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shared workbook - shared workbook options grayed out

I have a shared workbook. Once in a while, I cannot uncheck the allow
changes by more than one user at the same time. This option in the shared
workbook under the tools menu is grayed out. Other times this option is
available. Can someone please tell me why this option becomes unavailable.

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Why is "Share Workbook" grayed out? What do I need to do differently to use
that function? I'm using MS Office Pro 2003

Why is "Share Workbook" grayed out? What do I need to do differently to use
that function? I'm using MS Office Pro 2003

Hello Everyone,

I have some formulas in a destination workbook that reference data in a source workbook.


I would like to disable the automatic update of these links, and instead require the update process to be triggered manually. But the manual radio button in the Edit Links window of the destination workbook is grayed out. What to do?


As you might infer from the first question, the update process for these links is currently set (stuck) to automatic. My understanding is that all cells in the destination workbook with external references to the source workbook should not be automatically updated or otherwise recalculated, unless and until the source workbook is opened. However, I seem to be experiencing a different behavior. For example, I created a column in the destination workbook populated with versions of this formula:

=IFERROR(IF(LEN(INDEX('AssocExecs master 3.5.xlsx'!Table1[#Data],MATCH(G12,'AssocExecs master 3.5.xlsx'!Table1[[ ORGANIZATION]],0),4))>0,"Yes","Error"),"No")

When the destination workbook is first opened, with the source workbook closed, the destination workbook shows a mix of "Yes" and "No" values, representing the last correct values when both workbooks were simultaneously open.

However, without ever opening the source workbook, the values returned by these formulas will all change to "No" after a few minutes (or some unrecognized event).

What might be happening?



I have a worksheet which i want to share but the option "Share workbook" in Tools menu is disabled.

I searched for reason and found out the option is disabled if sheet contains any "Lists"

I don't know the use of the "Lists" ..... how can i remove the same from my sheet ??

Any idea ?

This is in a workbook it was password protected and able to be unlocked, now
when trying to unprotect it the option to unprotect is grayed out 3 other
clients are using this workbook and the option is grayed out for them as
One day it was fine the next day they couldnt access it.

How do I share an Excel wookbook when the tools-shared workbook option is
grayed out?

For some reason, in the Options window, under the General tab, the option of having a recently used file list is grayed out. It's a minor thing thing, but annoying. This is a business machine which already had MS Office installed.

Using Windows XP and Office 2002. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I was sharing a workbook. I turned off sharing to make some updates that are
restricted when the workbook is shared. When went to it share again after the
changes, the [Tools] [Share Workbook] menu option is extinguished. I need to
make it shared again. What am I missing?

I am new to the 2007 version and cannot figure out why MARGINS, ORIENTATION,
and SIZE are grayed out under the Page Layout tab. I have tried copying and
pasting to new workbook but still not working. Any suggestions?


I have created an excel workbook to automate some menial administrative
tasks normally acomplished through kludgy web interfaces using a web query
and some buttons.

This works fine for me. However when I try and run the workbook on anyother
team member's machine it dies with the error:

Runtime error '1004':
This command is not available in a shared workbook.

The strange thing is that I never made this a shared workbook. For some
reason the shared workbook options under 'Tools' are greyed out. One of the
solutions mentioned in MS help was to 'Save As' the workbook to another
location. This doesn't help.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


I've been learning PivotTables recently and I'm just beginning Performing PivotTable Calculations. I'm trying to change the PivotTable Summary Calculation. I'm following my book's instructions step-by-step and all the pictures are the same, until my problem. All my Summarize By: options are grayed out (i.e. Sum, Count, Average, Max, Min, etc.)

Using Excel 2003

Here's what I'm doing:
Right-click on data field button
Choose Field Settings
Then I'm supposed to be able to select the summary calculation I want, but I can't. All the options are grayed out.

I've tried toggling everything I can find to toggle and nothing is working. Any ideas what would cause these to be greyed out? Is it a problem with my source data? Thanks for any help.

I had orginally designated a workbook as shared. Now the workbook is no
longer designated as shared. To make matters worse, the "Share
Workbook" option in Tools is not available (it is shaded out). Did I
make an error in some setting?

I go into print preview, and the "zoom" button is grayed out. The only way
it appears is if I go into "help" and get a generic description of print
preview. When I close the help screen, the zoom button returns to being
grayed out.

I used the Tools/Share workbook option for a file on my company's share
drive. I can open the file just fine, however, when anyone else tries to
open it, they get the following message:

File is locked. In order to save changes to the file, you can either close
the file before making any changes and then re-open it, use Save As (File
menu) to save the file using another filename, or turn off Shared Workbooks
and then save the file.

Why are they getting this message?

Hi Everyone!

I randomly have a problem with some of my worksheets, and lately a lot more
often. When I open them, even before I select yes, run macros, about a
quarter of the right side of the workbook fully grays out. It grays out the
column headings, and all of the way down to even gray out the sheet tabs. It
also starts clear at the edge of the screen.

