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Is there a shortcut key to move between sheets in Excel?

In Windows you press Alt-Tab to move between applications. I want to know if
it's possible to do this same thing with a shortcut key within Excel. That
is, I want to know if there si an Excel shortcut key equivalent to Alt-Tab so
I can move between sheets in Excel like I move between applications in

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I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me here.

I was looking for a shortcut key to switch between sheets in excel spreadsheet. Is it possible?

Thank you in advance

Hey, I was just wondering if there's some sort of quick key type thing to
switch between sheets in excel, instead of having to go back and forth from
the keyboard to the mouse. Any ideas?

Does anyone know if there is a shortcut key or combination of keys for you to
switch between sheets or tabs in an excel worksheet?

I want to know if there is a quick keyboard command to swap between tabs in
an excel spreadsheet?

Is there a shortcut key to close just ONE workbook. If I do "Ctrl+F4" it wants to close all of my excel - I just one to close the current work book I have open.

I know how to jump between open programs with Alt-Tab and how to jump between
tabs in Internet Explorer using CTRL-Tab but isn't it possible to use the
keyboard in similiar way to jump between sheets in Excel?

I have 10 cells within a 300 cell array that require user input. How can I make it possible for the user to hit the TAB or ENTER key to move between these cells only?

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Is there a short cut (i.e., CTRL V H to change headers) for switching between
the different sheets in a workbook??

Is there a hot key for enabling macro? Or can I setup a workbook that macro is enabled up on opening (without user click to enable macro)? I don't mean change the security setting to low on excel (only effect that excel). I need something that works on any pc.


I have several ranges of extensions and need to create the full number for hundreds of entries in a spreadsheet. For example extensions between 2225 and 2324 = 267-ext while 3700 thru 3799 = 302-ext.

Here is my list of extensions and full number to join to it:
2225 - 2324 = (409) 267-ext
3700 - 3799 = (409) 302-ext
3800 - 3999 = (409) 900-ext

I want to be able to put in the extension and have the next field create the full number.

Is there a better function to do this than the one listed below?
IF((AND(G392>=2225,G392<=2324)),"(409) 267-"&G392,IF((AND(G392>=3700,G392<=3799)),"(409) 302-"&G392,IF((AND(G392>=3800,G392<=3999)),"(409) 900-"&G392

Thanks ahead of time.

Quite simply, is there a shortcut like i++ for vba? Or do I really have to type i= i+1 every time?


Hello, i the following code was produced via macro recorder, is there a better way to write this code?

    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft

Hi just wanna ask, Is there a VB code to terminate a loop?

I have inherited a workbook with macros/visual basic
coding, that I need to make modifications to. Is there a
quick way to see what the macros are attached to, other
than right clicking on all of the excel objects, or
individually selecting them in the vb editor? I'd like to
see a listing of only the objects that have code attached
to them, and what the name of the routine is called.

Column A consists of names; Column B consists of dates. If a name is
registered on more than one occasion, there will be two entries with same
name, different dates. Is there a quick way to delete these duplicates other
than sorting Col. A alphabetically and deleting them manually?

I use conditional formatting in some of my spreadsheets and I noticed that if
the conditions are not in the right order, it doesnt work as well as I would
like. However, I don't know of a way to change the order without deleting
many of the conditions. This is quite troublesome since many of my
conditions have formulas and I have many conditions for the cells. Is there
a fast way to change the order of conditions, without deleating and re-typing


Is there a short cut to adding up lots of different formulas from different

e.g. "='sheet 1'!F495+'sheet 2'!F495:H495+'sheet 3'!F495:H495+'sheet
4'!F495:H495+'sheet 5'!F495+'sheet 6'!F495

Athough i can use the auto fill for some cells the each worksheet has many
hundreds of cells i need to add up in a 'totals' sheeet.......?

is there a quick way to put spaces in data? I have a Excel Spreadsheet
that has data in it which was inported there. There is info in columns
a b c d and in rows 1 through to the end (thousands). I need to get a
space inserted after every 3 lines of data. So it would be A,1-2-3-4
then B, 1-2-3-4 then c, 1-2-3-4 then blank 1,2,3,4, then 3 rows of info
followed by a blank, and so on. I posted a sample at the address below:

thanks in advance for any help offered!!!!!!!!

hello evry bdy, branthan here
can u tell me is there any hot keys to move from 1 page to another of the excel sheet ie if the 2 pages are opened inside the same excel page
for example. if there are many internet pages opened and if we want to move to another internet page we use Ctrl+TAB. Similarly ny thing 4 excel??

I want to simplify the data entry in a spreadsheet. Currently the user
has to refer to an 11 x 14 sheet with tables front and back to
determine what value to enter in a cell. I have used the copy picture
function to create a series of tables in Excel and place them into cell
comments in the appropriate cells. In an efffort to speed up data entry
even more, I was wonderfing if there was a shortcut key to show, then
hide again, the comment so the user would not have to reach to the
mouse and place it on the current cell in order to see the comment.
Since the sheet is full of comments, only the current cell should be
affected. Is there a shortcut key to accomplish this by showing/hiding
the current comment, or do I need a macro to toggle the current comment
on and off? And if so,how?

Thanks, and thanks to all who share their time and expertise to help
others. Your efforts add so much to the value of Excel!


Suppose I have five products:


These products appear randomly in column "A"

If I want column "B" to assign a price to the products (e.g. Oranges = .45)
is there a database function to do this, or do I have to use a deeply nested if/then statement?

Is there a way to locate any subs where code in another sub might be
Example: There have been situations where I have a sub that is now
obsolete, and I want to make sure it is still not referenced in any
other sub.

Is there a quick way within VBA to locate these references, other than
to just read them.


This code works but it seems extremely slow, is there a better way to write it?

    ActiveSheet.Cells(2, 3) =
    ActiveSheet.Cells(3, 3) = ActiveSheet.Next.Range("C3")
    ActiveSheet.Cells(4, 3) = ActiveSheet.Next.Range("C4")
    ActiveSheet.Cells(5, 3) = ActiveSheet.Next.Range("C5")
    ActiveSheet.Cells(5, 6) = ActiveSheet.Next.Range("F5")

Is there a shortcut key to replace using mouse for a drop down???

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