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What does "Compile error in hidden module:Autoexec New" mean?

I am receiving this error message when i start excel, with saved excel
programs as well as new ones I am creating.

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Dear Sir/ Madam

When iI open my excel a box message is appearing Compile error in hidden
module: Autoexcel new can you please give me how can I solve this problem.

With regards;

Office 2003 factory-installed by Dell. Opening a new file with Excel (or
Word) yields a Visual Basic error message: 'Compile error in hidden network:
AutoExec' and then the PC hourglass runs. I used the Office 2003 Installation
CD provided with the new laptop to repair Office. It ran quite a while. I
then updated Office from the MS website to ensure I had the latest. This did
not solve the problem and Dell disavows my existence. I'm wondering if it
might be an operating system interaction? I am loath to re-install the XP
operating system. Any thoughts?

I have looked at similar posts but they don't help, mailnly because I don't understand the technical data/code.
The box appears every time I start Excel, first it was with Version 2003 and now it's the same in 2007!
The full texts are;
compile error in hidden on opening and;
Compile error in hidden module: dist.mon on closing.
I've looked for the two sub text's names but Vista search engine is so ridiculous as to be useless as far I can see.
Any help for someone who is just an end user, like Paddington Bear, " A bear of little brain".
I have tried re-installing Excel, didn't help.


Hi everone,

In a workbook I am using, everytime I try to open the file I am getting
a "Microsoft Visual Basic" window saying:

"Compile error in hidden module: This workbook"

What does that mean and how can trace it?


Hi All,

Have not been here for a while - but it is good to be back.

I have made a reporting tool and the problem is that:
It runs off Excel 2003 ...but....
It does not run in any excel that runs off an Apple Mac
It Runtime error is 57121

It crashes in Excel 2000.
"Compile error in hidden module: Module 2"

I have attached the two error messages and I am hoping that somebody can give me an explanation.


I keep getting that message everytime I open and then close excel. I think it has something to do with Acrobat as it started once I loaded Acrobat onto my computer but I do not know how to make it go away. Word and Powerpoint work just fine.

When I click on HELP next to it, I get the following message:

Compile error in hidden module: (module name)
A protected module cannot be displayed. The error has the following cause and solution:
- There is a compilation error in the code of the specified module, but it cannot be displayed because the project is protected.
- Unprotect the project and then run the code again to view the error
For additional information, slect the item in question and press F1.

I am not technical at all and totally unsure of what to do. Any help would be much appreciated.


I also moved the folder onto the desk top re-started Exel and all worked fine
on start up and close Thanks for your help

"Dave Peterson" wrote:

> Depending on your upgrade path through excel, you could have multiple XLStart
> folders.
> I'm still betting my money that you have that addin in one of those XLStart
> folders.
> Close excel
> windows start button|search/find
> look for pdf*.xla (just in case the name isn't always the same)
> If (when!) you find it, move it somewhere else and see what happens when you
> start excel the next time.
> Sammie wrote:
> >
> > OK, just to check: I go tools, add-ins, and nothing is checked.
> > Nothing is in my XLstart folder.
> > Thanks for any more new ideas.
> > Sammie
> >
> > "Frank Kabel" wrote:
> >
> > > Hi
> > > if you have disabled all your addins (and you may double-check this)
> > > also check if you have any files in your XLStart folder
> > >
> > > --
> > > Regards
> > > Frank Kabel
> > > Frankfurt, Germany
> > >
> > >
> > > Sammie wrote:
> > > > Nope - this is the kb article I already tried with no joy. I need a
> > > > new suggestion. What is autoexecnew and distmon? Is there a visual
> > > > basic hidden module? I have disabled all my add-ins. This problem
> > > > isn't a show-stopper, but it's been going on for months and it's very
> > > > annoying. I will appreciate new ideas. Thanks. Sammie
> > > >
> > > > "Dave Peterson" wrote:
> > > >
> > > >> maybe:
> > > >>
> > > >>;EN-US;q307410
> > > >> OFF: "Compile Error in Hidden Module" Error Message When You Start
> > > >> Word or Excel
> > > >>
> > > >> It points at PDFMaker.xla as being the culprit.
> > > >>
> > > >> Sammie wrote:
> > > >>>
> > > >>> Every time I open Excel 2003, I get the error: "compile error in
> > > >>> hidden module: AutoExecNew" and on closing, I get the error:
> > > >>> "compile error in hidden module: DistMon". I have read your
> > > >>> knowledge base article on the subject and also searched newsgroups.
> > > >>> Recommended solutions all point to pdfmaker.xla. I have already
> > > >>> deleted all the pdfmaker files but I still get the errors. What
> > > >>> next? Thanks. Sammie
> > > >>
> > > >> --
> > > >>
> > > >> Dave Peterson
> > >
> > >
> --
> Dave Peterson

When I open Excel 2000 Iget a fault message:

Compile error in hidden module:modMain

Anybody know what I can do to eradicate this problem?

Using WindowsXP on MSOffice2003.
When opening and closing Microsoft Excel an error message displayed as :
Compile error in hidden module: autoexecnew
It does not affet my worksheets but it's a bit irritating to receive this
type of message all the time.
Appreciate if some one can guide me or give me an instruction on how to
clear this type of message.
Thanks you very much.


