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3 dimension chart

I have data with 3 dimension z=f(x,y). I want to show in a chart. but I just
don't know how. It seems that excel is not able to do so, isn't it?

thanks in advance.


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First happy new year to all.

I am going to set formula in Sheet Dep, cell F11:AJ12. The data is in Sheet Total. it is a 3 dimension formula. I don't know how to set it.
for example, the formula is F11 should look for data

1. Month-----match with L7
2. Day-------match with F9
3. Person----match with D11

After set up the formula, the report will automatic generate the data from the Total sheet.

Any help is appreciate.

Linda Li


wondering if it is possible to construct a 3 axis chart with excel?


I need to create 3-dimensional charts (such as the 3D Column Type in Excel)
using the OWC chart component. How do I set the z axis categories?

Depending on whether my numbers are in the x or y axis, I flip between coumn
and bar to achieve the x and y axis configuration. How do i do the setting
for the z axis?

I set the series data using literal values. (not from a spreadsheet or pivot


How to Use the sum function in a 3 dimension environment in Microsoft Excel?
Need a detailed description for a research paper I am doing, ASAP!!!!

Is there a reasonably priced Excel Add-In that does true XYZ axis 3-D
charting? I don't need a fancy package, just Scatter or Surface plotting of
data points with 3 distinct descriptive numbers.


I want to stack two series of data in one column and show a third series on
the column next to it on a 3-D chart. How do I unstack the third series of

How do I stretch the x-axis on a 3-d chart? The wizard generates a teeny-tiny
all too short x-axis. Thanks.


I am trying to create a 3-dimensional chart. My X-Axis will be "Lead
Source". My Y-Axis will be "Count" and the Z-Axis should be the "Year". The
idea here is to see how the counts have increased from year-to-year.

I am having some difficulty in trying to figure out how to build this
relationship. I have multiple worksheets with each year's data. Do I have to
get this on one work sheet before I can try and make this happen?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


In excel 2003 can we still rotate a chart to create a 3-d look? In Excel
2000 you could rotate a 3-d chart to make it easier to view. Can this still
be done in 2003 and if so how?

please help to plot a 3 variable chart

Data like below

Month Units Hrs
Jan 400.00 3.50
Feb 500.00 5.00
Mar 400.00 4.00
Apr 800.00 5.50

Hello everyone:

I've a problem: I'm drawing a population pyramid bolstered by a
3-dimensional database, with the population as the only figure to display,
and break up by gender, age group, and record year; e.g.

Year Gender Agegroup Population
2000 Male 10-14 200000
1999 Female 5-9 1340000

I've got a total 2 years in year break up, 2 gender types, male & female,
and about 10 age groups;

What I wanna to do is to generate a bar chart, with age break displayed on
the vertical axis, population displayed on the horizontal axis, and break up
by gender, shown on alternative quadrants of horizontal axis devided by
vertical null point (treat female figure as negative), and stack the year
data on the vertical axis, show an example:

++++++|++++++++ Year 2000,Age group 15-19
*****|****** Year 2005,Age group
+++++++++|++++++++++ Year 2000,Age group 10-14
*******|******* Year 2005,Age group 10-14
++++++|+++++++ Year 2000,Age group 5-9
*******|********* Year 2005,Age group 5-9
Female _____________|_______________Male

Where * and + represents different years' break, left and right quadrants
represent gender break, and vertical axis represent age break, the length of
+ and * represent the population figure;

I've been doing this graph using a statistical software and I would like to
move it into excel file to link the datapoints to other files, enabling this
chart manipulatable by altering the figures to obtain dynamic effects, how
can this be achieved?

Thanks & appreciates!

I have 3 dimensions to my single data series table and am looking to chart
this table. dimensions=month, geo location, type. table value=dollars.
Desired chart=left Y axis show location name, X axis show month, right Y axis
show dollar scale, bar stacked with type.

I'm trying to plot 5 dimensions of data. I briefly used a standalone application a few years ago at work that did it and I can't find it again. I would prefer to do it within Excel as that's where the data is.

I need to plot using a 3d xyz bubble graph, but also want to add further dimensions. the fourth will be the size of the bubble and the 5th will be the colour of the bubble. The 5th is a dream solution, but I can live with just having the 4 dimensions plotted.

Can anyone help or suggest a product that could do it?

I've spent hours searching the net to no avail.

Thanks for any help.

Hi everyone.

I'm not an Excel expert but I created a crude Pick 3 Lottery program and I was looking for help from this group of Excel experts.

I'm trying to create a chart of Alpha Patterns using Pick 3 draws.

I have 2 Excel files (see link located at the bottom) located in 1 folder.

The 1st Excel file called P3Draws.xls. This is where I update the New York Pick 3 draws.

The 2nd Excel file called Pairs1State.xls. This is where I transfer all the draws from the 1st Excel file P3Draws.xls into this Excel file Pairs1State.xls and it performs all the calculations.

This is what I would like the program to do:

1. Take 100 draws at a time from the Excel file P3Draws.xls starting at line 1082, Wednesday Evening June 14, 2006 to Wednesday Midday April 26, 2006.

