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I forgot my password, how do I open a sheet if I forgot the pass

I need to open my sheet but forgot my password and the sheet would not open.
does anybody know how to see the password or override this function ?

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i would like to know if there is a way to put a password to enter in a sheet. i am using macros with buttons to move between my sheets but i would need a secure access for one of these. How can i do?


I forgot my Password for an Excel workbook. The data is important. Is there a tool available (freeware) that can read out my password or open the file nonetheless?
Thanks for any help,

Excel 2003, I have a protected work sheet, and I forgot my pass word to
unprotect it, could it be pulled up somehow? is it hidden somewhere in the
system? help!

How to open a document if its password is forgotten.

I need to know how to open a new workbook and then rename the workbook?


Is there a code that will open a particular sheet based on a cell value?


I have a Program named 'UN Receipts', and it has a growing number of
identical receipts (sheets) which are labeled 00001, 00002, and so on.
I want the next blank Receipt (Sheet) to open each time the program is

So if a common field (cell) is blank, indicating that the receipt (sheet) is new,
I want it to be the sheet opened when the program starts. Is this Possible?

I do know how to open a sheet on start-up each time, but not with this
criteria... Thanks for any help on this. Hope I'm Making it clear..

How to return a value if the date displayed land between a row of dates? Example

B1: Date: 6/10/2011

Row 3: has dates on a quarterly basis (6/30/2011,9/30,2011, etc)

Cell B2 displays value.

see attached

1. I have an Excel sheet which is protected and I forgot the password. The sheet is containig most important data. Is there any way to unprotect the sheet using VBA Codes?

2. I have an Excel sheet with macro, in which the project is locked and I have forget the password. Is there any way to unlock the project?

3. I have created a macro and whenever I open that macro, it is asking for 'Enable/Disable' option. Actually I need it is enabled automatically without displaying an alert.

Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me...................

How do I save a sheet from the macro workbook to a new file?

My code runs, the last thing I want to do it to move sheet named "Summary" to another work book, save it as XLS in the same directory as the macro, with the name being "Pivot Table" &myStartDate& myEndDate&".xls"

I'm under what to put after...



The password I thought I typed into my workbook does not work. How do I get
into my workbook?

Unfortunately, this answer is half right -- there are many workSHEET password
tools out there.

A tool for workBOOK password removal or retrieval isn't easy to find.

Suggestions welcome.

"Bernard Liengme" wrote:

> Do a Google newsgroup search (*excel). There are lots of password breakers
> about - many are free
> --
> Bernard Liengme
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> "fauxartist @Work" wrote in
> message ...
> > Hello,
> >
> > Is there anyway to unprotect a workbook. I have forgotten my password and
> > I
> > need these workbooks urgently

Can somebody tell how to open a password protected webpage in VBA,
Currently I use the below code to open a webpage

Sub openweb()
strURI = ""
Set ie = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application")
ie.Navigate strURI
End sub

i forgot my protection password and i can't open my workbook anymore.

Hi!! How can i prevent a user to open a book in the active application... does anybody has a code for that.... is that possible???

Im trying that so that the user dont get mad, when he realize he doesnt have some commandbars activated.....

Thank u for your repplies....

my gridlines on my excel worksheet disappear when i print my documents. how
do i get them to stay

I tried to rename a sheet in a workbook but discovered that the rename option
is inactive when i right-clicked on the sheet. How do i make it active ?

How do display a "+" or "-" sign when hiding columns that allows someone to
click on the + or - as a shortcut to hide or unhide cells?

I want to hide my column and have them click the - sign to unhide.

I have a userform that i created in VBE on excel but i don't know how to make
a macro on the actual document to take me from it to the form or make a
button from the form take me back to the document, could anyone give me an
answer, it's for my coursework and i need some help! Thanks

I have Office 2000, How do I set up a mail merge icon for excel? Any thoughts?


Hello excel Guru's

I have a hyperlink that changes value based on the criteria in other cells.

I would like a macro that opens the hyperlink that is located in cell F3

I on occation the value of the hyperlink is greater then 255 so on those occations I want to open the file name that is compiled in H3

and then do the same for F4 and H4.

I already have a macro for saving these files with specific names so that I can harvest the data into a master sheet I just cant work out how to open a workbook when the name is stated in a cell.

I am on XL 2003




Thought would ad the code I have tried so you can see what I am on about

Workbooks.Open Filename:=F3
ActiveWindow.Visible = False
Application.Run "SaveCompare2"

Hello people,

First time around here. I am not sure I'm on the right newsgroup, so please
redirect me if needed.

Here's my question: I need to be able to search a string from the right in
an Excel-cell. Basically I need to find the last space in a string. I can
find the first space in a string with the find-command but that works only
from left to right. How can I do this from right to left ?

Many thanks,


I thought that a nested if is what I needed, but now I don't know what I need I have explained in greater detail within my sample that's attached.

I don't know how to write a function for what I need.
Right now I have a function that says '= if $b7=0,0,if($d7>$d5,-1,1)), but I've found a problem.
If there's more than one zero it throws off what I'm doing.
I need a function that will ignore any zeros within column D and use the second to last number.

For example:

The formula in E12 should read '=if($B12=0,0,if($D12>$D8,-1,1))
The formula in E13 should read '=if($b13=0,0,if($D13>$D9,-1,1))
The formula in E20 should read '=if($b20=0,0 ,if($d20>$d12,-1,1))

I just don't know how to write this so that it will go back to the second to last number other than zero.

Hi all,

I need a help from you.In VBA how to open a workbook for which i know only the partial name?
E.x April_2008.xls .How to open this workbook with the parital Name "April"?

Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to create a macro to open a sheet in a file but I only know part of the workbook name i.e the file is called comparisonxxxxxx xxxx is it possible to use a wildcard search for the rest of name so I can select the workbooks sheet.

I'm looking for a way to do somthing like this

Windows("comparison"*" & "*".xls").Activate
Sheets("Price Exception").Select

has any one got any ideas on how to do this thanks!

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