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Multiply cell with foot and inch

How do I format a cell for user to enter in ft and inch
format such as 4'33". Then how do I multiply 2 cell
together to produce square foot. Example A1=4'33" and
B1=3'33" which is equal 14.42 Sq.Ft.


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How do I format a cell for user to enter in ft and inch
format such as 4'33". Then how do I multiply 2 cell
together to produce square foot. Example A1=4'33" and
B1=3'33" which is equal 14.42 Sq.Ft.


Last week i posted this same problem and i got one answer but it didn't work properly. i thanked but I couldn't tell the person who helped me that this did not worked because i was unable to have internet. I'm, once again asking you for your help with this: i have to multiply several measures in foot and inches times a full number e.g. 4' 2" times 2 would be 8' 4" (result in foot and inches too) but i can't do this, it returns an error #value! i think this happens because the cell where 4' 2" is stored is recognized as text instead of number. Can you help me once again, i am attaching an example of what i need. BTW i'm working on excel 2003. Thanks a lot in advance.


I for the life of me, cannot figure out how to do this. All I want to do is multiply one cell with another, and have a cell display the total in a dollar amount.


$0.07 (Cell A)
200 (Cell B)
Total $ (Cell C)

Thank you so much for any help with this!

problem selecting cells with control and left click on mouse. this is when I copy them to notepad. when I copy them to another excel file it works perfect.
I want to select several cells and I am using the control key and left mouse button to select the cells but when I copy them it does all of the cells between what is selected and the selected cells also. the same way it would do if I were to select two cells and use the shift key and left mouse button. there is no difference between the two. with the control key I should only be getting the cells I selected. any thoughts. I can copy them to another excel page and all works fine but not when I go to notepad. I could copy them to another excel page and then reselect them to notepad but I want todo it in one step.


I want to be able to type in a cell decimal feet and have the cell display feet and inches to a prescribed format.

For example, if I type 6.738 in a cell, I want it to display 6'-8 7/8".

I know how to use the lentext() and feet() modules, but they are not cell formats.

Any ideas?

I have a data input file which is mostly composed of of numerical data.
However, after several rows of numerical data, there is a row of text to separate different test cases.

I want to code a "do until" loop that will look at each cell in column A. I want to include an "if then else" statement that will end the "do until" loop when it reaches a cell with text and then select that same cell with the text. I want it to stop when it reaches a cell with text period. Not just for a specific word or something. I'm not trying to delete the cells with text or anything either. I'm just trying to figure out how to write the "condition" for the "if then else" statement right now.

Dear all,

I would like to know if there is any formula I can use to convert a cell with character and number?

e.g. 1.5D2 --> D

4C --> C

A2.0 --> A

Any help will be appreciated.

I work in engineering and use many spreadsheets to do alot of work for me.
The problem is that if I'm working with imperial measure, I have to convert
to metric then covert back to imperial. Is there any ways to easily work with
feet and inches that i'm not seeing?

Hello again Guys, i'm bothering you this time because i need to make that excel recognize 4' 2" times 24. I have in A1 4' 2" and in B1 24, but when i do the operation in c1 =a1*b1 it would return me an error message (#value) i guess this is because the numbers may be stored as text.
how do i make excel to recognize them as numbers?
what formula can help me in multipy foot and inches times full numbers. I hope you can save me again. Thank you very much mis amigos.

Hi guys, I need a macro that will multiply all cells in a column and round the results.

For example,

A1:A30 is the range

Constant is found in A33

All cell in the range will be multiplied with A33 and the result should be rounded (it will be an int number). The result will overwrite the initial cell.

Thanks for the help

I have a 2 columns in an Excel dataset. For example one line from a dataset:

F8 = ND (0.005)
N8 = 0.0012

I need to extract the number, "0.005" in F8 which is in text format and multiply it with the number, "0.0012" in N8 and output this in AD8. How do I do this, without changing the format of F8?

I need this urgently, please help!



Hi all,

I am trying to find a way to search through a column of data, and replace the cells with a predefined value. ie There are cells with ABC, and I want to replace it with 123. I want to replace each cell with a predefined value, and it appears many times over in the column of data.

So for example:

HOU@PHI Houston Texans Philadelpia Eagles
MIA@NYG Miami Dolphins New York Giants

Where I want HOU to be replaced with Houston Texans, and placed into column B. Then PHI to be replaced with Philadelphia Eagles in Column C. I want to change each abbreviated name and move it to another column etc...

Thanks so much, this is doing my head in!!!



