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Printing on 4x6 index card

How do I get an excel spreadsheet (invoice) to print on a 4x6 index card? So
far when I have printed it, it fits but the font is really small. When I have
tried to make the font bigger it cuts off the words. Any suggestions? Thanks
in advance!!!

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Hello, I'm trying to print a sheet I've made on a 4x6 index card and use as much of the card as possible. I've made all the margins 0.00, chosen fit to page, and it still leaves almost an inch on the bottom and right side.

Any ideas on how to get it to actually fill the 4x6 card?

I was in the wrong area when I asked this before. I am new at this and
trying to figure out how to make a list of names, addresses, phone numbers,
etc., that I can then print on 3x5 index cards. I want to be able to keep
the information in my computer, but be able to print out cards to look it up
if I'm not on the computer or to give to my sons who use Mac's instead of
PC's. I figured someone had made a template for how to do this, but I
haven't been able to find it. I have Office 2003 with Word, Excel, Outlook,
and PowerPoint. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Demo: Adjust page breaks to control what is printed on each page

Before you send your worksheet data to the printer, you can quickly rearrange page breaks to define what will be printed on each page.

Most Searched Demo: Demo: Adjust page breaks to control what is printed on each page

Printing a worksheet that has many rows and columns can be a real challenge. Before you send your worksheet data to the printer, you can quickly rearrange page breaks to define what will be printed on each page. Watch the demo to learn how.

Hello All,
I am in need of printing an excel spreadsheet that is larger than one page (right to left landscape) about 55 columns and am in need of writing some code or macro that prints page 1 and 2 on "1" page -the data from page one would be located above the data from page 2- on a single piece of paper.(Legal) page 3 and 4 on "1" page... etc.. The solution sounds identical to a Cell "Wrap Text" option, but obviously I am unable to figure it out for printing.

I have a product forecasting program I wrote in excel that has data for 12 months out of the year (multiple columns for each month). I currently have a page break between June and July so that H-1 (First Half) and H-2 print on 2 seperate pieces of paper. The "Fit to one page" handle is not an option to achieve my goal as it makes the data to small to read, however I do not want to waste paper (currently doing) as the information is only about 10 rows high. (i.e I am only using the top 4 inches of paper in Landscape format)
Does anyone have any suggestions or code to use to achieve my goal?
Let me know if the above information is unclear.
Many Thanks!!!

This is driving me spare!!

I am using a networked HP4700 colour printer and am trying to get it to print on A4 from a macro-driven print command. The printer's preferences are set up to print on A4. If I print manually, it prints in A4. If I use the macro to print, it prints in letter - meaning that my page breaks are all over the place.

The file concerned is attempting to print a Ts & Cs letter which contains more information than each letter needs. Each user has made some selections and submitted their files to me for printing. In order to force the hiding of unnecessary information, I have used VBA to suspend the print command in order to ensure that my own created command is used.

Here is the code for my print command (it is in three parts)

Part 1 - held on a user form:
Private Sub cmdPrintPrint_Click()
    With Application
        .ScreenUpdating = False
        .EnableEvents = False
    End With
    With Worksheets("Data")
        For i = 1 To 6

            Set C = frmPrint.Controls("chkPrint" & i)
            If C.Value = True Then
                SHTName = "Print_" & .Cells(i, 20).Value
                Application.Run SHTName     ' Option 5 is "Letter"
            End If
        Next i
    Unload Me
    End With
    With Application
        .ScreenUpdating = True
        .EnableEvents = True
    End With
End Sub
Part 2, the Print_Letter procedure
Sub Print_Letter()
    Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Terms Letter")
    Set PrtRange = Nothing
    Dim Response As String
    With ws
        Response = MsgBox("Have the terms for this account been FULLY approved?", _
                52, "Print Enquiry")
        If Response = vbNo Then
            With .PageSetup
                .CenterHeader = "&""Arial,Bold""&26DRAFT"
            End With
            With .PageSetup
                .CenterHeader = "&""Arial,Bold""&12"
            End With
        End If
    End With

    Call Letter_Create
End Sub
Part 3, the Letter_Create procedure:
Sub Letter_Create()

    Set ranRangeHide = Nothing
    Set ranRangeShow = Nothing
    i = 2       ' this is the row
    iCount = 0  ' this is the running count of the total page height
    With ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Terms Letter")
        .Unprotect "CC08"
        Do Until .Cells(i, 18).Value = ""
            Select Case .Cells(i, 46).Value
                Case "Y"
                    Select Case .Cells(i, 45).Value
                        Case "P"
                            iCount = 0
                            .HPageBreaks.Add before:=.Cells(i, 1)
                        Case "H"
                            If iCount + .Cells(i, 44).Value > 900 Then
                                iCount = 0
                                .HPageBreaks.Add before:=.Cells(i, 1)
                                iCount = iCount + .Cells(i, 43).Value
                            End If
                        Case "N"
                            iCount = iCount + .Cells(i, 43).Value
                    End Select
                    If Not ranRangeShow Is Nothing Then
                        Set ranRangeShow = Union(ranRangeShow, .Rows(i))
                        Set ranRangeShow = .Rows(i)
                    End If
                Case "N"
                    If Not ranRangeHide Is Nothing Then
                        Set ranRangeHide = Union(ranRangeHide, .Rows(i))
                        Set ranRangeHide = .Rows(i)
                    End If
            End Select
            i = i + 1
        ranRangeShow.EntireRow.Hidden = False
        ranRangeHide.EntireRow.Hidden = True
        .Protect "CC08"
    End With

End Sub
No matter what I try, it ALWAYS prints in Letter format (and I can see nothing in there which changes the setting).

