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huge huge excel file... why?

i have an excel file that is 171 MB, I don't understand why... I removed the
autoformatting I thought might have been the problem, but it's still the same
size. It also takes an extremely long time to save my progress, to open or
close, and it sometimes pauses every ten or so rows when I'm scrolling to set
the print area. It shouldn't be that big- There are 5 sheets, each is between
400 and 500 rows, and there's only ten columns. What's going on? Thanks for
any help.

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deleted bitmaps and still have huge excel file size - what do you do to
reduce the file size?

What should I look for in a laptop when I'm most concerned about something that will run complex Excel files without slowing down?

I've got up to roughly $3,000 to spend if necessary. Want something that won't make me wait for a roughly 100 MB Excel file to calculate. On my current setup, this thing can take minutes to calculate and sometimes Excel stops responding.

Currently I'm running Windowx XP Home Edition and Office 2003 on an HP Pavilion zv6000. Processor is AMD Athlon 64 3200+ running at roughly 1.8 Ghz. Computer has 1.25 GB RAM.

I will be going with Vista, most likely, and Office 2007, most definitely. I'm open to anything -- PC or something such as the Macbook Pro. It's performance I care about most.

Any tips? Suggestions? If you were customizing the ideal machine for my purposes, what would your specs be?

Will the dual processors increase speed? Or do they mostly facilitate multitasking? I'm not a huge multitasker but I will sometimes have IE7 or Firefox running in the background.

Thanks in advance.

Hello folks,

I'm so ashamed of this question. I think it is quite easy and I tried to find the answer by searching the forum but no success.

I hope someone out there will have an answer.

I'm trying to open an excel file that is linked to an ACCESS database but I can't. I can only do that when no one else is using the database. In other words, the database has to be closed for me to be able to open the linked excel file.

Why is that and how can I get around this?

Many thanks in advance great people.



Can someone suggest me a tool that can search huge excel files like a
database and display/print results? I have CSV files with thousands of
records. I want to search rows based on a specific criteria that
involves different columns and conditions.

For example:
[Column A between 6/1/2000 and 6/1/2007] AND [Column B like '%thakershi
%' or Column B like '%shah%'] AND [Column C >= $60,000]

This is just one example. The conditions keep changing based on what
is required.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you.

Malay Thakershi

I have a huge excel file (43,000 records) which needs splitting into 61 separate CSV files. One of the columns contains a numerical value which is always a number between 1 and 61. It is this field that forms the basis of the split.

Is there an easy way to create 61 separate CSV files rather than me having to sort and manually pick out the appropriate rows for saving... 61 times over :~(

Any help much appreciated.

Hello friends.
First of all I would like to wish happy new year to everyone!
Now I will go straight ahead to my problem, and hopefully find someone who will be able to help me.

I have huge excel file with 30 worksheets in it, which is linked into autocads drawing.
That drawing has 30 specific spots(or links) and every time you click on certan one it should open its own worksheet within excel file.

Now can someone pls tell me the way how to tell excel which worksheet to open?
Is there any wildcard or some other way which will allow me to achomplish that?

Best regards


I have a huge Excel file that contains very important imformation, I wan't to allow other people to view it, but not be able to copy/paste any data from it, print the file or copy the actual, physical file (not sure if possible through Excel but there must be a way to do this somehow). I'm wondering if these things are possible and if so how to go about doing them and would greatly appreciate anyones help.


I have a huge excel file, and I want to be able to find some values in them. How can I count how many numbers are between a range (For example 0 to 10) are in the whole file ?

best regards

Hey all,

I'm wondering how I can open up an excel file and somehow make it so that when I open up the file it'll point to a specific worksheet.

ie. if I had a huge excel file and was sending an web address to someone to see a specific part of that file, how do I extend the address to include that information.. eg.,worksheet5 ??

Thank you for your time,


Hi ! I am struggling with a huge excel file 49 MB, has multiple formuales, Lookups, Index, Match and dynamic filters.. Are there any tips to reduce the file size... other than zipping the file..

I have an excel file that is 50mb and I don't know why it is that huge. I did not create this file and was asked to look at it and figure out why it takes 10 minutes to open? There is 3 tabs and very little data. How can it be so huge??

I have a colleague who is using pivot tables to summarise data from HUGE Access files (1GB+) into Excel. He’s summarising the data into 3 Excel files, and he has about 20+ pivot tables in each file. This makes the Excel files between 350MB and 400MB big. This is very large files and takes him about 10 minutes to save once he’s made changes. It’s also almost unworkable as it takes ages to navigate and do calculations on the data.

Does anyone have any suggestions. I suggested that using pivot tables is perhaps not the best idea, as I believe that Pivot tables are huge. Perhaps anyone has a suggestion using VB?

how are you closing the file(s)?
how are you opening them?


"janet inglis" wrote:

> Whenever I close one excel file, all of the others close at the same time.
> This is a huge nuisance, as sometimes I am working with several spreadsheets
> at a time and have to retrieve and re-open them all. Please help!

