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Make a 7 column ledger sheet

"rsp" wrote:

> We order 7 column buff ledger pads at our office. I have a worksheet that I
> have to handwrite on this paper every year and I was wondering if there is
> any way to make a 7 column ledger worksheet in excel. I can't find anything
> in the templates.

Yes, yes yes

Enter Column heading and some data on the next row and add a few simple
formulas to perfprm calculations.


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Our NPO is in the process of creating a reimbursement chart for our employees
and we're trying to make it so that if they do not fill in a particular
column entitled "Project," they will get an error message or will be unable
to sum their final expenses together.

Is there a way to make a single column required in an Excel sheet so that
not filling in this cell would block any more entries or would block a final
reimbursement number?

Thank you in advance for any help or advice!

I don't see this as a chart type option anymore in Excel 2007, any ideas how to make a Line-Column 2-axis chart in Excel 2007?

Used to be one of the "Special" or "Custom" chart type selections in Excel 2003 and earlier. Help!

hi. this is my problem, please help me a solution for this.

how do i combine / sum sheets and make a summary into another sheet. taking the DESC as the point reference to achieve the output?


Thank you. any help will be appreciated.

Hi everybody,

I am having a hard time finding a way to do something so I thought I asked for some help.

So, I need to make a new column that would contain every fourth cell of one column starting from. So, for example, B1 would contain A1, B2 Would contain A4, B3 would contain A8 and so on...

I hope I explained it well enough

Thanks in advance

How do you make a multu-column label?
Mac Lingo
Berkeley, CA

Looking at making a stacked column chart. But I want it to look like a
clustered column, able to compare 2 items next to each other. Any thoughts?

For my job I need to make a list of customers who still haven't paid their accounts, and I have that information in different sheets (since I separated customers alphabetically), with the names listed in Column A, and the amounts they owe listed in Column G.

Is there any way I could then use the two columns on different sheets and make a list in another sheet, with the names in Column A, and the amounts on Column B, while keeping in mind that I am constantly adding new names and entries into the original sheets, so they would have to automatically update?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

Hello everybody again!! I am using excel 2007. Here is my latest problem.

I have a very large worksheet. Each row is a date from 1/1/1900 through the
present. I have about 600 columns.

What I need to do now is take a certain exisiting column, and then create a
new column based on the data in the old column. The old column has either a
1 or a -1 or a 2 in certain cells, based on various criteria. The new column
must look at the old one, and find the 1, or -1, or 2 and then count down
five rows, and put in a 1. (All dates are not necessarily in. most weekends
and holidays are missing, so I wouldn't really need something based on dates,
simply to count down five rows, and put in the 1) To make this easier, I
would copy the column to a different worksheet, and work with it there and
then insert the new column where I need it. Also, I can also take the
original copied column, and change the 1, or -1 or 2 all to the same thing,
in order to make the new column. I have to find cells that are not blank, and
then based on that, put in the 1 in the new column. Also, not always do I
need five rows down, sometimes I would need 3, or two or 10 or 30, etc.


Date: old column new column should end up with:
1/2/1900 1
1/3/1900 1
1/7/1900 1
1/8/1900 1
1/9/1900 1
1/10/1900 1 1
1/12/1900 1
1/13/1900 1
1/17/1900 1

thanks for the help!

Hello everyone,

I'm so glad I found this forum. I am trying to work on an experiment for my lab and am trying to figure out how to do the following:

I have one column with 89 cells. In that column each cell has one number, 0 through 7 such as.... 7,2,6,3,4,4,2,0,2,3,4, etc, etc.

What I need to do is make a new column which has every number n1,n2,n3,etc repeated three times such as n1,n1,n1,n2,n2,n2,n3,n3,n3 etc...

Keeping the order of the list is important but I just need to have it tripled...

Any ideas? I am using Excel 2007.

Thank you in advance!

Apologies, probably a very easy question, but how do I copy every 3rd or 4th row on one sheet to a new column ?


Sheet 1, values in;

A10 etc

Copy to Sheet 2

A4 etc

I am looking for a formula to be able to put on Sheet 2, A1 (or other) and drag down the page.

Thanking you in anticipation.

When I change the name of a sheet , a code associated with that sheet does not run.I want to make the code independent of sheet name.From the following link :
I got the solution as

"Use Sheet Code names:
These can be seen in the "Project Explorer" (Ctr+R).
Get into this habit as the Code name never changes, even if
the sheet is renamed or moved within the workbook."

But I could not make out how to do this.
Can anybody help me?
Many thanks in advance.