2. Copy and paste these 100 draws into the Excel file Pairs1State Tab P3Draws on cell A20:E119

3. Next, go to the Pairs1State.xls Tab labeled "AlphaPatterns" and click the Toolbar labeled "Click To Add Line" (Cell A14&A15). This will add a new line and enter the new Alpha Patterns. I already added 3 draws with the Alpha Patterns as an example. Instead of doing it line by line I would like to automate this routine.

4. Next, click the (BIG) Toolbar labeled "Click To Sort & Rank Digits & VTRAC Digits. This will sort all the digits and VTRAC digits in skip sequence.

5. Next, start the cycle over again starting with Step 1. But this time use the next 100 draws starting with Thursday Midday June 15, 2006 through Wednesday Evening April 26, 2006.

Keep this same cycle until it finishes the last entry on line 20, Wednesday November 28, 2007.

Here is a link to the 2 Excel files: (Sorry for the crudeness)

Thank you in advance for all your help!!

I'm looking to create a 3-D column chart that has the z-axis in the back,
rather than on the right. Here is an example of the data:

Sales # Items
REGION 1 $100 3
REGION 2 $500 20
REGION 3 $750 4

The objective is to have one column for each region. The height of the
column would represent Sales and the depth of the column would represent the
# Items.

Here is a chart that looks like what we're trying to acheive: CHART ON PAGE
12 -

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

I am trying to build a chart that has 3 axis. Such as x-axis, y-axis, z-axis.

I want to put 3 different data for these 3 axis; such as: time data, profit
data, phone call data.

Could anyone tell me how to do it?

Thanks in advance,

I wanted to make a 3-dimensional plot in Excel and discovered that I cannot
do this. All you can do is make 3-D charts over two dimensions, you cannot
make 3-D plots over three dimensions. There's the surface plot, but that
only plots x and y along with the series. I want to plot true x, y, and z.

John W. Mordosky

Hi all
I just started learning VBA . I have a sheet with multiple tables. I
want charts from some fields of these tables.I recorded a macro by
selecting and copying and manually creating the chart.But the range it
selected was fixed. I need the excel to manually selecting the ranges.
These operations have to be performed repeatedly .
So clearly the problem has following dimensions
1.Determine where a particular range (Table of Data) begins
iteratively for a no. of tables in
the worksheet
2.Relatively reference some cells(say a1-a10 ) for selection of
3.Create charts for them

Please help me think in the right direction
Ranjan Rao


I have a very crazy question

For the next months I'd like to set-up a daily report system which shows specific market data. My problem is: To set-up this sheet, I need three dimensions.

- Category (e.g. ranking, price,...)
- Value (e.g. 1, 9,99,...)
- time (e.g. 1.1.2010, 2.1.2010, 3.1.2010,...)

I cannot just create a single register for each day because in the end there would be thousands of registers. Furthermore, I'd like to use pivot tables to merge and sort the data for my needs.

Do you have an idea for a solution? Something like a drop-down field for each day??? Do you think that makes sense?

Thanks a lot!!!!

how do i created multiple axis charts (speciffically i need to create a chart
with 3 axis for each separate series of data

I'm looking to create a 3-D column chart that has the z-axis in the back,
rather than on the right. Here is an example of the data:

Sales # Items
REGION 1 $100 3
REGION 2 $500 20
REGION 3 $750 4

The objective is to have one column for each region. The height of the
column would represent Sales and the depth of the column would represent the
# Items.

Here is a chart that looks like what we're trying to acheive: CHART ON PAGE
12 -

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi Forum,
for my work I have the necessity to create a bubble chart that has 3 dimensions; to this bubble chart I have to add the color and the markers.
The problem is that the color is expressed for each coordinate in the form of rgb, but with only one form; while I need to create three markers with different forms.
I do not know how to get out from this problem.
Thanks .

Hello everyone. I was just wondering if any of the excel wizards out there could help me with making some charts for the attached spreadsheet. I know nothing about excel and don't have the slightest clue as to where to start with making what I'm trying to make.

So what I would like is three charts similar to the charts in the charts tab but one that tracks progression over 7 days, 1 month, and 3 months. Those three can go on another sheet titled what ever. Also, can the existing charts be changed to start with 2008?

I didn't create this spreadsheet and aside from using this one I don't ever use excel. It was created with excel 2007 but the one that I have has been converted for the 2003 version (I don't have '07)

I also apologize for asking for help in my first post and I would assume I'm posting this in the correct section. I would guess it could go under general too but since it's dealing with charts I figured that it could work here as well. I had also emailed the guy who created the sheet and he had said that he wasn't going to do anything else to it so that's another reason why I'm posting here asking for help.

I can't upload the file because it's 1.2MB and the max is 1 for .xls. Here's the link to the spreadsheet:

If anyone would like, pm me and I'll give you my email so that I can transfer the file directly or so that if anyone helps me with this they can transfer the file to me.

Thank you all for any help I may receive.

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