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Change default font and size in Comments box in Excel.

How do I change the default font and font size in the Comments box in Excel?
It's bothersome to change the default font everytime I use a new Comments
box. Thanks for your assistance.

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I hate to post just to say thank you, but I've been looking for an answer to
this question for ages. I wish it was in the Excel help info.

Thanks for the help!

"David McRitchie" wrote:

> Cell Comments
> Changing Font etc in cell comments (#font)
> Excel uses the Tahoma font for new comment boxes, and you cannot change
> that default. You can set the default interior color, the font color, and the fontsize
> in the Control Panel (Display, Appearance, Tool Tip)"
> You can run macros (also found in the above page) to change what you have.
> ---
> HTH,
> David McRitchie, Microsoft MVP - Excel [site changed Nov. 2001]
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> "TheN" > wrote in message ...
> > Can anybody tell me how to change the default font and size of a "Comment"?
> >
> > I can change the font and size of every comment separately but I can't find
> > a function to set a standard (default).
> >
> >


How do you set the default font/size etc. in comments boxes ?

Currently, it's set to size 8 which makes it difficult to view.


I would like to set the default font and size to be Arial with 10 size and
align to the middle whenever I start up Excel. Does anyone have any
Thank you in advance

Hey everyone, I am using one of those excel email macros and I need to change the font type and size. I have searched, but only found ways to change the font and size when there is specific text, this one pulls from different boxes. Current code is as follows:
Set olMail = olApp.CreateItem(0)
            With olMail
                .To = StringTo
                .CC = StringCC
                .BCC = StringBCC
                .Subject = Me.Cells(myCell.Row, "I").Value
                .HTMLBody = Me.Cells(myCell.Row, "K").Value & "<br>" &
I have seen this code:
but this doesnt seem to work when added. Any tips?

I'm running MS Office 2007 on a Vista Home Premium OS SP2, all WU's current,
with 2 GB of RAM. Windows defender, Spyware Doctor, MBAM, SAS. Everything's
running just fine.

I'd like to know if there's an easy way to format my Comments boxes (right
click and select `insert comment') so that the default is not bold text with
a font size of 9. I'd like to be able to set the default font to something
else and the default font size to Arial. Is this possible for a hack like

Thanks in advance...........Paul C.

When inserting a comment in a cell, I would like the default text font to be
Arial size 10. Currently the default is Tahoma size 8. The only instruction I
can find is to insert the comment, then go back and open the indivdual
comment and select the comment text, then change the text settings in the
toolbar. This is getting to be a pain for 150 comments. It would be much
nicer if the comment opened in the font and size I needed.

I just installed Office 2003 and transfered excel files from the older
version. The comments that I had created before I moved to 2003 look fine in
the default font (Tahoma); however, when I try to insert a new comment, the
same font (same size, same formatting) the text looks virtually unreadable. I
changed font in some comments and they look much better, but it is extremely
inefficient to try to change font in every new comment I insert, so I thought
maybe there is a way to do it on a default basis. Or maybe I somehow could
change something to make Tahoma appear readable. Please, assist.

Good morning there, I want to change the default font style and size in the
comment box. How can I do it? Many thanks!! =)

thanks Frank - as I suspected, it was inyuitive but I missed it :~}

"Zadig Galbaras" wrote:

> Thank you Frank.....but.....
> .....the advice at you
> recommended did not work.
> It changed the font in tooltips, but not in comments in Excel.
> I'm running Windows XP Pro SPII Norwegian edition
> with MS Office 2003, also Norwegian edition on a
> well equipped Dell Inspiron 9100
> I have moved the topic to news:microsoft.public.exce.misc
> --
> Zadig Galbaras
> A Perturbed Norwegian Agnostic
> "Frank Kabel" > skrev i melding
> ...
> > Hi
> > see:
> >
> >
> > --
> > Regards
> > Frank Kabel
> > Frankfurt, Germany
> >
> > "Zadig Galbaras" > schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> > ...
> >> Hi!
> >>
> >> I really like NG's. They give so much, and demands nothing in return.
> > Makes
> >> me feel a little guilty :-(
> >>
> >> But I do like to copy quite amount of text from Notepad and into the
> > comment
> >> area of a cell.
> >> But the result is no good because tables are disrupted.
> >>
> >> Is there a way to change the default font in comments?
> >> In that way I don't have to mark all the text in a comment and then
> > change
> >> the font, and repeat this in a numerous amount of comments.
> >>
> >> --
> >>
> >>
> >> Zadig Galbaras
> >> A Perturbed Norwegian Agnostic
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >

I would like to change the font setting on the comment box so that every time
I create a comment box it defaults to the font style and size I setup.

