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Title bar is missing maximize, minimize, close

It is possible to manipulate the workbook, but not the Excel application. If
I open an Excel file and close it the application will not automatically
close with it and will not display the X button. So the only way to close it
would be through alt F4 or Task Manager - End Task, which is annoying.
What can I do to restore the display of Max, Min and Close options on the
application level.

Thank you,

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Its been a few days, I don't recall what I did to start it. The title bar is
gone, the bottom bar which holds the Windows start button will not shrink
down and it blocks 1/2 of the bottom bar in Excel. OHH, I just fixed it.. I
made the bottom Windows bar really tall, the title bar came back.
sorry for the trouble.

Its been a few days, I don't recall what I did to start it. The title bar is
gone, the bottom bar which holds the Windows start button will not shrink
down and it blocks 1/2 of the bottom bar in Excel. OHH, I just fixed it.. I
made the bottom Windows bar really tall, the title bar came back.
sorry for the trouble.

I closed something in the toolbars and the edit bar went missing, how do I
get it back... in case that isn't what it is called, it is the bar that shows
the contents of a cell when you click into the cell.

One of the users here has a missing title bar (Excel 2000). I had one of her
co-workers hide all the toolbars in case one of them had gotten dragged over
the top of it, but he said it was still missing. I just had them reinstall
Excel and reboot, and the title bar is still missing. Any ideas? Thanks!

The file command on the task bar of Excel 2000 is missing - how do I recover



Several other programs that I use mark dirty files with an asterisk in the title bar. Is there any way to get the same functionality in Excel?

I've written the code below, and it does what I want, but it has to be inserted into each workbook. I'd much rather have something in my personal.xls background VBA project - any suggestions? Or, is there some other approach to getting Excel to do it? I know I can stick this in my blank template and I'll be good from here out, but it'd be nice to get the same results in existing workbooks.

Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object,
ByVal Source As Range)
Application.Caption = "*"
End Sub
Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
Application.Caption = ""
End Sub


Is it possible to hide the title bar in Excel 2007 when the application is in full screen mode? As in, I'd like the workbook to appear just as a big blank sheet, with no toolbars whatsoever. I've managed to do this in Excel 2003, since the title bar is hidden in full screen mode, but can't figure it out in 2007.


I have a user that would like to see the full path name of a file in Excel in
the Title Bar. Is there any way to change it from just the file name to the
full path name?

The title bar minimize, maximize & close icons are not present in a
spreadsheet that was emailed to me. The file name shows in the title bar
(compatability mode), and the workbook is in the "restore down" window state
and cannot be moved (dragged) in the Excel workspace. The workbook and
worksheets are not protected. I am using Excel 2007.

When I create a new workbook, I do not have this problem, and the title bar
menu icons display appropriately. This is more an annoyance than anything,
but I would appreciate any suggestions about how to resolve this issue.

The buttons for minimize/maximize/close are not showing up on the title bar. Why might this be?


We have a user that has a spreadsheet open, I can see the blue title bar of the sheet, but can't click on it to move it around the sheet. The Maximize/restore and close buttons are all missing too.

It's not the worst thing in the world, but the user is finding it a pain. Have tried closing Excel and reopening it, mailing the sheet to me and opening it to see if the buttons come back....and I've had a look in help!

Anyone ever seen this before and know how to get the buttons back!

Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

I like to make a VBA-application which allows a user to give input-data on a particular spreadsheet-file.(called an input-model) .
In order to do the saving of the input-model under a predefined named by my macro-code i designed a button SAVE in the spread-sheet file.
To force the user to save by this way (and the ONLY way !!!), i disabled the menubar and the standard toolbar on the spreadsheet. Unfortunately the title bar still allows to avoid using my SAVE-button. Even worse, my input-model will be replaced by such a save-action !
Indeed, when a user clicks on the CLOSE-box, or right-clicks on the LEFT ICON in the title bar EXCEL allows to save.
Is it possible to disable both save-capabilities in VBA ?

Thanks for any help

Why is the name that I gave my excel workbook not showing up in the title
bar when i open the workbook? It use to always show up there, but now when I
open a previously saved workbook, there is no name in the title bar.

I appear to have lost the active title bar of an excel worksheet under the
stip across the top of the screen which has microsoft excel on and the file
edit etc. therefore I can not min, max , close or move the window as I can
not see the symbols in the top right hand side
learn a little eveytime

Oh wise ones,

Is it possible to display the value of a cell in the Excel title bar or the
system tray. You can see what I'm getting at, monitoring the value of a cell
while excel is minimized. This value is constantly changing every 2 seconds
from a sheet calculation macro, so the Title/Tray would have to change


I totally lost the title bar (the blue bar at the top). How do I restore
this so I can minimize and close the program with these icons again?

Is it possible via VBA code to minimise a UserForm to the taskbar without a title bar on the UserForm (I know there are workarounds using API to do this but only if you have a title bar)?


Recently I downloaded an Excel file with a list of DTV converters. This file opened up with a band on the left side that had two plus signs on it. Clicking on the top one did the same thing as Page Down would do, and clicking on the plus sign below it did the same thing as two Page Downs. This has not shown up in any other Excel file.

On the other hand, the Active Title Bar(?)(the one on top with the three little boxes on the right hand corner for minimize and exit) has disappeared completely regardless of which file I open. This is a real pain because there is no way to minimize the Excel screen from its full size.

Would any of you have any idea about either of these two things. Thank you, muchly

The bar at the top of Exel 97 dose not display the icons for minimizing,
maximizing and closing.
What must be done to correct this.

Want my top title bar back in Excel. Have lost the name of the current
workbook in the top left and minimize, maximize or X to quit in the top
right? Want to get it back - HOW?

Hi is there any way that i can remove the excel title bar and scrolling tabs so that the excel sheet do not resemble an excel document? Thanks b4

Hi there,
I want to create a sheet which should just be partly used to support another application. I dont want people to find out where this sheet is located, but as it is sometimes in use, you can see its name in the title bar. Therefore I wanted to clean up the title bar/name in the toolbar at the botton.

I found some posts showing how to add something there, but nothing how to clear it totally, also in the windows toolbar at the bottom.



I have an Excel file with various userforms created in VBA. Is there a way to change the format (specifically, the color) of the title bars?

Thanks in advance.

Does any one know how to hide the title bar in VBA code for Excel 2007, the code for 2003 Excel doesn't hide everything in 2007. I just want to see cells on the screen. I can do this in 2003 VBA, but 2007 version is killing me.

Help please,


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