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Sorting multiple tabs in Excel

How do you sort multiple tabs in a workbook simultaneously?

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if able, how do you sort Tabs in excel (alpha-numeric) ??
I have multiple tabs/Worksheets created, each is named after a person.
Periodically, new worksheets are added for new names. I am trying to auto
sort the tabs/worksheets by tab name; alpha=numerically. Can anyone say if or
how this can be done? I have Excel 2003, SP2. Thankx

We've got many Vista PC's rolled out and a very common complaint is that
there is virtually no difference in color between a selected tab and an
unselected tab in Excel when using Vista's default theme. This is especially
problematic when people are selecting multiple tabs to make group changes.
They will invariably mess up the spreadsheet because they forget they've got
five tabs selected. How can we change this color without forcing everyone to
select the Windows XP theme?

Is there a theme definition we can use that is "professional" that will show
this difference?

can i automatically get Excel to sort my tabs

How can I select multiple worksheets in Excel 2007. Holding down ctl or
shift key
and clicking on worksheet tabs does not select multiple sheets.

I have a spreadsheet where I am trying to consolidate certain information from multiple tabs in a way that people who are not necesarily savvy in excel will be able to perform the task. There is a master tab on which I need to pull 3 columns of data from 7 tabs in the worksheet. Currently I am using a pivot table for each sheet and then copying that into the master list. I am using a pivot table since the 7 tabs will have duplicates in the contract listing since there will be multiple entries for each contract. Basically im trying to find if there is a way to write a macro that would perform the same function as a pivot table except cumulatively on all 7 tabs. Any help or input is greatly appreciated. I have attached a sample worksheet with 5 sample entries in each tab instead of the 4000+ entries that are actually in my worksheet.

How can I increment page numbers for different tabs in an excel worksheet?
For example, tab1 I would print a range which would be page 1, then tab 2 a
different range would print and add page 2, and so on. Thanks to anyone who
can help me


Consider me a raw beginner (actually I'm a little more advanced than raw beginner, but not much).

I'm looking to create a pivot table report from data that exists in multiple tabs in my workbook. The data is similarly formatted.

It is a workbook of customer issues. Each customer has its own tab. The column structure is identical, with headers on the columns, but the rows don't have headers.

For illustration purposes, each row is a customer issue. The first columns are:
tracking numberissue descriptionissue categoryissue sizeopen or closedCustomer name (same as the tab name).
When I try and put a pivot table within one customer tab, It works exactly as I expected and I can get the results I'm looking for (such as count by issue category, count by issue category by issue size).

What I want, and can't figure out how to do, is to add a new summary sheet with a pivot table that does the same thing I described above, but includes the data in all the tabs. I would have the highest order sort be customer name.

Suggestions are most welcome and would be gratefully received.


ps: I did a search but the closest I saw involved SQL and multiple files. I don't know SQL and was lost trying to figure this out.

I'd like to sort multiple columns in VBA (Excel 2003). That's not a
problem you'd think, but the columns are not placed next to each other.
There are columns in between which may NOT be sorted!

Since a simple example says more than words... Take following table:

[A] B [C] D [E]
1 | B | =IF(A1... | 12| =C1*... | 75|
2 | D | =IF(A2... | 11| =C2*... | 70|
3 | A | =IF(A3... | 19| =C3*... | 80|
4 | C | =IF(A4... | 20| =C4*... | 40|

We want to sort columns A, C and E alphabetically according to the data
in column A, but leave B and D alone. This should lead to:

[A] B [C] D [E]
1 | A | =IF(A1... | 19| =C1*... | 80|
2 | B | =IF(A2... | 12| =C2*... | 75|
3 | C | =IF(A3... | 20| =C3*... | 40|
4 | D | =IF(A4... | 11| =C4*... | 70|

Selecting columns A, C and E without selecting B and D isn't a problem:


But when I try a sorting construction like shown below, I get an error:

Range("A1:A4,C1:C4,E1:C4").Sort Key1:Range("A1"), Order1:xlAscending

I'm not sure why though... Anyone knows a way to accomplish what I want?


I am trying to figure out how I can sort multiple customers in a single cell, and then assign the customers to the outside salesman.

The basic idea is in column A I have the customers for a specific job. Assume I have three customers (Alpha, Omega & Gamma) and they are all in ONE cell. I need to sort this and assign each customer to each of my outside salesmen (Bob, Ted, Fred) in another column.

The other component to this question is that Bob, Ted & Fred may have MORE than one customer in that single cell.

COLUMN A (customers)

COLUMN B - BOB (salesman)

COLUMN C - TED (salesman)

COLUMN D (salesman)

Is there a simple way to do this? Does this make sense?

Hi there guys. I am new to the forum and this is my first post. So hello and thank you for all your help.

I need help finding a way to replace multiple words in excel. In actual fact, i want to replace item codes with direct prices. I need this because a client of mine emails me an excel spreadsheet of the work my company has completed along with the total price for the invoice. The spreadsheet details the work completed and the employee who completed it. It is listed on a per item basis. I need to find a way to quickly calculate how much each employee has made in order to calculate their payments.

At the moment, i manually use the find and replace all function in excel. I replace the item codes with their designated price per item. This has gotten very difficult, as there are over 50 item codes now that i have to replace. It has also been inaccurate due to me manually typing in the wrong monetary value per item.

I have attached an example of the spreadsheet. The top table is similiar to the original the client sends me. The table below is the table after i have edited it with the 'find and replace all' tool. I then run a basic =sum formula for each employee.

As you can see, it is very time consuming and can be very inaccurate. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If anyone can help me, i will be very very grateful. Thanks in advance.Book1.xlsx


I have two columns of numbers, and I want to count the number of entries that have the value "0" in NEITHER column.

I am using Excel 2003, which doesn't have the COUNTIFS function that allows you to directly supply multiple conditions. In Excel 2007 I would input this as

=COUNTIFS(A1:A10, ">0", B1:B10, ">0") since all values are positive.

Any insight?

Thank you very much.

Can you color code tabs in Excel?

I'm new to M Office Home & Student 2007. I can't display scroll bars and
worksheet tabs in Excel, even in XP versions that I have saved. How do I make
them visible

Is there a way to make a link to a specific tab in excel? I have a workbook
with many tabs and I want to make an first page that has links to go to
specific tab when clicked.

I used to be able to do this, but: how do you change the colour of the
worksheet tabs in Excel? I'm working with a whack of tabs and would like to
give each one a different colour - but I can't for the life of me remember
how to do it.



If you make two rows of tabs in Excel, then it would be much easier to switch
between two sheets that are at the beginning and end of the tab order.

There should be an option to specify the number of tab rows that should be
displayed in the application

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Is it possible to change the colour of the worksheet tabs in Excel ?
I would like to colour these to highlight certain sheets within the workbook.

I cannot find how to hide or unhide sheet tabs in Excel 2007 beta. Am I
missing something?

I have a spreadsheet with 7 columns wide with a large number of rows and I
need to sort the data in the rows. I can do it for each individual row but,
this time consuming and could do with knowing if there is any way to sort a
couple of hundred rows.

how to activate the permission option in the file tab in excel?

5 Tips for Working with Multiple Worksheets in Excel

i want to lock a tab in excel so it cannot be unlocked unless information is
put into a cell in another sheet

1. How to add additional sheet tabs in EXCEL.
2. How to increase sheet tab font size.

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there's a means of changing the colour of the worksheet tabs in Excel 2000? I believe 2002 has an option to do this by right-clicking and selecting a 'Tab Color' option, but there's no such option in 2000.

Perhaps there's some VBA that could do it?

And ideas?



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