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Formula result not displaying in cell

I have entered a function:


This is supposed sum the values in E3:E39 where the corresponding cell
in F3:F39 is blank. When I open the formula editor box, the formula
result displays correctly, but the cell only displays 0. Any ideas?
Here's some sample data:

Withhold Amt. Released
$200.00 2/3/2006

Total Withholding: $1,050.00 (supposed to be)

The total withholding is displaying 0 in the cell but in the formula
editor dialog box the formula result is shown as the correct 1050.

Any ideas why the formula editor would show correct amount while the
cell only shows 0?


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Ok... jeepers.. another problem... ggrrrr

When I enter the time of midnight using military format 24:00, or using 0:00, it does not display in the cell, but it does correctly in the formula bar. Is there a way I can correct this please? I have the 1904 in "Options" selected, but it doesn't seem to be helping... ideas?

Thank you... sorry...


I'm using the DCOUNTA function in MS Excel XP. My results do not display in
the cells after I type in the formula. Has anyone else encountered this
problem? How did you fix it?... I'm grateful for any suggestions you have :-)

I have an IF formula which will display the proper result in the functional
arguments pop-up but not within the cell itself. I thought this was a simple
format error on the cell but I verified it is set as a number but still
displays "0" as the result. Formula is:
=SUM(IF(('Resource Details'!$D$3:$D$295="XYZ")*('Resource
Details'!$F$3:$F$295="ABC")*('Resource Details'!$H$3:$H$295="123"),('Resource

Go to Excel Help menu and enter limits, Excel will cut off text displayed in
a cell. I believe the count is 1024 characters. Does not matter they are
merged, plenty of white space, small font, etc. The display limit is 1024
for a cell. Formula display is higher.

From the Help menu
Length of cell contents (text) 32,767 characters. Only 1,024 display in a
cell; all 32,767 display in the formula bar.

"Raquel8D" wrote:

> I am using Excel 2003. I am working in a merged cell with a row height of
> 375, which is less than the maximum of 409. The text in the cell gets cut
> off once I click off of it even though it displays in the formula bar and it
> also displays in the cell when I double-click inside the cell. There is
> plenty of space within the cell for all of the text, but it just doesn't
> display completely. I changed the font to a smaller size, and it still cuts
> off at the same spot. Can anyone help, please?? Thank you!!

I have a large spreadsheet (28MB) that is not displaying formulas results in
one worksheet. The formulas are not complex (ex., +'Placeholders 2006
Master'!$L$80*'Placeholders 2006 Master'!AO$141). If I go to any cell and
hit F2 to edit it directly that cell will display its result, even if it is
referencing another cell that is experiencing the same problem.

A simple F9 does nothing but I discovered by accident that Ctl ALt Shift F9
did cause the formulas to calculate. Does anyone know why this happens and
how we can keep it from happening again?

Thanks for any help


One of my cells has the following formula:


Cell values are as follows:
G8 = 2004
F44 = 257.9
F28 = 4804.9

My problem is that the cell value displays 0.0%. Ideally, it should display 5.36%.

When I view the function arguments (please refer to the attached file), the final value = 5.36723E-08.

How can I display 5.36% instead of 5.36723E-08.?

Any help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

Using Excel 2007.

In cell $A$2 I would like the user to enter their password.
I would like to hide the contents of the cell so it does not display in the formula bar.
I also changed the font color to match the fill color of the cell.

The problem is I am using the Current Region Property on the worksheet
According to this KB on MSDN I cannot protect the worksheet while using the Current Region Property, so the password is still displaying in the formula bar.

Any thoughts on how I may get around this?
I do not know where the user is goiung to click to define the current region until run-time.


I am new to Excel 2007 but have used 2003. I entered a formula in my 2007
spreadhseet and i only see the formula in the cell, not the results. What do
i need to do to have the resulst of the formula show not the formula? Thanks!

Hi I'm fairly new with functions. I am working with Excel 2003

I wrote a simple function =SUM(A1,A2)
The cell the function is in is cell A3.

What's weird is, the formula is always displayed in the A3 cell. Not in the
The spreadsheet was started by someone else. Would they have some kind of
format that causes this? I've never had this problem before.

Hope I explained this right.
Thanks for your time

I am using Excel 2003. I am working in a merged cell with a row height of
375, which is less than the maximum of 409. The text in the cell gets cut
off once I click off of it even though it displays in the formula bar and it
also displays in the cell when I double-click inside the cell. There is
plenty of space within the cell for all of the text, but it just doesn't
display completely. I changed the font to a smaller size, and it still cuts
off at the same spot. Can anyone help, please?? Thank you!!

All my data from 2 spreadsheets has disappeared overnight. Formulas, dates
etc appear as individual cells are highlighted. New typing appears in
formula bar but not in cell.
Help please.


I have having a problem with the formular i type in a cell doesn't respond
by giving hte answer, however it just shows the formula like it is do you format the cell to show the formula answer.


Suddenly wrapped text is not displaying in Excel. I can select the cell and
see the text in the function bar that it is in the cell and if I turn off
wrapping it displays. None of this text is very long. Thoughts?