Why are some of my excel files colored blue and some are in black? This
occurred after an IT tech servicing was done>

I have an Excel file we use as an office schedule. It's essentially a
calendar with a tab for each month. When I updated the worksheet for 2006
the file size shot from 246K to 6.25M. Does anone have an idea why?


why is it my excel file is always crashing?....
im adding some macros just to manipulate the way the sheets should appear...and everytime i save the file...close it....then tried to open displays an error message that excel has caused an error on windows....i already uninstall and install the excel and still the same thing happen....
is there any other way to recover the file? please help me

I have received an EXCEL file from my colleague. Which apparently seems to be very small. 28 cols and 78 rows. Data entered is also very simple. Just some names and numbers. But the fie size is very large - about 5 MB. Other problem with this workbook is that if you open it even scrolling, horizontal or vertical takes very long time. You click on the scroll bar it moves down by one column and sort of hangs. ( I noticed that CPU utilisation becomes 100% as if it is doing some huge processing ) and after about a few seconds it gets ready. You try to scroll again and again the same story. Deleting an entire row will take about 10 seconds, again CPU utilisation becomes 100%. Funnily if I copy paste this sheet to a new workbook it apparently seems to capture all the data, format of the original sheet but the file size of this pasted sheet is about 45k ( just right for a worksheet of this size ). I don't know where that excess file is going and what it is doing. It certainly makes operation on the worksheet extremely slow. The file is not virus infected.
I now remembered that my colleague was complaining of his notebook becoming painfully slow and was palnning to treplace it. Now I know that the culprit is the workbooks he is creating. Is there anyway to find out what this workbook is upto and why any operation on the workbook takes ages? It has no macros, aooarently no formulas. But there is something that has increased the filesize abnormally and makes response very slow. Can anyone help?

I have attached the file if you want to have a go at it. No sorry. The zipped file is also 450k - cannot attach.


A V Veerkar

why do changes only save locally on networked excel file?

why excel file does not open sometimes.

I've to constantly work on an excel file, but while it worked perfect with macros last time, NOW when I try to open it by double clicking in explorer, although the excel starts but file does not open, i.e., the contents are not displayed-although in background, it has opened (& hence while closing excel, it asks whether I want to save the changes in the opened file (although the file contents did NOT open).

This happens off & on (not all the times)

Why is it happening to this file? (size is 433 kb or around this) and it has about 15 macros.


Why can't my new PC (which has MS Works-spreadsheet) open my Excel files?

Why are some of my excel files colored blue and some are in black? This
occurred after an IT tech servicing was done>

I am trying to create a VB program that will compare 2 excel files and highlight the differences. I do not know if there is a excel command that I can use instead that would be more simple. I looked in the forums, but did not see anything. Please redirect me if there is a relevant post. I do not have any experience in VB. I have coded in Java before but it has been a while so there might be some fundamental problems with the code. I am getting a error message 'COMException unhandled' "Member not found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80020003 (DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND))". I dont really know enough about VB to know why the program is failing. Thank you very much.

Here is my code

Module Module1 
Sub Main() 
    Dim objExcel 
    Dim objWorkbook1 
    Dim objWorkbook2 
    Dim objWorksheet1 As Object 
    Dim objWorksheet2 As Object 
     'instantiated objects
    objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") 
    objExcel.Visible = True 
    objWorkbook1 = objExcel.Workbooks.Open("C:UsersarmstrDocumentsWorkiyrul12original.xls") 
    objWorkbook2 = objExcel.Workbooks.Open("C:UsersarmstrDocumentsWorkiyrul12.xls") 
    objWorksheet1 = objWorkbook1.Sheets.Item(1) 
    objWorksheet2 = objWorkbook2.Sheets.Item(1) 
     'defined objects
     'runs for loop to compare worksheets
    For Each cell In objWorksheet1.UsedRange 
        If Not cell.Value = objWorksheet2.Range(cell.Address).Value Then 
            cell.Interior.ColorIndex = 3 
             'Highlights in red color if any changes in cells
            cell.Interior.ColorIndex = 0 
        End If 
End Sub 
Private Sub objExcel() 
    Throw New NotImplementedException 
End Sub 
End Module 

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I have a shared Excel file with about 180 tabs. It resides on a file server (Novell 5.1). The users who access the file are running Excel 2000 on Windows 98. This file is usually about 7MB, but it suddenly ballooned to 40MB. I have no clue why. It zips down to the same size as before.


I have used Data Validation in my cells and maybe this is the reason why I am facing this problem

Whenever I open this particular Excel file, I get a dialog box saying:

This command requires at least two rows of source data. You cannot use the command on a selection in only one row. Try the following:

- If you're using an advanced filter, select a range of cells that contains at least two rows of data. Then click the Advanced Filter command again.
- I you're creating a PivotTable, type a cell reference or select a range that includes at least two rows of data

...and I am not using and macro which uses/invokes advanced filter nor do I have any Pivot in my file

Can someone kindly help me out. Thanks.

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