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Linking an object in power point to a excel worksheet

I have created a power point slide with 100 Objects(representing 100 banquet
tables). This is a fundrasier. We first recurit tables captians who then
sell 10 tickets to thier table. Each tables has a limit of 10 guest. When
the tables sells to a team captain I would like the object to change colors
for red to green....when the team captain sells all 10 seast I would like the
object to change from green to blue. Indicating a sold out table.
I have the excel spread sheet completed
to track the the 1000 names and personal data.


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I developed an add-in in Power Point 97, 2000, XP and 2003 for creating
Excel charts/tables and being able to update them. The code I used is

Dim PPT_SLD As Slide

'ADD a chart/table
PPT_SLD.Shapes.AddOLEObject Left:=var_chrt_L, Top:=var_chrt_T,
Width:=var_chrt_W, Height:=var_chrt_H, ClassName:="Excel.Chart.8",

Set PPT_CHRT = PPT_SLD.Shapes(var_SHP_count_no).OLEFormat


'EDIT chart/table
Set PPT_SLD = ActivePresentation.Slides(var_SHP_SLD_no)

Set PPT_CHRT = PPT_SLD.Shapes(var_CURR_SHAPE_name).OLEFormat


'CLOSE chart/table


Set PPT_CHRT = Nothing

In 97, 2000 and XP it works without any problem. In 2003, if user
selects to update a lot of charts/tables then messages of Excel start
appearing "Microsoft Office Excel starts recovering your documents" and
errors appear when I use the objects for editing a chart/table.

What could be the problem ?

I insert a excel worksheet object in Power Point and want whenever I go in
the original excel file and make a change this change to be reflected in the
power point as well. Is this possible?
Thank you a lot in advance!!!

I am trying to work out how to copy data that is in rows in Sheet 1 to a new worksheet Sheet2 that contains 8 row templates.

Sheet 1
Cols A - I
Rows 1...Data
copy to Sheet 2
into CELL B2,D2,J2,J3,B4,J4,J5,J6,J7

Sheet 1
Cols A - I
Rows 2...Data
copy to Sheet 2
into CELL B10,D10,J10,J11,B12,J12,J13,J14,J15

Sheet 1
Cols A - I
Rows 3...Data
copy to Sheet 2
into CELL B18,D18,J18,J19,B20,J20,J21,J22,J24

and so on and on in increments of 8

Any help please

I have been trying to wrap my head around this one, and I just can not seem to get it to work.

Bottom line up front: How do you get one embedded Excel object in
Powerpoint to refer to another Excel Object in another Powerpoint

Situation: I have several people that send me weekly stats for their
companies on Power Point Slides with the information being stored in Embedded Excel Workbook objects. Once a quarter I have to do a complete rollup of their latest information. Right now I am having to hand jam the numbers. Is their a better way?

Thanks in advance


I need to embed an object in an excel worksheet that displays (through a
link) another excel worksheet or range. When I use Insert -> Object I can
only define the file (workbook) and the first worksheet displays by default.

The syntax in the formula bar is: =Excel.Sheet.8|'C:filename.xls'!''''
I have tried putting the sheetname or the range name in the quotes at the
end of the string but the formula doesnt seem to recognise this.

(BTW I am using Excel 2000)

Thanks for your help.

I am trying to insert an object in a specific cell. i can get it to work in
2003, but not in 2007 does anyone have any insight as to what i am doing is the code that i am using

Sub test()
' test Macro
' Macro recorded 7/7/2008 by mspears

ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert("H:scan0002.jpg").Sel ect
Selection.ShapeRange.PictureFormat.TransparentBack ground = msoTrue
Selection.ShapeRange.PictureFormat.TransparencyCol or = RGB(253, 253, 253)
Selection.ShapeRange.Fill.Visible = msoFalse
Application.CommandBars("Picture").Visible = False
End Sub

I haven't really attempted this yet but i have to build this presentation on a weekly basis (dammit!) and it needs graphs etc..

I know you can link it to a spreadsheet..

Does anyone have any examples that they have?

