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How to Alphabetize Worksheet Tabs?

Thanks, this was great and really easy.

"Chip Pearson" wrote:

> Vickie,
> You have to use a VBA macro to do this. See
> for example code.
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> Cordially,
> Chip Pearson
> Microsoft MVP - Excel
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> ...
> > Is there a way to alphabetize Excel worksheet tabs without
> moving them all manually?

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I have several old Excel 2003 files in which all worksheet tabs are hidden.
In Excel 2003, this was easily turned on or off in the options dialog box. I
cannot find a way to turn these tabs back on in Excel 2007, nor could I find
info on how using online help. Has anyone found a way to do this?

I once figured out how to do this, but I can't seem to remember what I did.

How do you change the color of a work sheet tab?


Does anyone know how to link a tab of a worksheet into another workbook?

I have a workbook and in that workbook there are different tabs.
There are different users who updates those tabs. Now I want to make separate file for those user so that everyone can work on their tab and finally i would like to consolidate all the tabs into a workbook as it is.

Hi all,

I am trying to use Chip Pearson's code for extracting text files.
This is the link for it
I like this code very much. It will allow you to specify any delimiter
character. However, I don't know how to specify a tab character in vba.
I tried "t" like in unix, perl etc. No luck. So could you please tell
me how can I specify a tab character in vba.
Thanks in advance,


i am using hyperlink in sheet 1 name history and sheet 2 name advance sheet 3 total progress..i want to hide the tab for selection by to hide this tab,so user will click only the button that hyperlink...anyone can give solution..please thanks in advance..i has attach sample file..

How to print worksheets of the same name in different workbooks without
opening each one?

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I used to be able to do this, but: how do you change the colour of the
worksheet tabs in Excel? I'm working with a whack of tabs and would like to
give each one a different colour - but I can't for the life of me remember
how to do it.



I have an Excel report with multiple worksheets called report 1 (with 3
different tabs) that I need to copy into another report, named report 2.
How can I copy all worksheets (tabs) from report 1 into the report 2, so
when I click on the "report 1" tab in report 2, it will display all 3 tabs of
the report 1?

Thanks for any help.

I have a spreadsheet that is being used as an application to perform account
mapping conversions. I need to update, the source data which appears to be
in a hidden sheet. Normally I would unhide the sheet and updated the data,
but with this application the guy who wrote it has some how hidden the
worksheet tabs control at the bottom of the window.

I have viewed the VBA and see no reference to the tabs in it either...any


Is anyone know how to write VB script in Excel to go to a certain worksheet/tab? I wrote a VB macro like this:

I don't know how to activate "MSK-AGENT" on "TAB1" in VB macro. Is anyone can help me? Thanks in


Can someone please supply me with macro code to sort worksheet tabs in Excel
in ascending order alphabetically (A to Z). I'm using Excel 2003

Hi everyone,

I'm dealing with a huge Excel spreadsheet, containing 61 worksheets.
Now, I've just received a newer file, and I need to compare them to see what's changed.

To compare them I'm using a software called 'Beyond Compare', but unfortunately as far as I know, this software only compares the active worksheet.

One solution that would still eat up quite some time would be to export each worksheet automatically into tab-delimited text files.

I've got two questions:
1. How can I export each worksheet automatically into separate text files? I guess I probably need a macro, and I have no clue on how to create it.

2. These files are in Japanese. I need to export the text in one of the following formats:
Japanese (EUC)
Japanese (Shift-JIS)

If there's no way this can be achieved like this, do you know if it's possible to directly encode the Excel file itself into one of the 3 codifications above?

I can see that I'm not asking easy questions, but hopefully some of you Excel-genius can help me out.

Thanks very much

Edit: And of course, do you know a better way to compare these two spreadsheets?

I have a workbook that generates many worksheets (around 20), and I'm trying to implement a sort order in the criteria tab.