I want to change the default font setting on the comment box so that when the
worksheet is reduced in size the comments are still legible.


I'm very new to excel macro's (about 5 hours) i am trying to create a macro in excel 2003 that can change an 8 digit number into a bar code. i have the correct bar code font and thanks to this site the macro that add's a start/end * that i needed. All that's left is to change my selection to the bar code font change the size and centre it within the box. below is what i found to add the start/end * if anyone could edit it to include a font/size change and centre i would be extremely grateful. I'm not sure of the size i need i would need to fiddle with that and the font is on a work computer so i don't have the name here but if you could put a (font name here) kinda of thing that would be great.

Hi all,

I't a rookie question, but I can't find out, that how I can change the Font type and size in a Control ComboBox(for Control Toolbar). . .

Any Idea?


How do I change the default font and type so that it comes up the same everytime I insert a comment?

comments come up for some reason with a default text font size of 8 (maybe
it's 2 less than default text). How would I set the default to 12 while
leaving general default to 10? So what I want is for comment text to be
larger than text in cells.

I didn't find anything in my book or searching these forums, so:

Can you format the text in multiple comments boxes at once? Or, can you pre-set the font in comments boxes? Several people have put in comments and they all used about 6 point type. I really don't want to have to open every box and change the font. Help?

I have a workbook that I am using both text in the cells and text in text
boxes. The font size is set the same for both areas, but they do not appear
the same when the workbook is printed. The problem I have is that the text
in the text box is smaller than the text that is in the cells. How can I get
the font size the same for both in the text box and outside of the text box?

I'm trying to change all fonts in a workbook via vba. I would ideally like to change the font and size for everything in each sheet and then go back and make the top row larger and underlined for the headers. So far I can only make it change the activesheet and not all others. I'm brand new to looping so I think there lies the problem....

Sub fixit()

Dim ws As Worksheet

For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets


With Selection
.Font.Name = "Book Antiqua"
.Font.Size = 14
End With

Next ws

End Sub

When copying and pasting from workbook to workbook using the copy command the
font size and sometimes font type are being changed when the numeric values
are pasted in the destination file. Often times the original values are the
same font and size that the destination spreadsheet is formated to. None of
the Paste Special Options have worked. I want the pasted format to keep or
change to the destination format font and font size. Excell 2002 in XP.

How can I get different font (type and size) in one cell containing concatenated functio?

I explain by the following example:

A1 contain : “Description:”
A2 contain : 123456

In A3 I would like to get:

Description: 123456 with the first part in Arial 12 Black and de 2nd part in Times New Roman 36 in Red

My Excel (Windows Version 2003) always defaults to red font and yellow fill whenever a workbook is open, w/o respect to how it was saved.
It seems as though it's a global setting, but I can't find anything under Tools>Options>tabs, and no Excel menu help on this.
Did I miss the obvious? Any suggestions? Thanks.

I have a web page download consists of the contact information like Name,
address and city etc. I opened it with the Excel and the information is
organized in the way that is impossible to import to an Access database.
However the "Name" is shown in a font and size differnt from other
information and this is only indication to seperate individual contact
information. How to write a vba to evaluate the test font and size on an
active cell range? Thanks.


Does anyone know if you can extend the size of comment boxes to suit the size of the text? It's a real drag when the end of your text gets lost


Hi all

Is there a way to do the following:

Sheet 1 has a block of cells containing dates and sheet 2 has a col with text and a col of dates.

Search to see if the dates on sheet 1 match with sheet 2 at any point.

If they do then to copy the 'text' data next to the matching date cell from sheet 2 and insert it as a comments box on sheet 1 where the other matching cell lies.

For example:

If the date on sheet1, lets say F10 = the date of sheet 2 D14 then take the data from sheet 2 C14 and create a comments box at sheet 1 F10 and show the details that's just been taken from sheet 2 C14.

The actual cell details on sheet 1 a full of formulas that need to stay as they are, hence the comments box.

The ranges are as follows:

Sheet1 = B14:M50
Sheet2 = D9:D36

The comments box may have more than one matching date so would have to display all matching relevant text data.

Any thoughts?


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