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"margins do not fit page size"

I was woring on a largish spreadsheet with multiple sheet, saved it and have
reopened an now get the "margins do not fit page size" error on every sheet.

I have not changed the print setup or page size at all, i go to print view
and I get a very small page view with no data and crazy margins, When going
to the setup of the page page size is A4 and margins are normal and print
area is normal, I currently try ti print the file and only blank pages come
up, this is a very important file any suggestions

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When using a spreadsheet for an extended period of time one of my
users gets a margins do not fit page size error. Each cell becomes a
seperate page (as shown by the dotted lines).

She runs Excel 2003 with SP2 and Windows XP with SP2 .

I found this article on the windows site (
kb/894471) but it doesn't seem to be the same problem.

Any help would be great, Thanks

Hi everyone.. this has me so frustrated and i am sure it's the easiest fix ever. I had an expense report that we have used for years and updated it recently.. removed cells, added wording, etc. Now all of the sudden it tells me that the margins do not fit page size and when i look at the page break preview, each cell is on its own page.

if anyone has the slightest idea how to fix it and tell me how it happened, i would be forever grateful.. Thank you

Hi all,

So here I am working on a workbook and while I am, I am getting a popup (out of the blue) that says "Margins do not fit page size". What is this all about? What margins and where?

We are using Excel 2003, and I have two users who are getting the "Margins do not fit page size" pop-up error when they go to print.

Both of these users have 2 printers, a dot-matrix and a deskjet.

The error seems to occur only on the deskjet.

They also select a print area and then choose Fit to 1 page by 1 page.

I've suggested workarounds but I've been told that any workaround is uunacceptable and this problem must be fixed.

Any ideas? We are at Service Pack 3.


In Excel 2007 I sometimes get an error message when setting up my page layout
that "Margins do not fit the page size." I have the same basic data on
multiple worksheets and it will print fine on one sheet, but another gives me
this error message. Why does this keep happening, and what do I need to do
to resolve it?


Did anyone find a fix to this?
it is driving me mad!
i have exactly teh same issue. i use excel all day everyday.
after a certain amount of time/use?? it does eth page margins do not
fit, and puts each cell on a seperate page.

it is not a printer driver thing, others here have teh same printer
driver's, and excel, but don't use excel as much as me.

any ideas?


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Trying to preview Excel doc OR change print setup elements. Get this
annoying message. Changing margins does not improve this. Any ideas?

I try to change the page setup of nay excel worksheet by changing to landscape and to 1 page wide (plenty of room for the data to fit). It returns the above error message and inserts page breaks at every row and about every 4 columns (regardles of their width) so I end up with over 600 pages.
This is happening for every worksheet.
Other people in my office are not having the same problem and we are attached to the same printer.

My first time so please be gentle

We changed printer servers a while back and all user functioned OK except for one. His PC keeps complaining about "Margins Do Not Fit Page Size" and his Excel printouts result in one cell per page. We can't seem to resolve it. Even worse, he works in Finance.

He can fwd his spreadsheet to others in Finance and they can print it correctly.

Have read;en-us;305713 and;en-us;266114 and have tried removing printers and Excel and re-installing both but no joy

Any help much appreciated

when trying to print a page i get a message"margins do not fit page size". if i print the one page it wants to print over 100 pages

Help! I don't know what I did, but all of a sudden, my Excel worksheet shows
an automatic page break for every cell! My 8-page spreadsheet is now over
2000 pages. When I pull up "page set up and click on margins, I get a
message that says "Margins do not fit page size". However, when I click on
Margins in the Page Layout tab, it shows that I have selected "Narrow". I
also made sure that Letter-sized paper is selected.

When I open any excel file (new or previously created) it seems to be giving me every cell and/or every row as a page. When I go into page break preview and try to drag the margins to include all cells/rows into one page it gives me an error that says--Margins do not fit page size. I have checked all margin settings and they are still set at the default. I can go to another computer and open the same previously created excel file and it will be just fine.

All of a sudden my sheets, which were printing fine, started saying 'margins
do not fit page size', and then excel auto inserted a bunch of page breaks
(basically on almost every single column, every few rows) that I can't seem
to remove (b/c they're not inserted - dotted lines in page break view). I've
tried 'reset all page breaks' in PB view, which minimizes them but then if I
try to reset the print area (which I need to do) it does it all over again.
I had this happen before but I can't remember how I got out of it.
Any help much appreciated!!!