I've installed an addin, then installed an upgrade to that addin.

Problem is that since the upgrade, when I try to use the addin or when I
activate it using the Tools-> Addins menu, I get the following error
messages (in that order):

1. Compile Error in hidden module: security
2. Can't find project or library
3. Password (Here i'm asked to fill in a password. I think here I have to
put the VBA project password which I don't know)

1. Addin is password protected so I can't see it's code.
2. I don't know the password, and by far I don't have any way of getting it.
3. It works fine if I just install the upgraded addin in a computer which
doesn't have the first (old) version. I mean problem occurs only if I
UPGRADE from an earlier version, but does not occur if I install the new
version in a computer without the old version.
4. Uninstalling, then reinstalling Office did not solve the problem.
5. I'm using Office2000 Proffessional.
6. I've tried deleting all the .xla files in the computer, and all the
directories which are created by the addin installation, but it didn't help.
7. I've tried manually choosing the correct new version .xla file using the
Tools -> Addins -> Browse menu, but that didn't help either.
8. I was told that in order to solve that I must run some registry change
command (I don't remember the exact command) but that didn't help either.

Kind Regards,


I have searched the forums and found similar posts to mine, but my question is still unanswered.
At my workplace we have spreadsheets which import sales figures from SQL.
A macro runs and adds an extra menu to the toolbar, which gives a button to update the figures.
On a particular machine (Windows 2000 pro/Office XP) when opening these spreadsheets, as soon as I click Enable macros, i get the following error:

compile error in hidden module: This workbook

Lots of people access these spreadsheets daily to check figures including myself and they work fine. It's just on this one machine.

Anyone got any ideas on what might be the problem here?

I am a desktop support technician, but i am only just starting out, and i especially dont know alot about excel.

Many Thanks in advance.

Recently had to recover my system, WIN XP SP2. Reinstalled office 2007. When I run excel I get the message: Compile error in hidden module TBRun9 . After I click on the OK box, the program seems to work all right. Can someone tell what this means and how to fix it?

All of a sudden I am getting an error on Excel startup. The error is a
Microsoft Visual Basic message...compile error in hidden

I have no idea why this is happening. It does not appear to have any effect
on anything I do in Excel.

Any ideas?



I have just installed xlminer ( However, when i start my MS Excel now, I get a message "Compile Error in Hidden Module: modAMain. I am not a developer so haven't messed around with Macros.

Grateful for any help.

Hi ya'll
I just recieved a new computer. After I uploaded all my files from the old computer; I now get an error code when opening up excel. The error is from the Microsoft Visual Basic. It states: compile error in hidden module:auto exec New.
If you hit OK. It will let you view the document and make changes with no problems. When you close the Doc I recieve the error; Compile error in hidden module: distMon.
Has anybody seen this problem before?
Is there anyway of fixing to problem?
I have already ran the repair option on the Office cd.
THANK You so much for your HELP1

I am using the Calendar Tool where a user can choose a date from a userform in VBA. Many users have access to this macro, but the code is protected. It seems that every once in a while the Calendar disappears from the form causing the macro to Error out. The message I get is "Compile error in hidden module". The reason I am getting this error is because it cannot find the Calendar because it has disappeared. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Hi all,

Thanks for having me here. I get the error message "Compile Error In Hidden Module: Thisworkbook" every time i start excel 2007. I've only installed it recently and only settings I have changed in excel is install the add-ins solver and data analysis. I've also had Nitro PDF 5 Pro installed before Office 2007 was installed. I have recently uninstalled Nitro PDF5.

I'm not a coder and so I havent messed around with marcos etc. How do I get rid of this issue in excel 2007?

I have a workbook that contains a form that requires the user to enter a valid username and password to open the workbook. On my laptop it runs perfectly. On my desktop I have issues. When I launch the workbook on my desktop, I get the userform login as I am supposed to. Once I enter the login info I get the following error:

"Compile error in hidden module: UserForm1"

My desktop operating system is as follows:

Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

And I am running the following version of Excel:

Microsoft Excel 2003 (11.8105.8107) SP2
Part of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003

Once again, it seems to work perfectly on every PC except for mine. I need to be sure I have no compatability issues. Please help. I can post the code if need be.

I REALLY need assistance on this one. Thanks folks!

I get this problem when opening excel to edit a file "Compile error in hidden module 1"

Ive probably missed something obvious

I have a problem i have writen an excell macro in VBA and it is working on some computer but on the others it is not working. It says "compile error in hidden module"


I started getting this error message one day after using a file that someone
else had modified. The message shows up when I start or close the Excel

Compiled error in hidden module: DistMon


Hi I have a problem to open excel 2002 with msg compile error in hidden
module: ta numbers to text, ps sheet level functions and PS Basic. I have
tried most of web suggestions. Thanks

I get messages when I load Excel from Visual Basic "Compile error in hidden
module AutoExecNew" (and DistMon). I reloaded Office 2000 and still get the
message. Help!

Every time I start or close Excel 2007 I get the error message compile error
in hidden module:distmon. This seems to have started after I installed Adobe
Acrobat 8. How to I fix it?

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