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word wrap cutting off text

Hi folks,
I have a file in 2003 updated with some cells containing a lot of text. I
have it set to word wrap and I have double clicked margins as well. BUT, the
text is getting cut off still and I cannot see the entire body of text at
this point. The last sentence and a half is cut off. All things are set to
maximum short of dragging the cell way out. Anyone know how to set it to just
display the entire contents of the cell? Thanks!

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Have a doc with 4 columns. Columm B has alot of verbage, text set up for
wrap text but it is still cutting off text at the bottom. you can see the
words at the formula bar but the words are not appearing in the cell itself.
Any suggestions?

I'm using Excel to display what sometimes turns into long descriptions. When these description turn very long (the last time I had this problem it occurred after 1,043 characters) Excel begins cutting off characters. The exact point at which characters are cut off by Excel changes depending on the width of the column the characters are in, though the number of characters displayed does not change to any great degree. The text is of coarse word wrapped. The work around we use is to especially put the returns in for Excel. Thus if it cuts off at 1,043 characters I’ll go back to the first space and use Alt+Enter to put in a new line. This will buy you a few hundered more characters and then you need to put in more line breaks until the entire text displays.

This, as you might imagine is very tedious, and worse if I miss that a cells that is cutting off text it can end up on a power point presentation. Thus my question is this, does anyone know of a way to make Excel stop cutting off the text without manually putting the returns in?

Note: I’m using Excel 11.56… if that helps

When using shrink-to-fit AND wrap text function, the text (a word) gets cut
off before it wraps. However the next word wraps to the next line. How can
i get that word either to the next line or not to cut off?

Hi there,

I have a paragraph of text I want to insert into the body of an email. No problem at all with the code and my macro works. Due to the length of the paragraph of text, however, I would like to word wrap it within the VBA editor for ease of reading/editing.

Based on a search, it would seem the solution to this has been posted many times to many forums. Looks like you just put a _ at the end of a line and start a new line, but I'm obviously missing something simple, as that doesn't work for me.

Would someone please take pity on this poor sod and show him how to word wrap a .Body "yadayadayada" line in VBA editor?

I would also like to create a line break within the body of text in the email - so I can write a second paragraph - as well as insert a couple of hyperlinks.

Thanks very much,

I'm using a combo box from the control menu in a worksheet and even though the combobox height property is plenty big enough, the bottom of the text gets cut off. For example, if I choose "gauge", the bottom of each g is cut off and there's just lots of extra white space. I've played with the various properties and can't figure out what i'm missing.

Thanks in advance!!!


I am Importing a text file with my macro, and need to remove the word
wrap before Importing. Can I do this in the macro itself? Right now I
am doing this manually before I run the macro.


I have an excel document that I am using a a tab-delimited file for
InData. InData will allow me to populate an Adobe InDesign document,
using exel. (or another tab-del. file).

What I want to do, is force Excel to cut-off the data in the cell after
a certain # of characters. Not a whole lot either, the # would be
close to 30.

Does anybody have an idea if and how Excel would accomplish this?



I have wrapped text and autofit cells in my worksheet. When I print off the
worksheet, the last line in each cell is partially cut off. I adjusted the
rows manually to enusre my text is not partially cut off, but now, the wrap
text feature is not adjusting the cells to fit the text. Help!!


When typing text in the cell, no matter whether I have "WRAP TEXT" on or not,
the text is cut off. I read an earlier posting response saying there is a
limit of 1024 characters and to use "ALT-ENTER" to get around this. It does
not work. Is there anything else I can do?

Thank you.

After I activated word wrap, my text disappeared.
I only entered 17 characters in the cell. But the text still
It doesn't appear to matter how little the number of characters I
enter in
a cell, the text still disappears when I turn on word wrap.

I turned it on because I knew that some cells were going to have more
characters than others, but before I could even enter those characters
I was already missing text.

The only way to make the characters return is to turn off word wrap.
How can I keep word wrap enabled and see my text too?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I've got a document with column headings and the text is slanted with a diagonal line as well. My problem is that the text is cut off when it gets too far to the right and reaches the next column. I would like all the text to appear no matter which column it ends up in. The cells are merged vertically, wrap text is on,... The only thing I've been able to find when I search this problem are people saying to alt Enter but that's not my problem and it doesn't work. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.


Using Excel 2003 on WinXP

I created a report card for teachers. There is a comment box which takes up
cells P2 thru T42.

PROBLEM: When a teacher types a long comment, it shows the entire comments
in the formula bar, but not in the merged cells intended for comments. The
text is cut off.

