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Posting a Thumbnail Image into an Excel Spreadsheet

How can I post a thumbnail from an External Webserver to an Excel

For instance:

this is my url and I want it export it into an excel spreadsheet, is it
possible for excel to be smart enough to read the url and just bring in the
thumbnail image?

I have no clue how to do this anybody have any ideas?

Thank you!

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i would like to convert a word document into an excel spreadsheet.

Hi Brian,

would like to know about any workaround for .pdf & .zip files. For all other
office formats we are using,

Excel.Shape shp = (Excel.Shape)oSheet.Shapes.AddOLEObject(Type.Missi ng
" ,true,true,"packager.exe",0,"test.xls",Type.Missin g
,Type.Missing ,Type.Missing ,Type.Missing );

What can be parameters for .pdf & .zip files?

"Brian-in-CA" wrote:

> I am trying to fully embed a *.pdf file into an Excel spreadsheet so that a
> simple Adobe icon appears in a cell. I want to be able to email the
> Spreadsheeet to co-workers and they should have the ability to double-click
> on the icon and open the Adobe file. I have done this in the past but it seem
> like sometimes the file can be opened and sometime it cannot.

The database that I am working from sends me a report as a word document. I
would prefer that this information be presented in excel, that way it is
easier to manipulate the report. There is no option for me to choose between
word or excel. I would just like to know how I can transfer data on a word
document to an excel spreadsheet?

I want to place a .jpg image in an Excel spreadsheet so the image shows only
when a cursor goes over the image. Any ideas of how to do this?

First question: I'm trying to insert an object (MS Word document)
into an Excel spreadsheet of a shared workbook. The Word document is
2 pages, but the inserted object only displays the first page. How
can I get it to show both pages?

2nd question: I'm trying to have this shared workbook open.
automatically update links, and not display the startup prompt. After
checking the Help file, I learned that I needed to:

1. On Edit menu, click Links.
2. Click Startup Prompt.
3. Select the option you want.

I've done this, and I selected the option: "Don't display the alert
and update the links". However, every time I open the file, the alert
still displays. How do I get it to stick?

Also, I know I can go to Tools>Options>Edit and uncheck the box "Ask
to update automatic links", but the help file says this is only for
the current user, and I want this link to be updated for all users and
no alert to show. Thanks for any help.



I have a relatively large number of files in a particular folder on my hard-drive (approximately 3000 files.)
All the files I am interested in have filenames in the same format: two letters, followed by five numbers, followed by the file extension '.skc'.

I know how to check if a particular file name is present in the folder by using a piece of code similar to this:

If Dir("C:FolderName" & Filename & ".skc") <> "" Then
End If

But what is the best way to extract a list of all the files in the folder (without knowing the filenames in advance), and drop this list into a single column in an Excel spreadsheet?

Thanks for your help.

How do I insert a checkmark into an excel spreadsheet? The shortcut does not
work using the ALT+0252.

Can you import data from a scanner into an excel spreadsheet?

Adobe PDF files can be marked up with highlights and comments. Is there a way
to take those comments and import them into an Excel spreadsheet so that they
can be organized and sorted through?

I need to attach a Word document in an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel
spreadsheet will be sent outside my organization, so I need the recipient to
be able to click on a link or icon and open the embedded file.

I'm suddenly unable to embed an Outlook msg into an Excel spreadsheet, which
I last did on October 21. The only MS update that's been added to my PC is
the latest critical security patch.

My spreadsheet is set up as 2003-compatible and I've saved the Outlook
message to my desktop as type "msg." Within Excel, I try to Insert -->
Object --> Create from File. I browse to find the file, click insert, then
OK, and Excel hangs.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
Mary Ellen Whyte

I want to transfer stock/option information from an Excel spreadsheet to
TurboTax. MS Money supposedly can export a .txf (tax exchange format) file
to import the information to TurboTzx. Format specification is available at Is there anyway to create a
similiar file from an Excel spreadsheet?

Is it possible to link a WORD file into an Excel worksheet?
I have an excel workbook and need to include some WORD docs
I’d rather have a live link than cut & paste & it never gets updated once I’m out of the picture.

How do I transfer data in a pdf file into an excel workbook?

Is there any way to convert a pdf file into an excel document?

Is it possible to add a water mark to an excel spreadsheet with the word

i am trying to import a scanned image that i have saved on my hard drive to
an excel spreadsheet. I keep getting an invalid format or goobledygook.
Any suggestions?

My supervisor asked me to convert the name, address, etc. data in a Publisher
8 file into an Excel 2003 spreadsheet so I can print addresses on envelopes
in a Word 2003 mail merge.

He made it sound like I should know how to do it. I don't!

Do you know how to do it? You will have my eternal gratitude. Thank you in
advance for your help.

My online bank does not have a facility to import statements into Money 2005.
I can export the data into an Excel spreadsheet and wondered if anyone knew a
way of importing the data from a spreadsheet into Money?

I was wondering if it is possible to import the list of files within a
particular folder that one sees when using Windows Explorer, into an Excel
spreadsheet? I am using WinXP and Office2003.


I have a large amount of txt files, with three columns of data. I would like to create a macro to import that data into an excel spreadsheet, and rearrange the data from being divided into three columns and 7 rows to 21 columns and 1 row.

PDA and Other 2 should not be importet.
Other 1 should be placed in the columns ending with AV
Other 3 should be placed in the columns ending with AD

I have received a macro from a collegue of mine, but he is using excel files as his data files which makes it a little bit to difficult for me to use his macro as an instruction. I have created a start of the macro, but I am having problems figuring out how to do the txt file import and the ending loop.

If anyone could/would help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

How do you pull a scanned document into an excel spreadsheet to edit?

I am trying to post the finish times for a 5k race to an excel spreadsheet.
However, everytime the minutes are higher than 24, Excel automatically
formats it to read in military time.

For example: If I enter 24:53, Excel changes this automatically to 0:53.

This messes up the finish time is there any way to stop it from formatting
like that?

I have an ODBC query that returns orders and due dates into an Excel
worksheet. I want to organize them as a calendar each month so we can see
orders due to ship each day.

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