Our NPO is creating a reimbursement chart in Excel. We're trying to make it
so that if employees do not fill in one particular column entitled
"Projects," they will get an error or will be unable to have a final sum
filled in.

Is there any way I can make this particular column required so that if it is
not filled in, the chart will not complete properly?

Thank you in advance for any advice or help!


I am trying to bring over hours worked data from a large report style sheet with multiple groups of information into a more personal sheet for the purpose of creating metrics. The hours information have job codes attached.

The sheets have the format:
Personal sheet that contains the codes and other columns for pulling the hours worked. The codes are in one column:

Database sheet has multiple columns, with the codes being one, and the total hours being another. The codes aren't in any order in the database sheet.
|data|data|data|codes|data|data|total hours|
x | x | x| 104 | x | x | 5 |
x | x | x| 207 | x | x | 1 |
x | x | x| 141 | x | x | 10 |
x | x | x| 101 | x | x | 2 |

I want to have the personal sheet match the codes from the database code column, then pull the total hours from that row over to the personal sheet for each corresponding code.

Thanks, and if anything needs clarification please ask.



How do i make a cell in one sheet equal to a cell in another?

ive tried:
=(and then clicked on the other sheet's cell) then enter

all i get is VALUE?

i dont want it to be a macro, just a simple forumla/function like that...i cant remember how to do it



Can someone help me in making a particular column or "n"number of columns/rows read only in a worksheet.


my dad owns a business and his accountant wants me to make a spreadsheet of all
the business recipts and put them on a spread sheet with detail.

Our NPO is creating a reimbursement chart in Excel. We're trying to make it
so that if employees do not fill in one particular column entitled
"Projects," they will get an error or will be unable to have a final sum
filled in.

Is there any way I can make this particular column required so that if it is
not filled in, the chart will not complete properly?

Thank you in advance for any advice or help--I'm a bit of a novice to this!

i have two columns.
one with first name
second with last name.

i want to make a third column to display first letter of first name and entire last name....

Tim Wilson twilson

any ideas?


Hello! I am new to the forum, and I am hoping I can become a valid member. I am decent with Excel, I have programming knowledge (engineering student), but for some reason, this chart is not working out the way I wanted it to.

My problem involves trying to make a chart out of two different sets of data.

Each series is a section of data that basically acts as a length, and I was hoping to generate a stacked column with all the series adjact to each other vertically. The stacked chart in Excel works fine for this.

The problem arises when I want to add another column to compare side by side with the first. Excel wants to make the second column relatable to the first column but I want the series to be independ of each other.

Basically 2 independent columns with series that are related, but not related between columns.

Does anyone know the best way to format the data in Excel so I can make this chart properly?

I attached my workbook with the data. Please and thank you some much forum members!


Is there a way to make a new column that list the values in another column with multiple rows and blanks in most of those rows.




I have a column of numbers, the first being a date and the second a value,
I want to take every other value (the even numbered rows) and move them to a
second column next to the date. Of course I'll end up with a blank every
other row, so I'll then want to "collapse" the columns to eliminate the
Any easy way to do this as I have several thousand pieces of data.
Thanks in advance.,


I am making a workbook where all the sheets will be a copy of the original,
but named differently. I want to make one sheet, with all its hyperlinks to
different parts of the document, and then just make a copy of that sheet and
rename. But what I really want is, the hyperlinks in the copied sheet (after
renaming) to stay with that sheet, and not jump back to the original sheet.
i.e. sheet 1's hyperlinks stay in sheet 1, but sheet 2's hyperlinks jump
within sheet 2, not back to sheet 1 where they were copied from. There must
be a way to do this, and save me a lot of work. The finshed book will contain
about 100 sheets, with about 50 hyperlinks per sheet. To do this manually
will take forever.
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this, hope you can help me.

Excel 2003. I want to make a sort of hybrid "stacked column" chart. I have
two categories that make up income (regular and vision) and one expense
category. I want to make a stacked column with regular and vision income and
another column next to it with only expense. How would I accomplish this?
Thanks for the help.

I'm using Excel 2003.

I have a 2 column list of chapter members' names in one column and their
schools inthe other. There are over 1800 entries.

I want to end up with a single column sorted by the schools, with the name
of the school in a row, followed below by the names of the graduates in
separate rows. then the next school, etc.

Emery-Riddle University
Jones, Frank
Smith, Fred
Franklin University
Adams, Susan
Baker, Sam

Is there a formula that can do this or do I have some (a lot) manual
formatting to do?



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