each
time there is new data.

I have an application that runs weekly which extracts data from a report and
saves the data in an XLS file format. I then must open Excel and save as or
publish the entire book to a folder on my webserver. Is there away to write
a macro or other command script that will open the sheet and do the publish
or save as routine for me?

Thanks for your help..Scott

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Hi folks,

Does anyone know how to auto-update Pivot Tables without having to press the Refresh Data button (!).

I have several pivot table based charts which I would like to auto-update or maybe using a macro if auto-update is not available

What is the easiest and most robust way to write a small macro for this



I created 5 worksheets and using AVERAGE formula link from the consolidated worksheet. May I know how to auto-update the formula in the consolidated worksheet if I add/copy another worksheet (for example, worksheet "S6" (see attached). The reason is I will pass this file to somebody who do not know how to modify formula.

I am having problems figuring out how to auto update my table in the spreadsheet attached named "HST". Can anyone please explain the best way to link my 2 spreadsheets together. I have attached both spreadsheets. So, I have spreadsheet 1 which is called "HST" within which there are 2 table's displaying the held stock figures for 2 site's, both on the same worksheet. I then have spreadsheet 2 which is called "Weekly Figures", within which there are 52 worksheets, each worksheet is numbered 1 to 52 (I have had to condense this to just 5 worksheets for the up-load on this site due to the file size). At the end of each week, I go into the relevant week so for e.g, this week I've updated the held stock figures for week 1 in the "weekly figures" spreadsheet. This is the figures in the 2 tables - Table 1 is column C, D & E, rows 6 to 14 and also Table 2 which is again Column C, D & E, rows Rows 19 to 27. Once I have saved the data entered in the 2 tables within week 1 of the "Weekly Figures" spreadsheet, I would then like the data to display in the 2 tables within Spreadsheet 1 "HST" the next time the spreadsheet is opened. What would be the best way to do this.? Then the following week, I will then complete worksheet 2 within the "weekly figures" spreadsheet, with that weeks figures, after which, I would then like week 1 figures in the HST spreadsheet to overwite with week 2 figures the next time its opened. Does that make sense..?? I've attached both spreadsheets, if any one can help it would be appreciated & it would save me alot of work as this would be a function I would use in many other spreadsheets I have at work. Many Thanks Laura

How to Set background color XLM Excel worksheets in Netscape and Firefox
I want a white background but get a colored BG in Netscape and Firefox
I know XLM only works well with IE browsers.

I do not know how to program the Excel Web page worksheets to geta white
background in the other browsers.
Can Javascript be used, if so show the scripts and how to write it.

Thank you, - Darrell - udarrell

Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

i have 2 worksheets in a same file. Please refer to images to understand better.

sheet1 :

sheet2 :

i need data and colored cells of Column A and B of worksheet 1 to be reflected automatically into Column B,C,D.... of worksheet 2. Column A of Sheet2 is an existing unique list of data.

Will excel be able to auto update the info into worksheet 2, when i work with worksheet 1. It is tedious task to work with sheet1 and then transfer the info onto sheet2 manually.

Greetings all

As the title of this thread suggests - I need to extract a cell value from excel onto a web page.

Can this be done via Excel or Do I need Access?

I have a Master Pricelist that changes often and I need a method to update my web page with the new prices.

All I need is a few links in the right direction.

Any help appreciated

Thanks for your time.


Hello everyone,

I am working on community web site as a moderator. For reporting purpose i want to extract some data ( not whole web page only particular fields) from web page to excel sheet. I don't know how to do it. I have tried web query option from excel tool bar but that is pulling complete web page which i don't want.

Please suggest some other option.

I can open the required web page in IE through VBA in Excel.
I can get data from the specified url with web querry through VBA
without using IE.

I want to know, in VBA, how to ask web querry to use a web page opened
by VBA in IE? In other words, can I specify the IE window to be use by
web querry?


I imported a .csv file and now I would like to put it on my web site
and make it interactive
for someone to be able to click on the rows at the top and have the
cell sorted.

I've download spreadsheet type web pages before and when I did
there was a separate folder created for the saved web page with
styles.css & script.js in the folder, how do I create such a web page.

