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Shortcut key to move to beginning of a worksheet

I've always used Ctrl + Home to move directly to the beginning of a worksheet
(A1). I've just begun using Office 2003 and now when I use this shortcut, the
cursor moves to the upper leftmost cell in the window. Pressing the Home key
alone takes the cursor to A1. I've checked all the documentation and the
above actions are not correct. Do I have something set incorrectly or is this
the way these shortcut keys work now?

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I am trying to use a barcode scanner to scan in
inventory items into 3 adjacent columns and then
would like to have it automatically go to the beginning
of the next row by scanning the barcode for a sequence
that would put the cursor at the beginning of the next
row for the next 3 inputs.

Is there a key sequence that will do that??


Hi there,
I'd like to know the shortcut keys for deleting and renaming a worksheet.

Thanks in advance

I need to create a macro that shows the contents of a worksheet and then assign that macro to a button on the documentation page. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

I have just started using Excel 2007. I can't find out how to move and copy a worksheet like I could using Excel 2003. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I was wondering if there was a way to protect part of a worksheet with one
question and another part with a different password. I am using Excel 2002.
Your help would be appreciated. Thanks


Can someone please help with adding zeros to the front of a number? Each cell needs to be 12 digits. Any cell with less than 12 digits need zeros in front. Examples below:

CURRENTLY: 4122235443 (10-digits)
NEEDS TO BE: 004122235443 (12-digits)

CURRENTLY: 57655599900 (11-digits)
NEEDS TO BE: 057677799900 (12-digits)

CURRENTLY: 108877443322 (12-digits)
NEEDS TO BE: no changes needed

Thanks in advance!

In Windows you press Alt-Tab to move between applications. I want to know if
it's possible to do this same thing with a shortcut key within Excel. That
is, I want to know if there si an Excel shortcut key equivalent to Alt-Tab so
I can move between sheets in Excel like I move between applications in

I often have to move Rows of data from multiple worksheets on to one master sheet, and wondered if anyone had a macro that would go through all of these and do it for me?
I need something exactly like for particular rows ( i no need to copy the entire rows from the sheets)... I have very limited experience with VBA.


When attempting to "move or copy" a worksheet I receive a message stating "A
formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name 'wrn.BCOMP.',
which already exists on the destination worksheet. Do you want to use this
version of the name?"
What causes this message or how do I correct whatever is on the sheet that
is causing it?

I have imported a graphics file that is displayed over a worksheet
(Application for title). It basically hovers above the spreadsheet. I have
set up the spreadsheet to import data from a "deal sheet" so that the
application is ready to print from the given data on the deal sheet in the
right place on the graphic.

The problem is, that some parts of the graphic are solid so that data behind
that part is hidden behind the graphic.

Is there a way to put the spreadsheet "on top" so that the data from the
cells is printed and visible?



PS, I do not at this time use VBA, but would love to learn if that is the
only way to make this work. If it is, I need a place to get basic info on
how to use VBA.


I thought his would be the simplest of macros !

I need to add "19" to the beginning of the description of an asset to
correct two digit years to four.

I recorded my steps ie. F2 key , then home then right arrow the 19 then an
enter key to move down to the next cell.

If the next cell needs correction and I run the macro created by my
recording, rather than correcting the new cell, ie. adding "19" to the
beginning, it inserts the corrected contents of the previous cell on which
the macro was run.

Engaging the relative reference key does not help.


I would like to know what is the proper way to have a worksheet display the top left portion of a worksheet when activating it.

As of right now I am using.


If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines
And it does not seem to work fine.

Thank you for your help.

What VBA could I use to check all xls files in a folder for the existence of a worksheet named "costing".

Hi All,

I want to read the result of COUNTA(A:A) into a variable (Say MyCounta). At the moment, I'm making the computation on the sheet itself. That is, Cell B5 contains the formula =COUNTA(A:A). I then assign the value of cell B5 to the variable by setting

MyCounta = Range("B5").Value

Is there a way to avoid cell B5 and make the assignment more directly?

(I'm interested in a general method for assigning the value of a worksheet function to a variable rather than a specific solution to the COUNTA example given above.)




I want to know how to make a spreadsheet automatically control the zoom of a worksheet depending on the size of the screen it is opened on. For example, if it is opened on a screen of a certain size then it will set the zoom to 80% so the worksheet will show only a certain section. I want my worksheets to look the same on even the larger screens and not show the unused rows and columns around the section I am wanting to highlight.

In a previous thread I was told I might need to write an API to help me with achieving this. First of all, what is an API? Secondly, how do I go about writing one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Is there a shortcut key to close just ONE workbook. If I do "Ctrl+F4" it wants to close all of my excel - I just one to close the current work book I have open.

I have an intermittent problem with Excel 2003. I am manipulating files and
make a copy of the orginal worksheet before I start working on it. Sometimes
when I try to move and copy a worksheet I get the message “Path/File access
error: ‘VB1A.tmp’. The text after “VB” but before ".tmp" changes each time
this error occurs.

I encounter this when I try to move and copy a sheet by right-clicking on
the sheet tab, as well as when I run a macro with the following statement:
ActiveSheet CopyAfter:=Sheets(ShtName)

This is only an intermittent problem. It is not cleared by closing Excel or
restarting my computer. I have tried the following:

Cleaned out all temp folders, including Internet Explorer
Gone into Add/Remove programs and run the Repair for Office
Uninstalled and reinstalled Excel
Defragged my hard drive
Copy the data from the workbook and paste it into a new workbook.

My company’s tech support can’t offer any other ideas. I hope someone in
this community might be able to help.

I have a pivot table, that when broken up (Show Report Filter Pages) creates about 150 separate worksheets. I am looking for a macro to copy and paste the values of all of them, (they created 150 sheets with pivot tables, which I don't want) so I do not need to do it manually.

I did see a suggestion here: , but when I run that I get an Run-Time error 1004 (can't move part of a Pivot Table Report)

(Excel 2010)


Hello guys,

I desperately need some help with creating a macro that updates and copies part of a worksheet in Excel 2003 and pastes it in MS Word. The sheet I have is a sheet that updates some prices etc and after it updates I usually select a square (part of the sheet), press CTRL+C to copy it and paste it as a picture (paste special ) in word. Is there a way to automate the process?

I am thinking a macro that updates the sheet, copies and pastes iit on word?? (don’t know if such a thing is possible but if it is im sure someone here will be able to do it!!!)

Many thanks

how do I change the name of a worksheet without needing to change all the links to that worksheet

Excel 2007

I am trying to create a macro that will append an 'A.' to the begining of each row that has a value in Column A. I tried recording a macro but it does not do exactly what I need.



I know excel allows images to be put into a worksheet, I was wondering if it can handle a small size of moving images such as those .gif files used in the webpage. Is there a way to insert a moving image?

Thank you.

Example. I have a number 12345678 I would like to add a zero to the
beginning like for it to reflect 012345678.

I have a hugh list that I need to add a zero to the beginning of the number
list and I was wondering if there was away to perform this task without going
to each one individually and adding the zero?

Dear all,

Pls help me how to disable Copy or Move function of sheets,worksheets when right click on them

Thanks in advance

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