INFO: The merged cells are P2 thru T42. It is catorgorized as Text, aligned
to left & top, "wrap text" is selected, font is Times New Roman - regular -
size 8. Data validation is set for any value.

If you'd like for me to send the report card to the group or to someone
individually, please let me know. Any help is appreciated. We're stumped.


When I have a cell with a lot of text in it, for instance a 10 line
paragraph, even with word wrapping turned on,Excel seems to cut off the
sentence and doesn't show all the text that should be displayed in the
cell. Anyone see this before? If I click on the cell I can see all
the text in the formula area at the top of Excel, but it's just not
being displayed correctly in the cell.

I have tried copying the text into a new cell, a new workbook, etc.
I have the text aligned to the top and to the left. I've also tried
changing it to all other settings and the same result.
I have formatted the cell to General, text, and other types with no
I've tried widening the cell and merging.
I've copied the text into notepad and back into a new cell/workbook.

If I use Alt-Enter to force some of the sentences to a new line within
the cell it helps, but some of the text still gets cut off.

FYI, I consider myself an advanced user of Excel, so I'm pretty sure
I've covered the basic formatting issues that could exist with no luck.

Hey all, I have a formula in one cell that concatenates the text of many other cells at another location. The text in this cell gets lengthy, so I tried merging this cell with a few other cells to its right, and word wrapping the merged cell. It almost did the job, but the word wrap feature seems to stop after so many lines. So, the bottom line just trails off and I'm left with an incomplete sentence at the bottom.

I searched on here and found a lot of references to Center Across Selection. I tried that, and it works except I need the text left-aligned, not centered. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Does anyone know how I can get the text that is reflected in the Edit bar for cell A1 of the attachment to display fully within the cell boundriesof A1? I've reseached Qzgrid and found no previous answers. Is it an Excel 2003 bug that I just have to live with? You will see I've set the Text Control under Format Cells > Alignment to "Wrap text".

Hi all,

I've got a text box called txtYourMem. In the properties list I've set word wrap to "True".

When I display a value in the text box with:

.txtYourMem.Value = "You've chosen to join on " & joinDate & "blah blah blah" 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines
It fails to wrap the text and I have to scroll by selecting the text with the mouse (i've also got no scroll bars on the text box).

Anyone have any ideas why it isn't wrapping?



Ok, I have a program that copies a worksheet from an entire book to a new one sheet workbook for email at work. What is happening (on some, not all) is that my description cell (merged A20:L20) with text wrap is getting cut off. For example my description is:
8/1/2008 - Hooked up to BCU with Rover Comm 5. Looked at AHU #4 and found supply/discharge air sensor to be reading 61 degrees F (ohm value of approximately 15k). Called Prenova to verify sensor readings on Tracer front end and they verified a 61 degree reading as well. But when I run the email code that creates the new single page workbook I get this:
8/1/2008 - Hooked up to BCU with Rover Comm 5. Looked at AHU #4 and found supply/discharge air sensor to be reading 61 degrees F (ohm value of approximately 15k). Called Prenova to verify sensor readings on Tracer front end and they verified a 61 degree r This creates problems as our files won't have full descriptions without my having to go through and reprint those that don't fully copy.

The code for the routine is as follows:
Private Sub cmdTicketEmail_Click()
' The purpose is to create a separate, e-mailable Service Ticket.
' The name of the output file will be the Ticket # and the last
' date of work on the ticket.
'This finds the last used Date cell.
If Range("B43") = "" Then
msgbox "Ticket has no data, 1st date entry is empty", vbOKOnly
Exit Sub
ElseIf Range("B44") = "" Then
DateCell = "B43"
ElseIf Range("B45") = "" Then
DateCell = "B44"
ElseIf Range("B46") = "" Then
DateCell = "B45"
ElseIf Range("B47") = "" Then
DateCell = "B46"
ElseIf Range("B48") = "" Then
DateCell = "B47"
ElseIf Range("B49") = "" Then
DateCell = "B48"
ElseIf Range("B49") "" Then
DateCell = "B49"
End If

TicketNumber = ActiveSheet.Name

'This builds the future file name.
TicketDate = Range(DateCell).Value
TicketDate = Month(TicketDate) & "-" & Day(TicketDate) & "-" & Year(TicketDate)

TicketName = TicketDate & " " & TicketNumber

Current_Tool_Name = ActiveWorkbook.Name
Current_Tool_Path = ActiveWorkbook.Path
eMailPath = Current_Tool_Path & "eMail"