I tried to create one by saving the file as a web page but it didn't
put the java etc. in it.


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In Excel 2003, I could save a workbook as a static or dynamic web page. To
add dynamic features, I just clicked the checkmark box for "Add interactivity
with." I don't see how to save a dynamic web page in Excel 2007. The help
system only discusses how to save a file as a static web page.

Is it possible to save a workbook as a dynamic web page in Excel 2007? And
if so, how?

(I'm running Office 2007 Home and Student on Vista.)

Thanks for your help!

How can I update Excel 97 to Excel 2002? Thanks.

How do I setup printing for an excel worksheet published as a web page. The
original Excel document prints fine, but when I try to print the published
web page the data is clipped.


i know your project is probably over by now but i came across your post
today and had to reply. i too suffer from "data slip" and you are the first
person to talk about. i am wondering if you have had any luck resolving the
problem. i understand select all needs to be done before sorting and i am
assuming you do this as well.

i have a similar spreadsheet in terms of size but mine deals with projects
and milestones so there are lots of dates on a single row. i began to find
dates that were way out of place. soon i began testing. i would enter a date
in a cell, save the ss, close, reopen, and the data was in a different cell.
with mine it didn't just slip to empty cells. i suspect your data copied over
other data also but it was harder to spot. my ss is shared by multiple users.
i have also noticed that the change history will not record changes correctly
(i.e. a cell which has not been changed will show a change made to it while
the cell whose data was changed does not show a change). the only way i can
resolve the problem is to unshare the ss, fix the cells and then reshare it.
this has really become a problem.

none of the techs i have spoken with have been able to recreate the problem.
the latest suggesting i have been given is to make sure all versions of excel
which edit the ss have been fully updated. like you i sort and filter the ss
all the time.

as a side note, i too am a novice compared to the average person answering
posts on this site but i had a few thoughts about your project if it could
still help. first, don't sort while the ss is filtered, this will hang your
computer forever - sort first then filter. second, this is a low tech
solution for comparing a ss without having a unique key column - what about
creating one ss which at least has all the last names filled in and make
another which has at least the zip and so on. compare each to another ss
which has been prepared the same way. when finished merge them back together.
i'm not sure it that makes any sense but maybe it will help.

anyway, anything you can share about "data slip" would be appreciated. thanks,


"ConfusedNovice" wrote:

