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Converting Time Zone

Hi Everyone,

Im just new to this forum. My problem is I cannot convert a CST time zone to Manila Time. The data that I have to convert is in this format:

"12/15/2011 5:00:00 PM"

It is inside a SINGLE cell. Is there a way in excel that I can do this? Please help me. Thanks in advance.

- prodigy06

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I am looking for a macro to convert time from IST to CST. I have attached the spread sheet, in which sheet2 is having IST & Sheet1 is having CST.

I need a Macro to look at ColumnC, ColumnD & ColumnE of Sheet2 and paste the converted result in sheet1 as shown in the attached sheet. It need to look till the last cell of ColumnA every time I run this, as the data is not constant. If any of the cell in empty then it need to copy empty cell instead of negative values.

I have used the following formula for converting the time

Thanks in advance for all your help!!


Usng the following code. in VBA

Range("D2") = Now 

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This info later gets updated to a web page of LIVE racing results.

The proglem lies in that fact that the spreadsheet is run on many computers some of which are laptops.

If the used in Eastern time runs it at 9PM right now it would say 9pm. If some one in California were to look at 9:10 his time here would think the results are 10 minutes old when they are really 3 hours and 10 minute.

Is there some way to append the time zone to it, Or better yet, Always Convert it to Eastern Time.


Does anyone know how to determine the current time zone in Excel? - OR - How
to convert the time provided by the NOW() function to UTC?

I have a s.sheet that displays the current date and time for project
participants based all over the world. To do this i use the "=NOW()"
function and calculate the other project members time by adding or
subtracting an ofset. The problem is that if one of the other project
members opens the s.sheet (say in France) the calculations are wrong as NOW()
always returns their local time.


Shaun C.

Hi, I'm trying to figure out if there is any easier way to convert a particular time zone (eg: EST Time → Mnla Time / EST Time → CST Time and the likes )

Right now I'm using this formula: (example scenario below )
Converting 12:00 am EST to Manila = TIME(IF(HOUR(A4),13+HOUR(A4),HOUR(A4)+13),MINUTE(A4),SECOND(A4))

I have attached a sample excel file for reference.


How do I convert a given date and time of a time zone (USA) to the date and time of another time zone (Asia)? For example, in one column there is the USA date and time ( 5/12/12 4:30AM). How do I convert this in a formula in another column if the (Asia) date and time zone is ahead by 16 hours?

I have a column with US phone numbers (all numerical, 10 digits). I would
like to have the State name in a column right next to the phone number, and
the Time Zone in the next column to the right.

I have the master Area Code, State, Time Zone data in any format needed: one
long string, range, VBA constant...

The obvious solution is to write a VBA that uses the 3 left-most digits and
scans the master area-code table to find a match. The only problem is that my
list of phone numbers has several 10,000 numbers and scanning the master area
code again and again will take hours...

Any advanced idea anyone?


Does anybody know how to convert the current date and time (e.g., Now) into
the date and time in (potentially) a different time zone?

For example, if the VBA code is running on a machine in the eastern time
zone or a machine in the western time zone I'd like to convert both times to
Greenwich mean time.



How to do Date + Time Zone conversion in Excel??

Hi Experts, I am seeking help to understand the way of doing Date/Time Zone conversion from one excel column to other column.

In brief, Say I have a Date/Time value in mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM format in column A1 which is actually a PST Time, now I need a formula to convert it to IST format in column B1 but the Date/Time format should remain same i.e. mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM

I am not at all good in Excel so thought of seeking some assistance here. I feel it’s a complicated task and if anyone can help me…it will be great and I will be thankful from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks again for sparing time to read my query.


Would anyone know how to do a formula to convert 1 time zone to another 1.

ie. you are given the time for EST - 04:51:38 and now you want something that converts thats to GMT time. So you need a formula in there that adds on 5 hours to show 09:51:38.

I'm having trouble converting Time to Decimal

A		B			C 
8:00 	1:00 AM		8:00 AM 
8:00 	1:00 AM		8:00 AM 
1:00 	7:00 AM		7:00 AM 

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Using CellRef * 24 only works for Columsn B and C

resulting ex:

#VALUE!	  1.0	8.0 
#VALUE!	  1.0	8.0 
#VALUE!	  1.0	7.0 

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For some reason, it only recognizes cols b and c as Time.
The "AM" only shows when you click the cell, and it is displayed in the formula bar. When clicking a cell in Col A, there is a trailing space, ie: "8:00 "

Tried a couple things but couldn't get it to associate col A with time, besides manually removing the trailing space from each row. Using Trim() does not work.

Any easier ideas?

I have a spreadsheet that converts time to a decimal number that is inconsistant. In my attached sample you will see that E10 and E17 should both be .5 because they are both converting 30 minutes. But, you will see that 13:00-12:30 = :30 but the conversion results is .4. I don't know if this is my formula or an Excel flaw. Any ideas?