On Error Resume Next
Err.Number = 0
ChDir eMailPath

If Err.Number = 76 Then
PromptText = "There is no subdirectory under the location of this workbook " _
& "named 'eMail'. Press YES to create the subdirectory or Press NO to cancel " _
& "creating an eMailable Service Ticket."
TitleText = "Sub-Directory Does Not Exist"
Response = msgbox(PromptText, 20, TitleText)
If Response = vbYes Then
MkDir eMailPath
ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Setup").Range("eMail_Path").Value = eMailPath
ElseIf Response = vbNo Then
Exit Sub
End If
ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Setup").Range("eMail_Path").Value = eMailPath
End If
'This copies the current Service Ticket and creates a new worksheet.
'This hides the command button before copying
cmdTicketEmail.Visible = False
'This shows the command button after copying
cmdTicketEmail.Visible = True

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
eMailPath & "" & TicketName & ".xls", FileFormat:= _
xlNormal, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False _
, CreateBackup:=False
End Sub I don't see any problem but am not the greatest VBA programmer ever either. Any help is appreciated.


I followed the directions on another post in the forum, but it didn't seem to solve the first user's problem either. (I am using Excel 2000)

I am making notes on a PPT presentation, with a cell for each slide. I am using column B for my notes (col A is just an auto-fill series of numbers, one for each slide). I am entering my notes in column B, then for the next slide I use the cell below it. Some slides have a lot of notes of several lines.

I have word-wrap on all the cells in the worksheet.

I have tried clicking on the lines between rows to auto-size the row height. It will correctly auto-size some cells (it will shrink to fit to smaller heights correctly). It will also increase the row height to fit some cells correctly... but ONLY to a certain level. For larger cells, it won't increase the row height more than 165.75 for some reason. Even if I manually change the height to a height where I can see everything, if I select all and auto-fit again, it will shrink those all back down to 165.75!!

Whyyyy? ; )

Thank you!

OH! Also... for some reason it will not word-wrap some of my cells. I am pasting into there from notepad, and have tried both turning notepad on or off to see if that makes a difference before pasting (yes, I have the wrap-text on for the excel cell also)

very confusing =(

I have a large spreadsheet, and the last column is a problem. It looks fine on the screen. When I print, it will cut-off a portion of the last letter, and sometimes an entire letter.

The cells are formated "wrap text", Vertical = "bottom" and Horizontal = General.

I am using a print area.

I've tried many things but to no avail. One thing I noticed is when I format the column to "autofitselection" it gets very wide, even though I don't have anything that wide in any cells.

Anyone know how I can get my cut-off letters to print?


I have text in two different cells (lets say "a1" & "b1") that I wish to combine on two lines in another cell (lets say "c1")
I know can do this easily by entering in cell "c1" the following:
=a1&" (alt-enter)

My problem is that the information in A1 is already a three line word wrapped cell and what I need is to end up with a four line word wrapped cell with the three lines from "a1" atop the one line from "b1"

A1 B1


Any ideas?

I also would like to save information from an excel spreadsheet to a .txt file which is easy normally, except again the word wrapped cells format weird and wind up all ran together on one line except for some form of a delimiter between the words that were wrapped. This is worthless to me, as I need it exported to txt and appearing just as it did in the cells in excel.

I try to only ask the easy ones (and thanks to all the wizards here who have saved me more than once in the past)

I am using Excel 2000. I have a merged cell (6 cells wide and 1 deep) with a
paragraph of text with word wrap enabled. After about 7 or 8 lines of text
the text does not word wrap anymore. It would be about 2 more lines.

Any ideas?

I have formatted my column for word-wrap but when pasting in text (from
Word), the word-wrap is ignored and the text is pasted in one long line, as
if over-riding the formatting of the cell. Is there a way to 'lock' word
wrap so that it cannot be over-ridden?

Often when I set cells to word-wrap and then auto-fit the row height, cells
with text will end up with a blank line or two at the top. It's not extra
spaces in the text because when I go to the formula bar, there's nothing
before the start of the text. I can manually adjust the size of each row,
but that's a hassle and not very consistent!


I am attempting to enter text into a cell in worksheet. The cell is
designated as a text cell, word wrap is turned on, the the cell is merged to
six lines long. When I enter text it looks fine until I hit the Tab or Enter
key, then all I get is a single line of XXXXXXX instead of the text. I have
tried making the cell bigger, I have tried using hard returns in the body of
the text. Nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me?

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