The only way that I can get around this is to open a blank excel document
first, and then open my working or "important" document.

Has anyone ever heard of this?
Thanks for the help (I need all I can get!)

Hello -

This is sort of a repost. I have never tried shared workbooks, but found
out it can be done. Some people from this group hadn't tried it, but did not
recommend it.

I need to find someone who has tried this and get an opinion on the
feasibility of it. I have 30 users; they may occasionally run into each
other, but for the most part, they'll be working on different rows at
sporadic times. They will be using the same interface.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Any reading material suggestions will
also be appreciated. I searched the Internet and came up with virtually zip
.. . .

ok, here goes. I have a shared workbook that is going to be accessed by another workbook which always opens read only. Users of the R/O workbook will hit a macro button located within it and what then happens is the shared workbook is opened, a specific cell within it will be changed, the shared workbook saved and then closed. However, every user doing this will be saving to a different cell.

All this happens in VBA code very quickly.

The question I have is about how excel saves to a shared workbook.

I know that when it's actually saving, excel locks the shared workbook until the save action is finished. That's a not a problem to deal with, I can just put in code that while .fileislocked = true to wait. However, what I need to know is exactly what is saved when a user opens a shared workbook, changes 1 cell and saves it. Does Excel save the entire workbook or does it just save that cell?

The workbook will be accessed by around 30 people at the same time, saving single cell changes to it around every 2 minutes (each).

I also know that in the shared workbook options I can have an option to either have a dialog box appear when two users try to save to the same cell, or just have the changes being saved overwriting whatever is there. That also shouldn't be an issue as no two users will ever write to the same cell at the same time in the setup I have, it'll always be different cells.

However.....because I'm not keeping the shared workbook open all the time on each users PC I need to know how the save event works. Is it possible that two users could open the shared workbook at the same time, one of them saves data to a cell and a split second later the other one saves to a different cell.....will the second save overwrite the change to the first cell?

The options in shared workbooks kind of imply that it won't.....for example, the option of seeing changes other people have made when you save. But it doesn't state it explicitly, therefore before I implement this way of doing things I'd like to know if it will actually work or if I need to think of something else.

I hope I've made this clear enough, it's causing my poor, tired brain to overheat.

I've seen this in a few other threads but none of the suggestions solve the problem.

I am using Excel 2003 (11.8146.8132) SP2
Part of MS Office Pro Ed 2003

I can’t share workbooks.

I can start with a blank one on a shared drive or my hard drive or attempt to share an already existing workbook on a shared drive or my hard drive. Any scenario I try the “Share Workbook” is grayed out as is “Compare and Merge Workbooks”

There is no protection enabled, it is not Read Only and my cubicle neighbor has the same thing in her excel.

I’m baffled!


my hyperlink option is grayed out and i can't figure out why.

currently, the speadsheet is shared. but it wasn't when i first created it. when it *wasn't* shared, i was *able* to create hyperlinks. is it possible that sharing a workbook grays out the hyperlink option?

there is nothing odd about the cell i'm currently trying to hyperlink -- i removed all formatting.

thanks, ankimo

I have created a workbook, an am sharing it with tracked changes, but for
some reason the new record button is grayed out and won't allow any more
changes. If you use the auto form it just replaces the current record with
the info you just typed.
I am stumped! any suggestions?


MS Excel 2003 SP2

I'm working with a shared workbook. None of the worksheets are protected nor
is the workbook. For some reason I can't insert an iamge on any of the

When I choose the Insert/Picture option from the tool bar all options after
that are grayed out.

Where else can I check for workbook sttings that would prevent this?

I hope I can get an answer to this question before our project is over. For
now i will need to figure out a work around!


I'm having trouble with several of my menu options being grayed out in Excel
2003. When I have a blank workbook option, several options are not available
to me: options, security, protection, macros, formula auditing, inserting
rows, columns, pictures, etc. However, if I sign into my husband's user
account, those options are all available to me. My profile is assigned as an
administrator, so I should have full accesss. The odd thing is that this is
only doing this in Excel and no other office programs.

My company gives us Excel docs with macros to report our financials. My main
frustration is that I don't have the option to change my security levels to
enable macros under my profile using Excel. I have the option to enable
macros under my husband's profile when I sign into his.

Any ideas?

I have an excel 2003 file, that is a shared workbook, the file is huge, and I
know if I uncheck and recheck the shared option, it will clear my history and
decrease the file size. but I would like to change the amount of history it
is keeping. (defaulting 30 days) When I go Tools share work advanced
tab. only the keep history for 30 days is grayed out, and all the other
options are availble, I can not figure out why, can anyone please help me

I am using a shared workbook and wanted to conditionally format blank entries however the option is grayed out. Has a user restricted this access or is there something else preventing this? Thanks in advance for any help.

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