I have over 500 of these to print - I would rather not be continually changing the setting if at all possible. Any ideas please?

If you need any further information, please let me know.

I need to find a way to print multiple sheets on both sides of a page. I already tried selecting the print option to print on both sides but it will not work. Any help?

I'm looking to list all my employees in 4 columns, last name first name, address and phone numbers, but after sorting and hiding certain rows I'd like to print on one page. Is there a way to print this long 4 comumn document (98 rows showing) on one page by forcing the lower part of the columns over onto the right side of the letter page?

I'd set up the page and type on both sides but that makes sorting & hiding rows (or cells) impossible, unless there's a way to sort and hide cells, partial rows...


Hey gang,

When I got to File --> Page Setup --> Header/Footer --> Custom Footer --> Left Section there is a little blurb I want to enter and when I did it before when I printed multiple pages, of course, it appeared on every page. Is there a way to make it only print on the last page; i.e. 3 of 3 etc...?


I have a spread sheet that will print about 4 pages. My 1st row (1) has Headers in it to identify the rows under it. How to get that row 1 to print on page 2 -4 the same way it shows on the 1st page?

I have two different workbooks that each have one sheet that I want to print on one page. I am trying to combine them onto one sheet, but the column widths are not the same. The second sheet has a couple columns with wider widths that I cannot see after I paste it into sheet one.

Is there any way I can combine the two sheets and keep the column widths wide on sheet 2 without stretching out column widths for sheet 1? I do not think I can merge the cells because there is data in all of the surrounding cells.

Does anyone know how to change paper sizes and types? I need to print
on 3" fanfold paper.

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I am trying to print a document that is 2 pages long. I want the first two
rows to print on every page for this document. How do I do this?

I have a sheet that i want printed on a roll plotter printer. Excel will
only show everything on a 36" X 60" sheet of paper. No matter what setting i
pick, it will just change the image size to match the paper size but in print
preview it shows a page 36x60 so it looks like it is zoomed in. I can print
36x108 using visio and i can convert the windows excel sheet to Mac excel
sheet and it will print 36x108 just fine. Is there a reason Windows excel
will only shows a full sheet on 36x60 page or is there something I am
missing? Could it be a windows printer setting and excel is picking up on a
default restriction?
thanks for your help!


I have set up various worksheets which take data from one single worksheets.
The various worksheets have been formated to print on my printer and print
fine with evrything in the correct alignment.

However when someone else prints on a different printer everthing is all
over the place !!!

Is there a way of printing the worksheets on various printers and getting
all the formatting correct??

I can send the excel sheet but it looks like:
a b c q r s
hea bea cea de re qq

One active worksheet where I have used print area and selected columns
a,b,c,q,r, a s to print.
Unable to have that print out on one page, even though there is more than
enough room to fit. Columns a,b,c print on one page. Columns q,r,s on the
second page.

I would like all six columns to print on one page. There is more than enough

How do i select 2 seperated ranges on one spread-sheet, set print area, and
have the 2 ranges print on one PDF sheet, one range on top of the other?

A reply in terms of excel macros would be ideal.

Thank you.

Printing on 4x6 Label , no form feed ( paper feed) on printer .
on nec p6300 printer

Here's my problem:

I was able to find some code to disable printing for the entire

But...I would like to limit printing on some pages and not others.
Here's my situation. I have month A's schedule completed and ready for
distribution. I don't have month B's schedule ready yet. I don't want
any user to be able to print month B's schedule but at the same time I
don't want to have to hide and unhide it all the time. Is there a
happy medium?

I am having trouble with my gridlines printing on top of the text in my
worksheet. I have tried to align both vertically and horizontally. It looks
fine when I preview before printing, but everytime I print, the cell contents
move up above the lines. Any ideas?

-- I set up the
> spread sheet.
> I was able to calculate the totals. When I go to print the totals,
> they print on another page. I have tried to set the print area no change.
> The totals print on the second page. There is a dotted line -------- at line
> 34. Anything below that won't print on the first page. Any ideas?


How does one take one designed Bus. Card on a 10 card template and make all
10 Bus. Cards the same without having to make each Card

Hi all,

I am having problems printing a spreadsheet in Excel 2003 SP3.

The cell borders do not print on the RHS of right most column in the
print area. The top, bottom and LHS of the print area are ok. I have
checked the properties of those cells in the right most column and
they show the correct border settings. But, the borders do not show up
on the Print Preview.

any ideas??

Thanks in advance for your time!


I am unable to print on my HP DeskJet 712C in Word 2007 but can in Excel
2007. How can I correct this? I am able to print on my HP LaserJet 1012.

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.