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Does a highlight row comand exist for Excel conditional formulas?

I am trying to write a conditional formula and if a certain condition is met,
the entire row will be highlighted. Essentially, I am searching through a
suspense database and if a task is overdue I would like the conditional
formula to highlight the row. Here is what I am trying to do...


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I am trying to write a conditional formula and if a certain condition is met,
the entire row will be highlighted. Essentially, I am searching through a
suspense database and if a task is overdue I would like the conditional
formula to highlight the row. Here is what I am trying to do...


Obviously the "highlightrowcolor" is not a command but if someone knows what
would work I would appreciate it tremendously if you could share that

Thanks in advance,

Is there a good comprehensive, understandable book for Excel 97? Or web
site? Examples of function and controls and how they work and how you make
them work would be very helpful. Excel is so daunting and I second guess
myself every time I write a formula other than the most basic - is there a
simpler easier way to get this done!!! I know where I need to go but so
often have no clue how to get there! I need to eventually add controls so
I can make it a series of questions and you have the quote completed. Now
I'm just using fill in the blanks and functions!



I recently upgraded from Office 2000 to Office 2003. I have a Template that
was linked to a worksheet using the Template Wizard with Data Tracking. When
I open the worksheet now, I get a error that says "Cannot open Template
Wizard". I can't find this add-in for Excel 2003. Does it exist? Is there
a work around?

Hello All,

Ok, I am just getting into the macro aspect of excel, so please be patient with me. I basically am trying to create a macro that creates a new row of data under existing data in a table (not really a table but just a range as of now). Here are my two main criteria:

1) I have some cells that have data validation, some cells with formulas, and some cells with just text (really symbols) that I want copied down from the row above into the newly created row. I need all cells (other than the rows with symbols) to show as blank, however upon creating the new row.
2) I want the row to always be created after the last row of data.

I have tried using the macro recorder to try doing this as well as researched everywhere online but I am not experienced enough in VBA to get the syntax down quite right for what I am trying to do.

I have attached the workbook for your reference. To put it more clearly:

- I want to create a Macro that adds a row after the last row of data in the table. Currently this would be after row 22, however, after adding another row, I would want it added after row 23 and so forth and so on.
- I would like it to copy the formulas and data validation in cells C22, D22, E22, and I22, but not I don't want any selections made for the cells with data validations (D22:E22). As long as those cells are clear, cell C22 should be empty based on the vlookup formula in that cell.
- I would like it to copy the contents from cells F22 & H22 as is in the new row.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide!!

Hi there,
I want excel to identify a word in a given row, and search the excel tab that has been named with the same word and copy paste the entire row in the tab on the next available row. For eg..

Row 2 in excel consists the words : DOC-MSFT-AAPL-2005.

I would like excel to find the word "MSFT" and find the tab thats named "MSFT" and copy past the entire row ie,..DOC-MSFT-AAPL-2005 in the next availabe cell on the excel tab "MSFT".

Any possibility of getting this done?


Dear experts,
I wrote a VBA code for my friend in Excel 2002, but it would stumble in his 2003. Instead of installing the version and digging into the macro, I was hoping there would be an easy workaround. Therefore, although I suspect that this problem may be a result of something else, I wanted to clarify for me the following:

Are there any differences between VBA codes for Excel 2002 and Excel 2003, and if true, are there general guidelines with respect to the differences ?
Does the service pack status matter for Excel 2002? In other words would the same macro work on Excel 2002 regardless of whether it was updated or not?Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi All

I have an excel form which users will have to complete.

Col B = Date
Col D = Details
Col F = Hours
Col H = Details
Col J = Hours
Col L,M= Total Hours

I want to add a macro at the end of row 50 so when users click it a new row is added for them to enter data but the total are also added in. This is how far Ive got:

Sub More()
' More Macro
' Macro recorded 05/08/2008 by abellad

ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = True
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
Application.CutCopyMode = False
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=SUM(RC[-7]+RC[-3])"
ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = False
ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=False, Contents:=True, Scenarios:= _
End Sub

This code only helps in to add a new row but the calculations do not work correctly. Any help would be appriciated. I can make the file link available if required.