> Thanks, Dave. This thread is getting unwieldy, but I
> *think* I understand what you're advising.
> Sticking with the issues at hand, yes, the records are all
> one per row. Last Name is probably the best key, but there
> are some records with only a Company Name, & a few with
> only an email name. I have been using Last Name & Zip
> Codes to try & match things up.
> I discovered that when sorting some of the intermediate db
> versions by "new" entries, those newest entries were
> mostly correct. I am thinking of isolating these records &
> copy/pasting them on to the oldest db version. The idea is
> to try for a cleaner sheet to compare to the current one.
> Maybe it would be better not to merge these? It's crunch
> time - I will try your formulae on a test file today.
> And moving ahead: If I can execute the comparisons you
> suggest, and if I can achieve a cleaner list, then what's
> the best way to prevent data from slipping into the empty
> cells in the future? Should I make a new index column,
> number each record, and append & number all new records?
> Can people safely sort & filter the data? What if they
> update a record in a filtered list & then re-sort? Or
> Find/Replace & then re-sort? I still don't understand how
> some of the data slipped out of one record & into another.
> Until I do understand, I'm afraid it will continue to
> happen & all this work will be for nothing.
> Thanks again! It's an ugly way to learn Excel.
> Jane
> Subject: How to sort/update large excel db
> From: "Dave Peterson" >
> Sent: 9/30/2004 1:05:46 PM
> Just to clarify, is your data laid out one record per
> row? You don't use
> multiple rows to represent one "logical" record, do you?
> If you do, then this will make it even more difficult.
> But to match/merge two different worksheets, I would think
> that you'd need to
> have a unique key/index into the data.
> If you don't have this key, how do you match up your data
> to look for
> differences?
> I wouldn't put too much faith in having that unique key in
> the last name
> column--but maybe you can use a couple of columns that
> could serve as that key.
> For instance, if you had the lastname, firstname, address
> in 3 separate columns,
> you could use a helper cell and do something like:
> =A2&char(10)&b2&char(10)&c2
> (The char(10) probably won't appear in your data and will
> serve as a field
> delimiter--just in case there's records that might look
> identical when
> combined.)
> But even if you did this, you'd have to make sure that
> these fields weren't
> changed. If any were changed, then you couldn't use them
> for a match between
> worksheets.
> To find out if the records in one worksheet are in the
> other (based on any
> single column you can use--in your data or derived from
> your data):
> =isnumber(match(a2,sheet1!a:a,0))
> and drag down.
> You'll see True if it appears on that other worksheet.
> And use the equivalent to check the other worksheet.
> Once you've found your Falses--you'll want to inspect them
> to see if they should
> be cleansed--cleaned up to make them match.
> You could end up fixing the data on either worksheet--just
> to find the matches.
> Once you get rid of all the Falses, you can do the =vlookup
> () stuff to match
> merge.
> I'm not sure if all this work can be done on a quick
> schedule. This kind of
> stuff usually means fix, check, fix, check....until you
> can't find any more
> differences. Then you let someone else review it and it
> starts again.
> Good luck,
> ConfusedNovice wrote:
> >
> > Still trying to understand what I've got. There is no
> > column with all unique entries. Every column has blank
> > cells someplace. On 2 of the earlier database versions,
> > the leftmost column (Column A) is set up as "Index
> > Column," but not all the records have an "Index" number
> in
> > this column - some of them are blank, & some have zeros
> in
> > Column A. The most recent master does not have Index
> > column, it starts with a Last Name field.
> >
> > This brings me back to the question of how to prevent
> > names/values from slipping into the blank cells when
> > sorting & updating records. I have been reading a lot of
> > Excel info, but this is *not* my area at all, & I want to
> > fix these problems, not compound them. Should I be able
> to
> > identify key column(s)? If yes, how? And if no, is there
> > any safe way to sort when blanks exist in every column?
> > (Or can it be a Key & contain multiple blank cells?)
> >
> > There are ~17,000 records, & when the wrong values move
> > into a blank cell, that record doesn't indicate that it
> > has been changed. (Probably because it was not opened?)
> >
> > I'm seriously running out of time. I've got a pretty big
> > list of changes ready to enter directly on db records. I
> > also have isolated a few hundred recent entries by date,
> > verified them, & placed them in a separate worksheet.
> > (Hoping to append to a clean main list & sort into
> place.)
> > I don't think it's possible to verify every row.
> >
> > Yes, no matter how you look at this, it's a pain! I'm not
> > really dumb, just a total rookie, & your help is
> > invaluable.
> > To summarize:
> > Whatsup with "Index Column"?
> > How to identify/designate Key columns?
> > Implications of having blank cells throughout sheet?
> > Fastest way to add/edit records if I go back to an older,
> > cleaner version of the database?
> >
> > Thanks again!
> >
> > Jane
> >
> > >-----Original Message-----
> > >I'm saying that if you have two "live" copies of the
> > workbook, it'll be a pain
> > >to merge one of them back into the other.
> > >
> > >There's nothing built into excel that will force you to
> > make sure your key
> > >column entries are unique.
> > >
> > >When I do this, I spend some time verifying that the
> data
> > is at least
> > >consistent--no additional entries with the same key were
> > added. If you can
> > >believe/verify this, then, yeah, you can do =vlookup()'s
> > to merge the updated
> > >values into the one real workbook.
> > >
> > >It's just in my experience, avoiding this is usually
> > better. (Just give the
> > >file to someone else and tell them to return it when
> > they're done--and put a
> > >freeze on any other changes.)
> > >
> > >


I have an excel sheet, which has two columns ( for eg), both Col A and Col B contains data which is already available in a MySQL database.

Col A, I will fill-in , but I want Col B to be auto updated with the corresponding value available in MYSQL database. The col B value in database keeps changing unlike col A which is always constant once created.