Ok have a problem when trying to view excel sheets sometimes, i have found a
work around, but find it a bit tedious for the long term. Are there any hot
fixes for this problem, i know there were for 2000, this is 2003.

I get this message when I try to print and then my document appears to be
corrupt. I tried copying the document to a new file and it didn't help.

Hello and thanks for reading my question.
I have a large file with multiple worksheets and while setting up the print
areas, things started to freak out.
While in Page Break Preview, when I try to enlarge the print area, it says
"Margins do not fit page size." This is unusual because I can normally
adjust this and it just reduces the scale to ~95%. Now it automatically
takes it down to 10% and puts in tons of page breaks.
I don't know if this makes any sense, but basically it adjusts the size of
the paper, not the print area.
Does anybody understand what I am talking about?

I upgraded to Vista Business and all of a sudden I am having a problem faxing
(printing to fax) certain files from excel (Office Pro 2003 with SP2).

The doc prints fine on all printers but when selecting the fax printer I get
the message "Margins Do Not Fit Page Size". Its not a huge document, its a
form that fits one A4 page. It is set up to print to 1 page tall by 1 page
wide. The printer sets the scaling to 10% and the page is tiny on the screen,
If i change the scaling to 100% the page gets bigger on the screen but the
amount printed stays the same it just gets bigger with the page. Changing
paper size makes no difference, deleting everything on the page makes no

I have:
Uninstalled and re installed Windows Fax and Scan thinking it may be the
printer driver.
Uninstalled and re-installed Office and SP2

it prints fine to other printers, and on other machines. If I re create the
document it works fine (not an option there are thousands of these forms).

I have found these KB articles but they dont exactly help

I am at my wits end.

Help would really be appreciated


I'm creating a chart in Excel 2007 and the one option I can no longer find is the Object Positioning - to change the 'Move and Size with Cells' to 'Do Not Move or Size with Cells'.

Someone else here asked this question, but the answer given was an image that is no longer available. Can someone please help me, it's driving me bonkers.

I have a big problem somehow a 2 page spreadsheet has turned into like 500
pages. I do not know how this happened, and it won't let me change it it says
"margins do not fit page page size".

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve

Hope this is the right place to post this.
I have created a simple spread sheet with 3 sets of 2 rows by 24 columns of cells with my data. There are 10 blank rows between each 2 row set.
I placed a simple (Insert chart) line graph of each of the 3 data sets on the spreadsheet.
The first 2 charts were manually sized in height to fit in 8 of the 10 rows of vertical separation between set 1 and 2 and set 2 and 3. The third chart sized 8 rows tall placed one row below set 3. I selected a print rage to include all three of the 2 row sets and the three graphs,
I am using EXCEL 2007.

Here is the question:
When I hit print preview the graphs fit and look fine but the 24 columns do not fit landscape on 8 1/2 by 11 paper, so I adjusted the "Page set up", "Page" tab, "Scaling" option to 1 page wide by 1 page tall (this gives me a 60% reduction).
The 24 column rows now fit fine in the print out, but the inserted graphs print but do not scale with the 60% page reduction. They remain 100% of their size.
They remain full size and cover up some of the rows of data in the printout.
Have any of you encountered this? Has anyone figured out how to get the graph to rescale automatically to page scaling reductions in EXCEL 2007?

I want to print my spreadsheet landscape style by 1 page wide and x page tall. However, when I do this it splits every single cell into a new page and then it says "Margins do not fit on page size"

My margins are set up:
Top: 1
Left: 0.5
Right: 0.5
Bottom: 0.75
footer: 0.5
header: 0.5

sheet setup:
centered on page, repeat row 2.

I don't know what to do I'm so confused

Something very strange is happening with a spreadsheet I have. In page break preview, every single cell is set to print to its own the print job is 40,000+ pages. When I try to do literally anything to change any aspect related to printing (page type, margins, print area, etc. etc.) I get a "margins do not fit" error. My margins are all 1". In page setup, if I try to navigate to a tab besides margins I get the same error and I am returned to the margin tab, so I can't even switch between portrait/landscape. If I try to clear the print area I get the same error. If I go to print preview I get the error, and I get a preview of a small white square. Everything works fine on other Excel files (and all other files for that matter). What in the heck is going on?

When I print a work sheet it comes out centred on the page and the font very, very small. It does not fit the page. Any suggestions on how to format it so that it will fill the page?

Excel keeps reverting to printing each cell on a separate page and gives the
error message: "Margins do not fit on one page"

Can anyone tell me how I can stop this from happening?!


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