For example,

Sheet // Sort
A // 8
B // 5
C // 1

Where the Sort starts at 1 and increments by 1...
I'm trying to figure out how to code it so that column B will be evaluated, and where the sort order = 1.. it'll put it after the template, where it's 2 it'll move the sheet after the 1st, etc...

Does anyone know a quick way of doing this?
Any help would be appreciated..


XL help not much help. I need to change the tab order for a protected
worksheet. When the sheet is unprotected the tab key moves from left to right
as expected. When the sheet is protected the tab key moves between column A
and B only. I need to change this to move between two different columns. Most
of my data is entered in columns F and G so I want the tab key to move
between these columns when the tab key is pressed. When I need to move to the
next row I use the enter key and it moves the selection down as expected but
when I press tab again the selection changes to column A again. What can I do
to correct this?

Also columns A, B, F and G are unprotected so data can be entered by the
user however column A will only change for each calander year. Column B is
the discription of the work being done and F and G are the sign on and sign
off times for the day.

I created a file with multiple Worksheets and defined an Array:

Dim arrRtTab(1 To 12) As String

arrRtTab(1) = "MS"
arrRtTab(2) = "MW"
arrRtTab(3) = "MM"
arrRtTab(4) = "MU"
arrRtTab(5) = "MDS3"
arrRtTab(6) = "XS"
arrRtTab(7) = "XN"
arrRtTab(8) = "QN"
arrRtTab(9) = "QE"
arrRtTab(10) = "QS"
arrRtTab(11) = "NS"
arrRtTab(12) = "LI"

Depending on results of my computations I need to be able select
multiple tabs of the file and format or print them.
How to build the variable to be able to select tabs for instance MS,
MM, XN or QS, LI for printing them?

Please Help


hi all, i am new to EXCEL, i am using Excel 2007...
i am trying to copy a tab which has some average of 200 rows and different formulas for some rows and coulums, to a new worksheet tab
i can copy the values but i can't copy the formula's to the new worksheet.

Please how me steps to achive this,if possible..
its getting tough for me to manually copy & paste formula for each cell..
Note : I am new to Excel, steps to achive this will be Appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Someone at work set up a worksheet containing multiple formulas that assign value to data I am inputting, creating a "grade." How do I save the sheet "using" worksheet tabs and then go onto the next worksheet? I will have approximately 20 worksheets in one workbook. I've researched this for the past hour and the closest answer is to "copy" the formula into subsequent worksheets. Is there an easier way? Help is so appreciated. Thank you!

i have a main page with 2 bottons e.g (pump1)&(pump2) i would like each botton to open its own worksheet but i dont want to see tha tab for the worksheets that the bottons have to open. all this is done in the same workbook.

i try recording a macro by clicking on the worksheet tab that i want the button to open but it only works when the worksheet is not hidden . i do not know much about VB can some 1 help me please

The excel provides a way to enter the file name in the cell e.g. Cell("filename").. How to insert the worksheet name in the cell?? any idea????TextRed

I "should" have tabs named

Days to Invoice 1 day
Days to Invoice 2 Days
Days to Invoice 3 Days
Days to invoice 4 Days
Days to Invoice 5 days
Invoice more than 5 days

I need to delete these tabs on open... How would I write this?
Do you have to check and make sure they even exist before trying to delete them?


I have a "Temp Sheet" with a range in Column A:

Invoice #

it will always be at least one but could be well over 100.
I have a code that creates a new tab for each invoice #.

But now I need a code to delete them.

Is there a way to delete worksheets based on a range?

Hi all,

I have a worksheet with 7 columns and I would like to read this into a 2d array. The worksheet can have as much as 50k rows.

1) is it possible to read 50k rows into a 2d array?
2) is it more efficient to read data into an array for access/manipulation as opposed to a worksheet?
3) can someone show me how to read in a worksheet with 7 cols to a 2d array?

Thanks in advance.


I find below column tabs very useful to have in long spreadsheets - could anyone explain how to add this function?



I need help. how to use command to check whether the worksheets is already created or is existed inside the workbook.


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