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Select multiple worksheets in Excel 2007

How can I select multiple worksheets in Excel 2007. Holding down ctl or
shift key
and clicking on worksheet tabs does not select multiple sheets.

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How to stop selecting multiple cells with one click in Excel 2007

No highlighting is visible when I select multiple cells in Excel 2007.

I am hoping there is an easy way to enable (and disable) Select Objects mode in Excel 2007. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Similarly, I'm also looking for how to replicate the user pressing the angle connector button in the ribbon. Thanks for the help!

how can I e mail a single worksheet in excel 2007

I am trying create a chart 'on the fly' based on the user selected data range
in Excel 2007. I was trying to use Jon Peltier's 'interactive chart
creation' VB scripts. Somehow it does not work on Excel 2007. After Jon's
interactiveChartCreation.xls opens, both input boxes does not work, meaning
one can not input any data by mouse selection. I tried to click 'ok', but it
only selected the input box. I hope Jon or some one else can see this and
offer some help. Thank you all very much for your tips.

5 Tips for Working with Multiple Worksheets in Excel

I'm sure this is a common problem, but my search here turned up nothing.

When I edit a worksheet I sometimes find that I accidentaly have multiple worksheets selected and this results in data in other sheets in the workbook being overwritten.

Although I found some VBA that is supposed that is supposed to handle this situation, it doesn't work for me on Excel 2007.

What I am looking for is a method of either preventing multiple sheets from being selected or something that prevents editing when multiple sheets are selected.

Grateful for any help.

Thank you

In excel 2007, how does one select a subset of charts on a worksheet,
and then in a macro loop through the selected charts.

The methods that worked prior to excel 2007 do not work. I cannot
figure out how to use the mouse to select the charts, and then in a
macro loop through the selected charts.

Does anyone know how to do this?


Brian Murphy
Austin, TX

If Office 2003, I could modify the drawing toolbar to add a tool to select
multiple shapes. Is this functionality still available somewhere in Office

Barb Reinhardt

How do you simultaneously apply conditional formatting to multiple worksheets
in Excel 2007?

In 2003, you could select mutliple worksheet tabs, apply conditional
formatting to one worksheet, and it would populate to the other worksheets
simultaneously. This function is not available in Excel 2007. How can this
be done in Excel 2007?


I create several worksheets when I depress a button. Then there is some manual verification that takes place. After that, I want to select all the pages just created and put them in a new workbook. So far I can do everything but select multiple worksheets. Any ideas?


In excel 2003 i was able to e-mail a single worksheet. Does excel 2007 have this option?

I have excel 2002. I have multiple worksheets in a workbook. I changed and
reset the page setup in one sheet to have a certain size (57%), margins and
page breaks so it would print OK. I wanted to group the sheets and do this to
all worksheets but the page settings are not saved on the other sheets. How
can I copy this format to multiple sheets and also copy this format to other

I am trying to email a single Excel worksheet. I have found how to email an
entire workbook. I was able to email a single worksheet in Excel 2003, I am
hoping that the same function is available in 2007.

When selecting multiple worksheets I would like to change the footer without
affecting the header. I have a inventory workbook that I update monthly. I
have the current month in the footer, but the headers are different for each
Currently I can only change the footers one worksheet at a time. My
workbooks contain 25+ worksheets, so changing the footers one at a time is
not fun.

I've created quite a few workbook/worksheets in excel 2007 compatibility mode that are data entry intensive. When protecting these worksheets, you have the option of allowing the user to "select locked cells". I invariably uncheck this option because the user doesn't need to interact with these cells.

However, several of my users are running Excel 2000 and the same option is not available when one protects a worksheet in Excel 2000. Is there a way to do that in VBA for these Excel 2000 users such that when they click on a locked cell, the cursor will not respond to that cell?

Thanks, J

I'm creating an worksheet in excel 2007. I need to display the results in column J using this formula "==IF(A2="","",IF(SUMPRODUCT(--($A$2:$A2&$F$2:$F2=A2&F2))=1,(20-H2)/20,(20-SUMIF($F$2:$F2,F2,$H$2:$H2))/20))

This calculation is dependent on several columns entries. I want to show it in a specific format. In column F I've created a user forum with several items. If I select more than an option in column F, the results has to be displayed accordingly both in column I & J accordingly.

Lets say I select the entries abc, xyz in F2. Then after the calculation in column I & J, I want the results to be displayed in the following format:

In I2:
abc: 50% ; xyz = 50%;

In J2:

abc : 50% ; xyz = 50%;

Please note that the value 50% is just a dummy value used to show an example and not a result of actual calculation.

How do I achieve this?

I've attached the excel for reference.

Hi all.

I have a worksheet in Excel 2007 that has quite a lot of named ranges with a lot of formulas within the same worksheet linked to the named ranges. This worksheet is a sort of 'template' which I need to copy within the same workbook.

However what happens when I have several worksheets that have named ranges which are the same? Is Excel clever enough to know which named range I want to refer to, or does it just refer back to the original named range?

I have tried creating a worksheet with a named range called "test" then linking a formula to it, then copying this worksheet. The new worksheet also has a named range called "test" and the formula on the new worksheet seems to link to the "test" range also on the new worksheet. So it seems to work but I just wanted to check what people on here thought.

Oddly enough if I try to manually create two range names that are the same Excel won't let me do it (just selects the original cell with the range name) but if I copy a worksheet it seems to create copies of range names as well.

In a sense I guess what I'm asking is about the scope of range names in Excel 2007. Are they local (worksheet) or global (workbook), or can they be either depending on the circumstances?



I have two columns of numbers, and I want to count the number of entries that have the value "0" in NEITHER column.

I am using Excel 2003, which doesn't have the COUNTIFS function that allows you to directly supply multiple conditions. In Excel 2007 I would input this as

=COUNTIFS(A1:A10, ">0", B1:B10, ">0") since all values are positive.

Any insight?

Thank you very much.

I'm trying to update a script for a worksheet in Excel 2007 that changes font color. In Excel 2003, there was a palette of colors somewhere, and each color had a numerical value.

So my question is: how do we assign colors for font changes in Excel 2007? Is there still a palette somewhere that tells what colors are assigned to what numbers? If so, where is it? Or how else do I assign colors?

Thanks for any help!

When I highlight cells in Excel 2007 the shading is very, very light. What
can I do to change this?

When I run a multiple regression in Excel 2007, it only puts up the residual
plot for one of the variables, unlike Excel 2003 which will put up a plot for
every variable. How do I set it up where I can see all residuals for 2007.

Sometimes when I scroll up or down on a worksheet in Excel 2007 the numbers
vanish from the sheet. If I click and drag to highlight the area where the
numbers are, they'll reappear, but this makes it very difficult to use my
spreadsheets efficiently.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

I opened Excel 2003 worksheet in Excel 2007. Graphics (bitmap, JPEG, etc.
from file) in Excel 2007 worksheet do not print in same location as shown on
the display. Printed correctly in Excel 2003. Print Preview in Excel 2007
also does not display the graphics correctly. Using Dell Inspiron 9100 with
ATI Mobility RADEON 9800 display adapter.

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