Also, is there a way for the data in power point to only update when the "Update button" is clicked?
Because i know it updates automatically when data in the spreadsheet is changed...but i dont necessarily want that, i want to see the changes happen in front of my when i click "update"....

does anyone have any websites or anything in relation to this?

I want to create a hyperlink from an external website to a particular
worksheet within an excel file of several worksheets.

I know that #_blank at the end of the link opens the file in a new window,
but is there something I should use instead to link to a specific worksheet?

Issue : Macro to find a string in Power Point, (during presentation) and highlight the text box containing it.

Description :
I need to design a PowerPoint with about 10 slides. Each slide will have text boxes which will look like table or four column x eight rows.
I dont mind using tables for the above but I like the formatting possibilities of the text boxes.Now 8 rows on 10 slides each, makes 80 rows full of information. It contains, course name, course details, course duration and the hyperlink to access the course.I want to put a macro with text box and command button on the first slide, which will find the string entered in that text box (any of the rows in any slide) and highlight that text box.Extra information:
I am quite good at Excel VBA so I have the above set and ready to go in Excel. Now client uploads the excel file on their website. On opening it has problems like, user resolution, too much scrolling, excel menus etc. I have found that with Power Point when uploaded(or not) it will always fit the user's screen, even on the tiny laptop. So at no cost the charity client will be able to have a feeling like a website displaying course content with search functionality.

Thank you for your help in advance


Being new, I'm not sure if it was ok to discuss power point, even in the "off topic" section.

If it's ok, then I had a question, and maybe someone can help me with it. My boss has a power point presentation that links with Graphs from a few excel workbooks, spread over 15 or 20 slides. In power point 2007 there is a "refresh" button for the graphs. If you hit it, it pulls the more current version of the graphs from the workbooks.

My boss would like a macro that goes through and updates each graph. Unfortunately, I'm still very early in learning anything VBA related, so I'm having trouble writing the macro. And of course, there is no macro recorder in 2007.

I thought "hey, there is still one computer that has 2003 on it" and went to try to record the macro on there. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the "refresh" button for the graphs anywhere in 2003.

So, my question(s) at last. Does anyone know where the "refresh" button for the graphs might be in 2003? Failing that, does anyone know what the VBA code might look like for that in 2007?

Lastly, if it's not alright to discuss power point, is there a good site to find what I'm looking for?


I am not sure how to refer to an Object in my sub

Sub cmd_Enter_Click(frm_Name As Object)
With frm_Name.cmbBox
    .AddItem Worksheets(iCount).Name
End With
'more code
End Sub
Normally if I didn't need to use the object when I clicked enter I'd call my form by

However if I leave out the frm_Name As Object I get the error 'Argument Not Optional' when I use the frm_Name in

So my question is what do I need to do to use an Object in the Sub cmd_Enter_Click()?

As always thanks for helping me.

EDIT: FOR CLARITY, VBA won't take the parameter but I need a parameter or I can't use the object.

I've followed the directions to link information in a worksheet to a summary
worksheet in the same workbook. However, the links I want to make are monthly
totals as a formula.

When I link the cell to the summary, I do not get the total, I get a zero.
Can anyone please help.



How do I make a string that points to a form object.

I have a form with many input textboxes and I would like to make a code
using a to check the input.

For example, i have 20 textboxes named tb_input1, tb_input2 ..etc.

How can I make this idea work
For i=1 to 20
string="tb_input" & i
next i

VBA wont accept this at all. I have tried using the Object data type,
but to no avail.

Can anybody help?


I'm not sure where to post this, but thought I would start here .....

Overall, I want to have a Workbook sit on a server somewhere, and have it
set up to reference a datasheet that gets filled in later. Imagine I have a
Pivot table defined on a worksheet named "PivotSheet" in an Excel workbook
named "DataBook" that points to a worksheet named "DataSheet", which starts

A web server (ColdFusion) does it's thing, and eventually executes a query
from a database. I would like the web server to make a copy of DataBook, and
dump the results of the query into DataSheet (thereby populating the Pivot
table data), and make this new file available for download to the web user.

