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Print multiple A5 pages on A4 paper

I have my page setup as A5. But i want to print multiple A5's on an A4 or A3.
How do i go about with this??

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I have created a workbook that collects date on seven pages and places in on
one. unfortunately the data must be submitted with the final totals and
since this is done often, I am looking for a way to save paper. I would like
to print multiple tabs/pages on one sheet of paper. I understand the date
will be reduced and thats ok. Can this be done and how?


I am trying to find a way to select and print multiple sheets based on a criteria or a list.

I have a large worksheet with many sheets. Each sheet falls into one of three categories, and I want to be able to automatically print all tabs in each category.

I have all of the sheets rolled up into a summary where I have access to all of the sheet name and print criteria if that is helpful.


I'm using Office 97 Pro, updated with the SR2 patch. My Excel spreadsheet
prints to one page on my Epson Stylus Photo R200 and my Samsung ML-1430
laser printer. But when I email my spreadsheet to a friend, he complains
that my margins are not set correctly and it prints to two pages on his
printers. I'm happy with my setup, but something is not right on his end.
How can I ensure that my spreadsheet prints the same for anyone I send it

I am currently printing selected records to another worksheet which prints one page for each record. Please help me print all selected records on one page.
Your help and any other useful tips are greatly appreciated.

    Dim DataWks As Worksheet 
    Dim RptWks As Worksheet 
    Dim myRng As Range 
    Dim myCell As Range 
    Dim iCtr As Long 
    Dim myAddresses As Variant 
    Dim Records As Long 
    Set DataWks = Worksheets("Log") 
    Set RptWks = Worksheets("Report1") 
    myAddresses = Array("D1", "F2", "F3", "F1", "A1", "A2", "A3", "B3", "C3", "D2", _ 
    "D3", "A5", "F5", "A7") 
    With DataWks 
        Set myRng = .Range("B4", .Cells(.Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp)) 
    End With 
    For Each myCell In myRng.Cells 
        With myCell 
            If IsEmpty(.Offset(0, -1)) Then 
                .Offset(0, -1).ClearContents 
                For iCtr = LBound(myAddresses) To UBound(myAddresses) 
                    RptWks.Range(myAddresses(iCtr)).Value _ 
                    = myCell.Offset(0, iCtr).Value 
                Next iCtr 
                RptWks.PrintOut Preview:=True 
                Records = Records + 1 
            End If 
        End With 
    Next myCell 
    MsgBox Records & " Record(s) Printed." 
End Sub 

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I have workbooks individually for my employees and majority of them fit on a5 paper (half a sheet of a4 paper). The pity is I'm wasting half a sheet of a4 paper each time I print it out.
For each week I pay them I have it on a new worksheet. Annually I need to print this whole lot out for their reference.
Is there a way for me to create a macro to do this for me? I have never created a macro before but I am keen to learn new things to automate and make things better in the long run .

I have an invoice that I have set the print area for and it has set every
nonadject set of cells as its own page giving me 26 pages on the same sheet.
I have tried everything help has suggested but nothing has worked. Can this
be done in excel 2002?
Thanks for any help.

Dear All,

I am very new to excel programming. I need a VB Script to print multiple excel sheets into one PDF file.

Let me give you the background:

I have more than 50 Excel Workbooks each with multiple sheets which can be categorized into the groups: (Note that all the type of sheets exist in all the workbooks but the number of sheets in each group is not fixed)

Following are the categories of WorkSheets in each Excel Workbook.

Sheets with names starting with D represent Division-wise reports e.g: D001, D002, D003, D004Sheets with names starting with L represent Level-wise reports e.g: L001, L002, L003, L004Sheets with names starting with S represent Store-wise reports e.g: S001, S002, S003, S004Sheets with names starting with Z represent Zone-wise reports e.g: Z001, Z002, ZC03, ZC04Sheets with names starting with C represent Coach Zone-wise reports e.g: ZC03, ZC04Sheets with names starting with N represent New Zone-wise reports e.g: NZ001, NZ002, NZC03, ZC04
For each WorkBook, I need a macro/vbscript to print...

All sheets with names starting with D into one PDF file.All sheets with names starting with L into one PDF file.All sheets with names starting with S into one PDF file.All sheets with names starting with Z into one PDF file.All sheets with names starting with ZC into one PDF file.All sheets with names starting with N into one PDF file.This is a real urgent requirement for my company. Kindly help. I am using Excel 2007.

I have a logbook which is fed data every day. At the moment 2044 rows of data and 24 colums. when i print ( all 95 pages on A4) the first 4 header rows are printed on each page - no problem!
But also i want printed on each page an end total row in the last row of the current page. This is a cumulative total from the previous pages including the current page of data.

Also on each page I'd like an opening totals row copied from the previous page last row of totals.

how do i do this?

When I print a cetain document,the Page Setup shows A4, but when it prints out, it prints on A4 paper but the print is A5 sized and appears at the top / right end of the page.
Although I go back and try to change back to A4 I find that the page setup is still set on A4 anyway.
Is there a way to change this so that it does print A4 size as it should?????
thanks in advance
Billy B

How to print multiple tabs in excel onto one page in one print job? Tab1 and
tab2 have different format and cannot be combined into one tab. Need to
print the two worksheets one on top of each other is the same direction.
Tried Report Manager but printed on two pieces of paper. Any suggestions?

dear all, hope this is possible...

i got...
-2 excel worksheets:
worksheet A, 1 page, in portrait
worksheet B. 1 page, in lanscape
-i also have a duplex printer.

is it possible for me to print worksheet A on 1 page of an A4 paper, worksheet B on the other side of the paper in 1-go using my duplex printer?? Been trying and wasted a lot of papers but still failed...


