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print area across the freeze panes area

I have a freeze pane at column D. I want to print say columns A through D
then say column X. How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance.

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Ok, let me explain the title and the problem. This isn't something that is serious or a requirement to my program, just a query that if it is availible, I will use.

I have a sheet which gets information passed to it every so often. This information is added very nicely in a table format. Every week the table gets just a little bit longer, but never any wider.

I would like to be able to print this page as well as the others, but this isn't possible at the minute. The other sheets fit on one page, whilst this page continues to get longer and longer as time goes by. Since the other pages fit on one page, a simple "Set Print Area" in the File menu will suffice, and once the margins are set, away we go.

This page that grows each week isn't so simple. I have some text in some cells after the table. Now, this can be deleted if I modify some other code I am sure, but since I haven't doen that yet it doesn't work. I would like to set the print so that it will only print the cells I want it to. The cells I want it to print however will change daily/weekly.

Here is an Example.
The table goes from column A to column J in width.
In length, the table size is undefined, due to the fact that it grows over time.

How can I make the page print from A to J wide, but as far as needed down?

in other words, I need the Print Area to change when more rows are added to the table in order for them to all be printed. I want the width to fit one page accross, but it take as many pages down as is needed.

I do hope this has explained things properly. If not, I will try again.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi All,

Please help!

I am trying to write what I thought would be a simple macro

I have four named cells on a worksheet



What I would like to know is it posible to set two print areas on the same worksheet




If anyone can give me some to achieve this I would be very grateful



I'm working with a over 100 tabs (worksheets) in a file where all of the print areas need to be identical. I am aware that I can format (font, style, background, etc.) all of the tabs that I group together, but haven't figured out how to set the print area across the group. Is there an easy way? Or is it easier in VB?


I am trying to design a macro which transfers the freeze panes setting from one worksheet to another.

To do this I would like to identify the position at which panes are frozen in the original sheet, then go to the destination sheet, activate the same cell and set freezepanes to true.

Unfortunately, as the freezepanes property in VBA is a boolean, I can't seem to find a way of identifying the position at which panes have been frozen in the original sheet. My friend swears he's done this before but can't remember how.

Can anybody out there help me?




In our application after clicking a button in excel , we are
programmatically setting the freeze pane for excel workbbook.This click event
takes some time even it calls webservice.But in mean time if the user clicks
on "Restore" window in inner part of excel, this freeze pane setting is
changed from the requires setting that has been done during programming.

rn=toSheet.get_Range(sqlReportProperties.FreezePan e,missing);

Can any one please urgently help on this.



I have a chart with several scroll bars on it. Presently it is all
unprotected. It all works fine as long as no part of the chart goes above
the Freeze Panes line. But as soon as one little portion of the chart goes
above the Freeze Panes line, the scroll bars freeze and won't work. I can
right click to format it, but I can't scroll it.

If I Unfreeze the Panes, it instantly works normally again. If I Freeze
Panes again, and it won't work.

Any ideas how to free the scroll bars up so they'll work no matter where its
host chart is located on the worksheet?


I have an excel workbook with several identical sheets. I have to set the
print area for every sheet, every time I print. Is there a way to set the
print area for the whole workbook?


In our application after clicking a button in excel , we are
programmatically setting the freeze pane for excel workbbook.This click event
takes some time even it calls webservice.But in mean time if the user clicks
on "Restore" window in inner part of excel, this freeze pane setting is
changed from the requires setting that has been done during programming.


Can any one please urgently help on this.


Hi everyone.

I'm trying to print multiple print areas on the same page, because Excel separates them by default.
Can anyone help?


I am using the Freeze Panes function to freeze the titles (rows) and
sub-titles (columns). it is working fine but the black line that appears when
using this function is ugly and confuses the user of the spreadsheet. Can I
change the colour of this line to match the background or even remove the
line altogether without loosing the functionality of the Freeze Panes option?


Is it possible to specify a "print area" for the PDF ExportasFixedFormat functionality in Excel 2007?

In the code below, I wanted to export the contents of the sheet "Confirmations" but the contents of the first sheet are being published instead.

Perhaps it may be handiest to export the contents of the sheet to a new temporary workbook and export from that?

Thanks in advance for any advice

Sub SaveTC2PDF()
' SaveTC2PDF Macro
    Dim PDFFilename As String

With ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Confirmations")
    PDFFilename = "c:DRDOperationsManagementSystemTrainerConfirmationPDFs" _
    & .Range("j1").Text & _

    ActiveWorkbook.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:= _
    PDFFilename, openafterpublish:=True

End With

End Sub

This code works for a single worksheet, but when I tried to adapt it to work for the workbook I received the following error message: "Application or Object defined error" at Set lastCell = lastCell.Offset(-1,0). I have a hyperlink in the last row so this code sets the print area to the last row -1. The reason I'm using VBA for this is because if I select all the worksheets the Print Area option becomes disabled, also because I have a large number of workbooks and not all of them use the same last row across all worksheets so for obvious reasons I'd like VBA to do the work.