I'm presuming Excel is not installed on the server, just the "template"

Is there a way, using ODBC or something else, to put the result set into a
specific worksheet in a closed Excel Workbook?

Thanks, Bob

I have a chart in excel with a list box. The chart data series will be changed with the selection in list box. I have pasted this chart in power point. Up on double clicking the chart, power pint activates the excel and I can select the list box to see different charts.

In the power point presentation mode, is it possible to activate the excel chart(Simliar to double clicking the ppt chart) when the mouse moves over the chart in power point?

Embedded Excel objects in Word turning into a jpg problem; sometimes I embed an Excel object into a Word document, and it turns into a jpg. Anybody know a way to deal with this?

I have an excel sheet full of duplicate names with specific values associated to them. I would like to simply copy the names over to a new worksheet in a single column without any duplicates. There are about 4000 rows in the original worksheet and nothing I tried was even close to working.

I will do further work to copy the values I want, but I need a starting point that I cannot seem to find. Any suggestions?

I am using Excel 2000. When I create a pie chart, I can make the chart title point to a cell. However, when I create a stacked columns chart, I can't figure out how to do it. I only have the option of typing in the chart title...

Any ideas? Thanks!


Is it possible to use the VLookup function to point to a range of cells
instead of just a specific cell?

I am trying to use the VLookup function to act as a mechanism to
compile a series of charts.
So I would like to know if one can use the VLookup functions in the
SOURCE DATA "Values" and "Category (X) axis labels" fields.

Thanks in advance,
M Kane

I am trying to create a hyperlink in a webpage (using Frontpage 2003) to a specific worksheet in an excel 2007 file. I have tried:

in the last example, I defined a name for a cell within the target worksheet.

All of the above result in the Excel file opening on the worksheet that was displayed when the file was last saved.

I have a suspicion that this functionality worked in older versions of Excel.

Any ideas?

I am trying to make things simple....and well, it's getting beyond me and complicated! I have been self taught on Excel and still learning, so bear with me.

I am needing to take a simple table (using something off the internet for an example) and use the headings to try and point to a cell. Is this possible.

Basically needing to use --> City & 8 and the result be: MARICAO.

That is also needing to be put inside a IF statement with some equations to produce another answer...that I can handle.


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get a command button to point to a macro that I recently
recorded and for some reason I'm having troubles. I'm sure there's part of
the code in visual basic that I'm missing... Can anyone help me out?


I have a worksheet called "RawData" which has a continuous list of invoices, I need to separate off the first invoice from the rest of the invoices into a new worksheet and call it "sheet1". The number of rows from cell A1 at the top left corner varies and is never constant from invoice to invoice however the last row of the invoice I need to move always includes the text string "NET PAYABLE TO". So I need to copy all rows from "A1" to the row that has the text to a new worksheet called "sheet1", I then need to delete those rows only from the original "RawData" worksheet, leaving the remaining invoices in "RawData" intact. If it is helpful to you, the first row on every invoice has the text string "TAX INVOICE". There are no empty rows between the "NET PAYABLE TO" row at the end of an invoice and the "TAX INVOICE" row at the start of the next invoice.

Can this routine then be continued on all the other invoices in "RawData", copying them to new worksheets in the same workbook "sheet2","sheet3" etc until there is no data left in RawData, bearing in mind that there may be 10 invoices or 100 invoices in the "RawData" sheet.

I hope I explained this OK, I am only just dipping my toe in the water in Excel programming and I am discovering that Excel can be amazingly the right hands!

Thanks for any assistance offered, I have spent hours looking at different code examples on the net and attempting to make them work for me but to no avail.

Regards Andy
Cairns, Australia

Is it possible to use the VLookup function to point to a range of cells
instead of just a specific cell?

I am trying to use the VLookup function to act as a mechanism to
compile a series of charts.
So I would like to know if one can use the VLookup functions in the
SOURCE DATA "Values" and "Category (X) axis labels" fields.

Thanks in advance,
M Kane

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