I cant figure out why I must update all cells, with formulas, manually after I do something with the workbook. I'll try to make an example.
If I make a macro that enters =sum("F1:F10") it says #NAME? when its done, but if I dubbleclick it and press enter it calculates the cell like its supposed to. I've tried to press alt + ctrl + F9, but that doesnt work.
Is there a command to dubbelclick the entire workbook and then press enter if you know what I mean?

This is really annoying, does anyone have any suggestions?



I have data entered in one cell in this format: 80/60

and I would like to find the difference of that cell with one of similar

by subtracting 75-80 and 57-60.

How can I do this with the / embedded within the cell.

Perhaps just entering the data with a "," instead would help?

can anybody help me on this?

I want to select value in Column A3, B3 and C3 and then give a date in Column D3 in order to get the result to be shown in cell E3 to H3. The rates should match all data including the date and then show the desired result. Is it possible with Index and Match formula. I may have a lot of entries in the Data and Rate sheet. Is my layout in Rate Sheet correct or do I need to change this?

The excel sheet attached for reference.

Thanks for helping


What formula would I use to add cells with numbers viable numbers and skip the cells that have formulas with #NA. I've attached a work sheet to make this more clear. The cell in question is E35.

I have three cells with data and a fourth cell that gives the average ((CellA+CellB+CellC/3)).

CellA CellB cellC CellD

Sometimes CellB wont have any data and therefore CellC also wont have data so the value of CellD (the average) would be CellA.

Sometimes though CellC wont have data but CellA and CellB will so the average would be (CellA+CellB/2)

This is the formula I have so far which will give a value when CellA has data only and it will give a value when both CellA and CellB have data:


How do I then get it to average out the data when all three cells have data?

Hi guys,

I have a spreadsheet and a module that allows me to count coloured cells.

If the cell with a colour in has ANY text in it, then I need it to count it as 0.5 instead of 1.

Any ideas?

Current Code:

Function ColorFunction(rColor As Range, rRange As Range, Optional SUM As Boolean)

    Dim rCell As Range

    Dim lCol As Long

    Dim vResult


'Written by Ozgrid Business Applications


'Sums or counts cells based on a specified fill color.



    lCol = rColor.Interior.ColorIndex

    If SUM = True Then

        For Each rCell In rRange

            If rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = lCol Then

                vResult = WorksheetFunction.SUM(rCell, vResult)

            End If

        Next rCell


        For Each rCell In rRange

            If rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = lCol Then

                vResult = 1 + vResult

            End If

        Next rCell

    End If

   ColorFunction = vResult

End Function

Hi all

I'm finally admitting defeat with this one after spending hours searching and attempting to build.

I need a macro that will do the following can anyone help?

1) Select only cells within a specific column that contain an entry
(The specific columns are C H M R W AB AG AL)


2) With only those cells with data selected I want excel to then include in that selection the 2 cells to the left of the original selected cell and the 1 cell to the right.


3) I need to move that data to the first available cell in column AT.


4) Go back to where the original data was and shift those four empty cells up with out deleting the row

Many thanks to anyone who can help.

Best Regards,


Hi guys,

This is really getting on my nerves. I have two cells with the following choices:

Risk Level:

Annual Spend Range:

What I want is a simple formula which does the following:
(Cell T7 = Nominal or Low)
(Cell W7 = <$200K or $200-$500)
ELSE “Yes”
It keeps giving me a #value error!!

Thanks in advance!!


Can conditional formating find all cells with formula's and make just those cells bold?

Any help is appreciated


I have a large worksheet that has one column that contains cells with either numbers, text or in some cases Nulls. Can anyone help me with some code that would loop through all the cells in this column and when it encounters either text (any text) or a null change the cell value to 0 (Zero).

Thanks in advance for your help. It's much appriciated!

Hello. I have a large sheet with a cell that has the address in the format (City, ST), for example:

in A1: Philadelphia, PA
in A2: New York, NY

I need to be able to separate this into two cell, with city in one cell and state in the other.

1) For the the state, I know that I can do right(a1,2) and this works;
2) Can you separate the city, which would be to the left of the comma? I am struggling since the city in each of the cells are different lengths.

I appreciate your guidance!

Thank you!!


I have read alot about merging cells. But I haven't seen any string about merging cells with diffrent formats.

I have a spreadsheet which contains one column with Date (2006-12-01) and one column with Time (12:30:00) and I want to merge it into one cell so it would be 2006-12-01 12:30:00. The reason is so that I later on can count the networking hours between 2 DATE/TIME cells.

Thanks in advance!

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