This question may not apply to this forum but my experience here tells me some people in this forum are qualified to answer it.

I want to print multiple pages on the one page, with a macro. This setting is usually changed on the properties of the printer, and not in the Excel print dialogue (ie: you usually go Print, then select Properties and change to multiple pages).

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi, I could really use some quick help, and appreciate any quick
responses. How can I print multiple created Charts in Excel on the
same page, kinda simliar to how you can print multiple slides per page
in Powerpoint. Is it possible, and how? thanks, and sorry if this is
posted in the wrong forum.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi, I could really use some quick help, and appreciate any quick responses. How can I print multiple created Charts in Excel on the same page, kinda simliar to how you can print multiple slides per page in Powerpoint. Is it possible, and how? thanks, and sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum.

Thanks in advance.


i need to print multiple tables with different row & col sizes to be printed on single page. Using Excel 2007. How to achieve this ?

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to print multiple print areas on the same page, because Excel separates them by default.
Can anyone help?


How do I print multiple worksheets (from one workbook) on one page in Excel?

I have a long (700 rows) list in an Excel worksheeet. I would like to print
the whole list on one page by making the font smaller and by printing it on
multiple columns on the page. How can I set this up?


I have to produce a graph that will have about 7 product groups with about
50 pickers names per product group, and a total for units and qty picked for
each picker.
So there should be about 700 points to plot.
I've looked at stacking the bar (column) chart which reduces it to 200 but
this is still too big for an A4 piece of paper.
I've also tried it with a PivotTable.

Is possible to produce the graph on A3 and have my printer print it on two
A4 pages or can someone suggest anything else.

Thanks in advance....


I want to create a worksheet that have a different number of columns in
different sections. If I create a new worksheet for each section, can I
print multiple worksheets on the same page within the same workbook?

Can I use different column formats within the same worksheet? For example
the top part of my form is only 4 columns the sections to follow are 5 to 7
columns wide.

Hi Everyone,

First time posting. This site has help me so much without asking a thing but now I'm stuck.

I have a Workbook that has 8 sheets that need to be printed out. Most of the time the sheets are only 1 page long but can get up to 3 pages long. What I'm trying to do is print the sheet according to how many pages have data on them. I can not get it to work, here is the code I am using:

    Dim y As Integer 
    Dim x As Integer 
    Dim z As Integer 
    y = A27 
    x = A55 
    z = A8 
    If Not Worksheets("Surry Hills").Cells(x, 1) = "" Then Worksheets("Surry Hills").PrintOut from:=1, To:=3 
ElseIf Not Worksheets("Surry Hills").Cells(y, 1) = "" Then Worksheets("Surry Hills").PrintOut from:=1, To:=2 
ElseIf Not Worksheets("Surry Hills").Cells(z, 1) = "" Then Worksheets("Surry Hills").PrintOut from:=1, To:=1 
    If Not Worksheets("Padstow").Cells(x, 1) = "" Then Worksheets("Padstow").PrintOut from:=1, To:=3 
ElseIf Not Worksheets("Padstow").Cells(y, 1) = "" Then Worksheets("Padstow").PrintOut from:=1, To:=2 
ElseIf Not Worksheets("Padstow").Cells(z, 1) = "" Then Worksheets("Padstow").PrintOut from:=1, To:=1 
End Sub 

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Just so you know A27 and where Page 2 start and A55 and where page 3 starts. Any ideas why its not working?

Thanks in advance,


Right now I have a UserForm with multiple pages on. The different multipages are used to input different kinds of data onto different sheets in the workbook.
When completed all data will be consolidated onto two sheets for printing.

On first page of multipage I have a frame with printing options.
Checkbox “cbSammanfattandeB”
Checkbox “cbAlkoholP”

1. I want the user to be able to chose what sheets to print, one or both.

2. After printpreview I also want the checkboxes to be cleared (not checked). I have tried to use the “.Valus = False” but it wont clear the box…

3. Can I set the button cmdPrintEvent to actually print the selected sheets without them being previewed? If so, can anybody hint about the code for that?

    If cbSammanfattandeB = True And cbAlkoholP = True Then 
        Sheets(Array("Mastersheet", "2BPrinted")).PrintPreview 
    ElseIf cbSammanfattandeB = True Then 
    ElseIf cbAlkoholP = True Then 
        cbAlkoholP.Value = False 
    End If 
End Sub 

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I have a workbook which is set up to print on A4 paper. The workbook is shared with people in the USA who also have to print from it. They have to go through the rigmarole of re-setting the paper size and margins each time they want to print from it. The current pages are printed fit to page and as I really don't want to enforce our metric system on my American collegues I thought it would be nice to use a macro driven by a command button. I really don't know where to start as I have trawled the internet to see if I can find a macro I could modify. Of course the other problem is that I have no way of testing it at this end but I suppose I could do something on a Webex with them.

Can any of you boffins out there possibly help me?

Oh one last thing they want to print in portrait and the workbook is set up in landscape.

Thanks in advance

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