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turn an excel spreadsheet into an image file?


Joy Image Printer is a high-performance virtual printer which enables
you to convert any printable document into standard BMP, GIF, JPEG,
PNG and TIFF image, and keep the exact look and feel of the original
document. Since the converted image has the complete information from
the original file without altering characters or fonts, you don't
to install the original software to view the document.

Key Features:
(1) Installs as a standard Windows printer, works for all Windows
applications directly
(2) Converts any printable documents like doc, xls, ppt, rtf, html and
CAD into images
(3) Supports BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG and TIFF formats
(4)Creates Thumbnails for Printing document
(5)Dynamic file and folder generation based on macros
(6)Supports both single and multi-page TIFF file formats

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Hi all.

Bit of a long shot this one, but does anyone know of a way to export information from an Excel spreadsheet and import it into the IPTC / EXIF files of images? (e.g. there will be an image called 12345.jpg, and in the spreadsheet there will be the number 12345.jpg and some caption, keyword etc. data to import.

Many thanks in advance,


How do I change an excel spreadsheet into a text delimited format?

I have an excel spread sheet of many many rows and I would like to split
every row out into its own file. Is there an easy way to do this?

My online bank does not have a facility to import statements into Money 2005.
I can export the data into an Excel spreadsheet and wondered if anyone knew a
way of importing the data from a spreadsheet into Money?

I am importing an excel spreadsheet into an access table. I have coded the import as:

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel15, "tbl_TempImport", strInputFileName, True

the variable "strInputFileName" contains the full path name of the excel file. The option 'True' says to use the header row as the access table column names.

I have about 40 spreadsheets that have had data entered. I have been able to load about 1/2 and then the other are giving an error on the import stating "Field 'F2' doesn't exist in the destination table "tbl_TempImport". The spreadsheet do not have 'F2' in the header column, they have the real column names. I'm befuddled on where this 'F2' column name is coming from.

This is the first time I have imported excel data into access tables. I am not saavy with Excel at all. I am sure there is something wrong with some option or something in the spreadsheet that my users changed somehow. Otherwise, half of them would not be working correctly.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Can you compile an Excel spreadsheet into an .exe file?

I want to insert an excel spreadsheet into a Word document. It's similar to an earlier post from today, but I need it to be a specific sheet from that excel document. When you go to insert --> Object -->Get from File-->... It inserts the sheet that was last activated. How can I do this?

More specifically, I need a word macro to do this. I can't seem to get it to work...

I'm trying to use an Excel spreadsheet with names and addresses for my
Christmas Card mailing list. How do I import that spreadsheet?

I try to insert an excel spreadsheet into Word and it cuts off some of the
rows. I tried changing the scaling under page setup (in excel) to 70% and
this worked one time but not again. Is there an easy way to do this that is
consistent every time? I don't know if there is another way to scale down the
data I am trying to copy and paste into word.

How do I insert an excel spreadsheet into word and maintain the page breaks I
had in the spreadsheet?

How do I convert an excel spreadsheet into .cif format? This format is not
available in the "save as" menu and I can't find an add in that will convert
this for me. Can you suggest something? Thank you!

I am trying to copy and paste an excel sheet into outlook to email to colleagues. I currently am using Windows 95. When I paste the sheet, I loose all formatting and the cells enlarge so the text looks lost in the cells. What can I do so that when I copy the sheet it looks identical when I want to email. Please help!

How do I convert an excel spreadsheet into .cif format? This format is not
available in the "save as" menu and I can't find an add in that will convert
this for me. Can you suggest something? Thank you!

Hi everybody,

Can I insert a drop down menu in to an excel spreadsheet into which I can type one or more letters and the menu will scroll down to that entry rather than having to scroll every time I wish to insert an item into a cell? The menu I have at the moment reverts back to the beginning for every entry, it's quite a long list, so a lot of scrolling!!
Your help will be appreciated as ever.


My question is can I turn my excel worksheet into a program in a way that I can hide the codes and make it look more professional and simple for users?

How do you automate importing data from an excel spreadsheet into a web-based
applications. For example, a form on the web has fields for name, address,
phone, email, etc. (some of the fields are required, some optional) and you
have a spreadsheet with information for a 100 different people (or even 1
person), how do you fill in all the fields at once without having to cut and
paste each field for each person.

Can you put an excel spreadsheet into a word document and still get it to do calculations? Can you link the spreadsheet in the word document to a separate excel spreadsheet?

Hi Please if someone could help me, I am doing a project for my final year, and I have this export from a system in an excel spreadsheet, the columns will be my fields for the DB in SQL Server 2000, I just want to know if someone has any example of an script which I can write to perform this function.


How can I post a thumbnail from an External Webserver to an Excel

For instance:

this is my url and I want it export it into an excel spreadsheet, is it
possible for excel to be smart enough to read the url and just bring in the
thumbnail image?

I have no clue how to do this anybody have any ideas?

Thank you!

Hi Brian,

would like to know about any workaround for .pdf & .zip files. For all other
office formats we are using,

Excel.Shape shp = (Excel.Shape)oSheet.Shapes.AddOLEObject(Type.Missi ng
" ,true,true,"packager.exe",0,"test.xls",Type.Missin g
,Type.Missing ,Type.Missing ,Type.Missing );

What can be parameters for .pdf & .zip files?

"Brian-in-CA" wrote:

> I am trying to fully embed a *.pdf file into an Excel spreadsheet so that a
> simple Adobe icon appears in a cell. I want to be able to email the
> Spreadsheeet to co-workers and they should have the ability to double-click
> on the icon and open the Adobe file. I have done this in the past but it seem
> like sometimes the file can be opened and sometime it cannot.


I have a relatively large number of files in a particular folder on my hard-drive (approximately 3000 files.)
All the files I am interested in have filenames in the same format: two letters, followed by five numbers, followed by the file extension '.skc'.

I know how to check if a particular file name is present in the folder by using a piece of code similar to this:

If Dir("C:FolderName" & Filename & ".skc") <> "" Then
End If

But what is the best way to extract a list of all the files in the folder (without knowing the filenames in advance), and drop this list into a single column in an Excel spreadsheet?

Thanks for your help.

You can go to microsoft and download an excel viewer if you don't have excel
It should be in Office downloads and you can do a search for it there


Peo Sjoblom

"hillrunner10k" wrote:

> I received an email from my home office with a download created in an Excel
> Spreadsheet file... how do I convert it into text so I can download it?

Adobe PDF files can be marked up with highlights and comments. Is there a way
to take those comments and import them into an Excel spreadsheet so that they
can be organized and sorted through?

First question: I'm trying to insert an object (MS Word document)
into an Excel spreadsheet of a shared workbook. The Word document is
2 pages, but the inserted object only displays the first page. How
can I get it to show both pages?

2nd question: I'm trying to have this shared workbook open.
automatically update links, and not display the startup prompt. After
checking the Help file, I learned that I needed to:

1. On Edit menu, click Links.
2. Click Startup Prompt.
3. Select the option you want.

I've done this, and I selected the option: "Don't display the alert
and update the links". However, every time I open the file, the alert
still displays. How do I get it to stick?

Also, I know I can go to Tools>Options>Edit and uncheck the box "Ask
to update automatic links", but the help file says this is only for
the current user, and I want this link to be updated for all users and
no alert to show. Thanks for any help.


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