I have an Excel sheet that has 9 tabs. These tabs have the directory listing of software share drives across the network. Column A is the network path as a hyperlink, Column B is the name of the software directory within the hyperlink. I would like to make a 10th tab (assigned as the 1st) where the user can type a search query and have the results displayed in cells below. Right now I have the employees hitting ctrl+f, going to options and selecting the entire sheet, and searching for the software so they can click the link when it finds it.

Example: They search for Autocad and it displays each location and software folder location. The query will usually find up to 5, but if someone where to search "Office" it would find around 20-30 because of all the different versions, office communicator, etc...

We are using Office 2010 but can go back to 2007 or 2003 if it matters.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

First off I am embarrassed to ask this. I am pretty decent with computers, but I have never EVER used excel in my life. Never had a reason to... until now.
My old lady has been getting on my case to help with budgeting the bills. She however is NOT computer friendly. Tried quicken and that ended up being a total disaster.
I don't want to sound technical, because I am not with excel at all. But the forum rules wants me to put what I have tried so here it is and I am sure I am way off!
I have tried going through the formulas and found an IF formula, but cant seem to figure out how to attach the check box to a specific cell or IF value = - then fill red, or if value = + fill green.

I am trying to make a budget spreadsheet, I am looking for 2 things:

1. A formula that adds numbers in cells ONLY if the check box next to them is checked.
For example I have my expense in column F rows 5-10 and check boxes in column G 5-10.
I want the total (F12) to add only the cells that have a check in the check box corresponding with it in column G. And how do I tie those check boxes to a cell?

2. A formula that fills the box green if the total is in the positive, red if the total is in the negative.

I have been able to find out the basic stuff, but these 2 items seem to be a little far more advanced than my actual comprehension goes.
Any help would be absolutely appreciated.


Formula does not display Thousand Separator

A1=10000.55555(Number) & I want it to be formatted as 10,000.56.
What i did to achieve the above format B1 = TEXT(A1,"#,##0.00").

But my problem is I still want to retain the data type as NUMBER instead of text.
I cannot use the shortcut button available to include thousand separator. I am looking for a function to format the number

I tried 2 options
1) Value Function = VALUE(TEXT(A1,"#,##0.00")
=> B1= 10000.56 ("Removes the thousand Separator :poly:")
2) Multiply by 1 => B1= TEXT(A1,"#,##0.00") *1
=> B1 = 10000.56 (Still removes the thousand separator)

Please Help

Typing text into cell, but when complete and click off cell, text does not
appear in cell. Instead a series of pound signs (#) appear in cell. Text
appears in other cells, but this particular cell only shows pound signs when
the cell is not selected.

Please advise! Thank you.

I have a circular worksheet resulting in an IRR calculation using the XIRR
formula. (The iteration box is checked.) The correct numerical result is
displayed in the formula argument box, but the cell displays #VALUE. Also,
when I break the circular reference the correct answer displays in the cell
as well. However, I need the circularlity to make the worksheet useful.

Any ideas on why this would happen. As I said, it is clear that Excel can
do the math despite the circularity, because the result shows in the formula
argument box. However, the circularity seems to be causing a problem with
the output displayed in the cell.

The result shows in the formaula calualtiuon but not in the actual cell. How
do the result to display in the cell? I have changed formating to all text,
but I get nothing but formula. Won't calculate for some reason. Help!

I have a macro that will copy data from a source worksheet and paste it into a destination sheet. It also populates cells in the same rows as the copied data with formulas. All is well, but the results of the formulas are not shown in the cells. The destination sheet cells with formulas only display zeros. If you click on the cells, the correct formulas are shown in the formula bar. And if you click the fx button to bring up the formula wizard, the formulas are evaluated correctly.
Both my source sheet and destination sheet are attached. The destination sheet should look like the source sheet, if the formula results are shown correctly.
I checked formatting, and don't see any reason that the results of the formulas are not shown. I need the formulas as some of the data cells might be altered and I want the cells with formulas to display updated values.
Thank you so much for your help. This site has been a godsend for me as I try to learn VBA.

I am trying to copy a cell value of 9 in cell C9 to cell C10 however its not working

I have setup either =CODE(C9) or =COUNT(C9) and despite it showing the correct value when checking the forumla it does not display this value in cell C10

Instead what is displayed is the formula assigned to that cell being =COUNT(C9)

What am I doing wrong?

Sometimes when I enter a formula into an Excel cell, the formula itself is
displayed in the cell instead of the formula result. However, when I open
Formula Wizard, the Wizard shows the correct formula result that should be
displayed in the cell. Why does this happen and how do I get it to stop

I've attempted to troubleshoot this several different ways. I have used the
Function Arguments to recheck my work and the results show correctly in this
dialog box but they do not appear in the cell. Additionally distrubing is
that the "Formula results=" line has the correct result too. What does
appear is my VLOOKUP formula;
=VLOOKUP($C2,Mar05_Master.xls!Property_ID,3,FALSE) . What am I not doing


is it possible to show (in text) the formula from the cell next to it? For
example, in cell A1 I have the formula ='D:My Documents[test.xls]Sheet1'!D18
which gives as result "18". Can I display in cell A2 the text "D:My
Documents[test.xls]Sheet1'!D18" somehow?


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