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How do you enter zip codes starting with 0 for a mail merge

I have an address list created in Excel which I'm trying to export into a
mail merge in Word. Most of my zip codes begin with a "0" and although I'm
putting an apostrophe before the zero it doesn't carry over into the mail
merge so I'm coming up with a 4 number zip code instead of a full zip code.
I've tried setting the format as text and as special/zip code. I was been
able to make it work in one worksheet a long time ago but now it doesn't work
in the others - what am I missing???
Anyone willing to help?

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I have created an Excel database containing addresses (more specifically zip
codes). I then have attempted to mail merge them into Word and have been
having a heck of a time getting the zip codes to print properly. Each time I
attempt to print the labels (ie., zip code 08080) the first zero of the zip
code will not not print for some reason. I have gone back and tried to
change the format of the cell that holds the zip code and still it does not
work. I have changed the format from Zip to custom (00000) and still no
success. Any suggestions from others who have had the same problem and found
a remedy would be greatly appreciated.

How do you sort zip codes where some of them start with 0? I have changed
the format to text, number, general with no luck. I would like to be able to
do this without having to put a ' in front of the number.

When doing a mail merge from excel to word zip codes starting with 0 (zero)
drop the first number "0" from the address. ie zip code 01560 prints out as
1560. How do I get all 5 numbers to show?

I live in the NE where zip codes start with a zero. I have gone in and tried
all options under format cells. I even entered some coding that would let me
input what I need and it did not work. I am trying to set up a mail merge in
Microsoft Word (I have Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Edition) and all my
zips show up without the leading zero. Please help!

I am trying to merge an excell database into a word document that will create
a label sheet of mailing addresses. The zip codes start with a zero in New
England and they will not show the first zero. I have tried formatting the
cloum of zip codes with the zip code formula
Thank you

How do I enter text that starts with a zero and have the cell show the

Example :


Thank You.

I have used excel, but never have i had to use the Visual Basic do you put the code into the worksheet? Copy and Paste?

I have an excel spreadsheet that I need to convert to a .csv to import. One
of the columns is the zip code, including codes that start with 0. However,
whenever I convert it to .csv, it strips out the first 0 of the zip code,
thus leaving a 4 digit code. Is there a way to fix this?


how do you make text flash on and off like a warning sign?

how do you set or reset the print range for several sheets at a time?

In EXCEL,How do you control the access to SHEET2, based on a value in SHEET1

EXAMPLE, if the value in one of the cell in sheet1 is > 80, then sheet2
should be enabled. Else, sheet2 should be disabled

How do you copy an entire row in excel to a new tab based on a cell value. Then delete the cell in the first sheet

How do you get Root Mean Square Error out of a column?

in vba for access how do i get the day of the week for a date field?

I have a document in Word and a document in Excel that I am using in a mail
merge. When I merge the documents the format that I have the date in does not
stay the same. I want the date to show up like, June 9, 2005 and what it
comes up with is 6/9/2005. Is there anything I can do about this? The only
thing I have found is to merge and then change the date format but then I
can't get the date that I want, there are certain options that I have to pick
from. Any ideas?

I am trying to do a mail merge for a mass mailing I need to do. I am trying
to input zeros in the zip codes that start with zero. When I type in the
zero, Excel automatically erases it. How can I input a zero without having
excel automatically erase it?

How do you create an IF function to color fill a cell with, for example,
green if YES is entered, or red if NO is entered?? For example: IF(I3:I120,
"YES" THEN COLOR=0,176,80) and IF(I3:I120, "NO" THEN COLOR=255,0,0).


How do you downgrade office 2007 to 2003.

Is there a process for downgrading Office 2007 to 2003 or does the "Downgrade" simply mean you are entitled to install 2003 with the same prouct key?

I am having trouble printing zip codes on labels. We use Excel in our address
database, I format that column for zip codes, when I merge the data into word
2003 to use in labels, it will not print the "0" when the zip codes starts
with 0. I tried to fix it word when editing the labels, then all the zip
codes start with 0. We have a database of about 4600 addresses and it is
really a pain to add the zero onto the labels of about 60-80 labels, can
anybody help me? I'm sure it is not hard to do, (well, I hope it isn't) but I
just can't figure it out. Thanks for any help.

How do you generate 100 random numbers with a normal distribution between 0
and 90? And when this is done how do you stop the random numbers changing
each time you do something else?

Hello all,

We have an Excel document with a particular column containing UPC codes and some of those UPC codes starts with 0 (The number zero. Example: 023063805016). That column containing the UPC codes is formatted “Custom,” and the “Type is: 0###########.” The UPC codes look fine in the column but if you looked at in the “Formula Bar” is shows it without the 0. And more importantly when you export the column data out of Excel it leaves the 0 off, just like it’s displays in the “Formula Bar.” Apparently Excel removes the 0, how can we stop this behavior and leave the 0 in place, especially during exporting column data?

Thanks, Your help is/will be much appreciated.



My Excel Document contains a Zip Code column which contains a nine digit zip
entry (4,000 of them!) ALL without hyphens.

I need to figure out a way to add hyphens to these entries (in the proper
place) or just delete the last four+ digits of the the zip code in order to
achieve a mail merge.

I'm totally a novice and unfamiliar with macros. Is there an easy way to do
this without having to change each cell manually?

I appreciate any help.


How do you use COUNTIF to check certain cells in a row that have a value of
cell C4, cell G4, cell K4, cell O4, cell S4, ....etc

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