I have more than 500 entires, and it becomed difficult to manage the col B for all these entries as it is ever changing.

Pls help me out in getting this accomplished. I am a basic user of excel.


I have an excel spreadsheet that has been saved as a web page, in the
spreadsheet i have a hyperlink to a PDF file. How do I set the hyperlink up
to force it so open in a new window when clicked on so people don't close the
excel web page?

Hi, I am having a lot of trouble with excel, and what I am trying to do. I don't even know if this is possible with excel and I have been pretty much pulling my hair out with this situation.

Basically I have a main excel spreadsheet which has a lot of columns of information for people including columns for First name, middle initial, last name, birth date such like that. Basically this main excel spread sheet has all this information for everyone, and every time there is a change that has to be made (usually at least 4 or 5 a day) I have to also edit 10 other spreadsheets which only pull certain required information off of the main roster. So each time there is an update, as of now, I have to also manually update 10 other spreadsheets for the change.

What I would like to do if at all possible, is to have all the total information I will need stored on the one main excel spreadsheet, and have each other excel spreadsheet to pull only the required columns of information and display it in that spread sheet. Then when I make a change, I only have to change the main spread sheet, and automatically every other spreadsheet is updated for the change. Is this at all possible with excel? I have also imported all information from the main spreadsheet into access, and tried doing it with that, but I have little experience with access and cannot figure out how to do this.

Can someone please give me some instructions, or a walkthrough, or a tutorial of any kind? Thank you for your time!

Is it possible to auto save my work in Excel; if so how?

Thank you

I imported a .csv file and now I would like to put it on my web site and make it interactive
for someone to be able to click on the rows at the top and have the cell sorted.

I've download spreadsheet type web pages before and when I did
there was a separate folder created for the saved web page with
styles.css & script.js in the folder, how do I create such a web page.

I tried to create one by saving the file as a web page but it didn't put the java etc. in it.


I have created a macro in the visual basic editor of my excel file, but I
don't know how to auto activate the macro whenever this file is opened or
when "Shift" &":" buttons are pressed. Can someone teach me how to make this
Thank you.


How to share my excel file on workplaces. Can excel web support user form.

howdy, i am trying to figure out how to make a excel spread sheet that does this:

Workbook one (already made)
Rows for inserting daily sales tenders
Columns support for Vender #, item, price, qty, cash/cc, cc charge, commision 17%, sales tax 7%, Total Sale Price
31 Sheets total for representing all the days of a specific month. 12 separate files saved annually

Workbook two ( need this to be made)
Sheet1 = Monthly Sales Tenders - All 31 Sheets from Workbook One on this sheet > copy and pasted daily from workbook one unless excel can formulate data from another workbook and still auto calculate?
Rows support the individual tenders
Columns support for Vender #, item, price, qty, cash/cc, cc charge, commision 17%, sales tax 7%, Total Sale Price

Sheet2 = Monthly Totals - Totals all the total sales price, total of price+qty+cc/charge, total of commison 17%, total of taxes

Sheet 3 - 50 = Vender # specific sheets
rows for individual tenders of that vender # item >>> so IF workbook2!sheet!1 A:A = '1234' Then "Copy?" 'Row' to here

I dont know if this is at all possible using just formulas or macros as well or what. Trying to avoid having to find and purchase a program. Anyone have specific knowledge of this type of spreadsheet or perhaps know of a free template of the same that someone has already made?

Thanks so much

I have a spreadsheet which is tracking office issues and has multiple rows.
What I am looking for is a way to have a cell auto update with the current
date and time when I update any cell within that row.

I know that I can use the Today() function - however this updates the entire
spreadsheet when it is opened. I am looking to only update the date in a
particular row - if I have made a change to another cell in that row.

Thanks for your help!!!!

From a range of text cells with hyperlinked web addresses I would like

Open each web page associated with the hyperlink address....

save the page as a .mht file to my local c: drive....

change the hyperlink address of each cell to the new c: drive address



I have created a macro in the visual basic editor of my excel file, but I
don't know how to auto activate the macro whenever this file is opened or
when "Shift" &":" buttons are pressed. Can someone teach me how to make this
Thank you.


No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.