     'Sets print area = to last used column and one before the last used row
    Dim lastCell As Range 
    Dim wks As Worksheet 
    For Each wks In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets 
        Set lastCell = Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Offset(1, 0) 
        Do Until Application.Count(lastCell.EntireRow)  0 
            Set lastCell = lastCell.Offset(-1, 0) 
        ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = Range(Cells(1, 1), lastCell).Address 
    Next wks 
End Sub 

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I need to write a macro to set the print area to the first two columns (A & B), and the last 12 columns (the last column may change). In both cases I need to print all rows (start is row 1, last row is variable). I am trying to achieve something like the "Freeze Pane" effect with the printer. The first two rows contain column headers (dates). The first two columns contain information that needs to be included on the printout, whilst the last 12 columns contain the most recent data.

Various cells withing the selected ranges may be blank, but no row or column will be entirely blank.

Is this possible, or am I trying to achieve the impossible?


I have a spreadsheet where I've used freeze panes to freeze rows 1-8 and columns A-E. The sheet has a lot of columns in it, so I've put in some VBA code and assigned several buttons which when pressed will hide selected columns so the user can quickly navigate to the part of the sheet they are interested in. I also have a button called 'unhide all' which will show all columns in the spreadsheet.

The problem I have is that for some reason, when I hit the 'unhide all' button and try to navigate across the sheet manually using the scroll bar it won't let me. I can still scroll up and down, just not across. Does anyone know why this might be happening?



I have come across a need to extract the individual cells involved in the print area, specifically the last row of the print area. Each sheet in the workbook is 100 columns wide and 100-300 rows in length. I have not written any code yet to support this concept.

If PrintArea = ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea results in A1:J10

How do I break it out to identify the last row of the print area is 10?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.



I looked, honest.
The HELP was no help, either.

Gosh, things were sure simpler with the earlier versions.

Anyway, how do I go about setting the Print-Area boundaries; the area I
would like to print (only) ?


In article >, "Hank" > wrote:
>In Excel 2003 I would like to Freeze the header row on each worksheet and
>have this "Freeze Pane" save when the workbook is closed.
>Should the Freeze pane save? If not, is there a way to do this so the
>header rows are always visible. I can indicate which rows I want to print
>at the top of each page with page setup. I'm trying to keep from haveing to
>freeze pane each time I open the workbook.

If you mean should the view where you have one or more 'fixed' rows and/or
columns save with the sheet, my experience is yes. If you mean something
else, then please say

If I have one large print area on a sheet (say 50 X 50 cells ) and one small
print area (say 10 X 10) on the same sheet at the same time, when I go print
by fitting to 2 pages Excel sets the print scaling so that the 50X50 area
will fit on one page, and then applies that same scaling to the 10X10 area
(so that the second page/print area comes out unecessarily small). Is there
a way to tell excel that I want it fit the two areas to two pages, but scale
each page individually?

I set up a print area, which I have done many times, but when I tried to add
several rows, the "Clear Print Area" as well as the "Select Print Area" was
grayed out. Nothing I have done has worked to make the selection(s)
available. Any suggestions?

I have a workbook with 30 worksheets of charts and 40 worksheets of data that
feed the charts. Now I like to find the easiest way to print all 30 charts
from this workbook at one simple command without printing the 40 data

Yes, I know I can click all the tabs while holding down the Ctrl key and
then print. But I still have to click 30 tabs!!! Is it possible to set the
print area across the 30 worksheets that contain the charts?

By the way, the print set up for each chart is exactly the same.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

I want to write a procedure to print non-contagious print areas on the same
page. For example, I want to print range A1:I8 and range A58:I66 on the
same page.

I tried the following
Union(Range("A4:I8"), Range("A58:I66")).Select
Selection.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True

but the two ranges are printed on two pages.



Simple I know but have stumped everyone. How do I format a worksheet to view
only the selected print area in the working area. In other words I do not
want to see any other columns or row numbers - just a gray background which
makes the worksheet look like a clean piece of paper or form when you open it

I have a worksheet with lots of complex formulas that my coworkers will all be using. I have the print area set to print just one page. I'd like to hide the non-printed pages when viewing the sheet in page layout view. Any ideas?

Good evening everybody.

I am working on a spreadsheet that has several sheets that are formatted for printing. I have the print area's set up with named ranges and the formatting looks good.

If the user prints 1 sheet only everything is OK, but I have one macro that I am working on to enable the users to select multiple sheets to print.

I am using the printpreview command so they can check the formatting before the actual print. There are buttons with macros on each tab with code like this:

Sub Print_Order
End Sub
This works great, but I would like to let the user choose multiple areas from different sheets and print it at one time. I have a method in place to select the various ranges, but I can not get them to print.

I tried setting a "Print_All" named range like this:

"Print_All" = "Sheet1_Print","Sheet2_Print","Sheet3_Print"

But i get yelled at by excel because of a global range error (The code is in a Module, not attached directly to one of the sheets)

The idea is that while looking at the preview they could view all pages before confirming that they did want to print.

I also tried something like this
But all that it previews is the last page selected (all of them are highlighted however)

Any Ideas? I am sure it is something relatively simple but I am just brain dead right now



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