I need to convert time in decimal format.

For Eg: Min = Hour
1 = 0.022 = 0.033 = 0.0540:39 = 40.65
Conversion table file is attached for more information. Please took a look at it.
Procedure require through vba...


I am importing horse racing data in .csv format into excel.

I need to convert time data entered as 02:05.6 ie 'mm:ss.0' which to me is "2 mins 5.6 secs". It displays as 12:02:06 AM in excel.

What I need to end up with is '125.6'


Simple. I have 1 drop down box in which the user selets his/her own time zown (gmt, europe, us eastern, us central, us western, asia) the 2nd drop down box lets the user select a time for meeting (00:30, 01:00, 01:30 so on).

i then have 6 cells with the time zone headings as above, and below these i want to display the meeting time but in the different time zone.

Example, user selects "gmt" from drop down box 1, selects meeting time "10:00" from drop down box 2.

Cell B2 then displays "GMT" and cell B3 displays "10:00" cell C2 displays "europe" and C3 displays "11:00".

Any takers?

Hi all
I have various time values , I need a formula to convert 05.30.12 into minutes. For an example to convert time ' 05.30.12 (5hours, 30 minutes, 12 sec ) into to total minutes, would be 390.12minutes?


Hi there.
Ok - i think this might be the option to go for (if its possible).

Is it possible to say have 5 different time zones displayed on my status bar throughout only a specific workbook being open?

So end up with the status bar looking something like :

LONDON dd/mm/yy & hh:mm NEW YORK dd/mm/yy & hh:mm TOKYO dd/mm/yy & hh:mm etc, etc, (for 5 different time zones).

Thanks a million in advance.

Is there an easy way to convert times to fractions? Example, I work from 7:30 - 11:30 - if I subtract the two and get 4, no problem, but if the time is 7:00 - 11:30 - then by subtracting, I get 4.30 for 4 1/2 hours, but I want it to display 4.5 hours.


Hi there,

I need to convert time to money 1 second = 1 cent e.g. 13 seconds = 13 cents or 1 minute 29 seconds = 89 cents

However this is only up to the time of 3 minutes 50 seconds, after that it is 3 minutes 50 seconds to 5 minutes = $2

I had the formula =IF(A1>"0:03:50"+0,2,A1*864) but when I applied the time column was not formatted correctly.

That formula worked really well I had tested it as well to make sure it would work- but when I went to use the formula in this months spreadsheet I noticed that the format of the cell is set to general so the numbers look like this 00:00:20.

When I applied the formula I was getting $2 for every answer.

So what do I need to do to fix this - should I format my time column? I tried this but it didn't really change anything. Do I need to add another entry into the formula?

Can someone please help me?

I have a payroll sheet created which calculates time just fine. We have some people that travel across time zones and I wanted to amke it easy for them to put in the current time along with their time zone and let the sheet calcualte it. I ASSumed that Excell would have that built it..but Nooooooo.

Does anyone have a routine that would let me add a time zone entry to the calculation. I.E. Instead of just puttting in 10:00 - 17:00, the employee could put 10:00 cst - 17:00 est and Excel would figure the dif along with the time zone skew.

I'm trying to convert times every month between my location and up to 50
locations. Depending on the date and which city/country/daylight savings
time, it is inconsistent. I've used the world time and date clock website
which is helpful, but was wondering if anyone knew of a macro or program that
would automatically calculate the time based on the date entered. I
currently maintain a schedule in excel, but was wondering if there is some
other tool that would be able to handle this.

I am trying to get a throughput value from a time to volume ratio.

For example;
I have the working time of 1:15 and want to divide my volume of 3200 into it
to get a through put value.

What i would really like is to figure out a way to convert time formats from
the standard HH:MM to just minutes, ie: 1:15 (1 hour 15 minutes) to be 75

How do I convert time units from ET to PT (subtract 3 hours)?

Previously I asked the following question and got an answer that I thought
was working for me but is slightly different than my meaning... I wrote:
> >I have a list of date/time values which I plan to use text-to columns to
> > strip away the time.
> >
> > Next, I need to convert these time values into half hour interval values
> > but
> > don't know how to do this.
> >
> > For example
> > Original Value Converted Value
> > 23:16 23:00
> > 09:56 09:30
> >
> > So, you can see I'm converting the time to the last half hour that passed.
> > Can anyone suggest a formula or method to simplify this for me? Many
> > thanks
> > in advance for any assistance.

The answer I got was:

"George Nicholson" wrote:
> Note that this will also strip away date values as well.

This works for converting times to whole hour intervals, but what I need is
half hour intervals. Can anyone suggest a minor modification that will give
me half hours instead of whole hours? Thanks!

I have a workbook that is used by several employees in different time zones.

Is there a way to list the current times in each time zone?
Say for example: C10 will display EST, C11 will display Central Time, C12 will display Mountain Time, C13 will display PST.

I also need to have the time update.

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