I use the report manager add-in for monthly financial reporting, to publish a
lengthy series of worksheets. I need the same functionality in Excel 2007
before I can use it in a production environment. Will this add-in be
available for Excel 2007? Or is there an equivalent?

Does anyone have a list of Keyboard shortcuts for excel? like ctl s, ctl c , ctl v etc



Does anyone know of a good AutoCAD Viewer control for excel 2003 and 2007? I have one control, but it's not supported by 2003 so it crashes if i try to use it. Thanks

The on-line help feature for Excel 2003 is unhelpful. For instance, type '$'
into the help feature. The result is worthless. I would prefer an index and
the ability to search through myriad of options, as was the case in versions
of Excel published prior to the 2003 release. In prior versions, typing '$'
into the help index would result in a wide variety of uses for the dollar
sign and clear-cut examples of its function in Excel.

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I have what seems to be an unsolvable problem. A challenge for you Guru's.
I have attached a copy of my workbook.
I fill out a new timesheet (see timesheet tab) each day. That information from the timesheet is copied to the appropriate row on the WorkCompCore sheet.
I start out with a blank timesheet each day.
I need all of the information that is added on the WorkCompCore sheet saved and compiled it each day from the timesheet.. As I add new data onto each new timesheet, I need that data added to the WorkCompCore sheet and saved each day also. Remember, each day starts a new timesheet with new data to be added. I can do all of that just fine.
Heres the problem. Lets say I enter info for the road Label 1 on a certain day. If I enter data say 5 days later on the same road, I will need to add a new row under road Label 1 on the WorkCompCore sheet, for the new data and so on. I need Excel to look for the road label number when it is entered on the timesheet and if data has already been entered for it on a previous day on the WorkCompCore sheet, then make a new row under it for the new data on the WorkCompCore sheet.
I need all of the formulas from the cells above the new row to be usable in the new row also.
This should be quite a test.I'm all ears.

Does anyone distribute -- free or for $$ -- a package of VBA Macros for
Excel spreadsheets to provide extended outlining capabilities, along
the lines of typical outlining packages. That includes things like:

* promote or demote items in the outline
* move chunks of outline around
* outline numbering
* explode/implode subtree
* add children or siblings
* navigate around the outline

Thanks. --David.

I am converting a proprietary program that belongs to our company to excel. Most of the work is done but a portion of it requires me to output a large number of concatenated strings with many double quotation marks and variables. What i am looking for is an application or plug-in of some sort that does that same as this but for excel 2007.

example of code line from previous program:

@IFDEF EmitCSV @EMITTOFILE IO_#PlcName.csv "#Alarm_TagState_Addr1","#Item_Addr1",Word,1,RO,100,,,,,,,,,,"",

@ means it is a function
# means it is a variable to be expanded

VBA equivalent:

Item_Addr1 = formatSTR("#####",
If EmitCSV = True Then Call EmitToFile("IO_" & PLCName & ".csv", Chr$(34) & Alarm_Tag &
"BP_ADDR" & Chr$(34) & "," & Chr$(34) & Item_Addr1 & Chr$(34) &
",Word,1,R/W,100,,,,,,,,,," & Chr$(34) & Chr$(34) & ",")
the VBA Function FormatSTR simply adds preceding 0
if in the above example BP_ADDR were to equal "103" then Item_Addr1 would equal "00103"

EmitToFile(File Name, String to append)

I can do the conversion to a VBA string by hand but it is very time consuming considering i have over 1000 different lines like this to convert.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a question about how to insert a new row in VBA.

the row A is the record time~
how to insert a new row (horizontal) if the program check that the record time is missing.

(for example: it should record the time of 43:48.1, 43:48.3, 43:48.5, 43:48.7)
but it miss the 43:48.5 , it need to insert a new row to replace for 43:48.5 and follow the data of it above)

thank you for your reply.

is it possible whit a macro of v.b. for Excel to save a file .xls in .mdb format (access)?

ok here goes,

I need help with a fishing weigh in slip for excel

right now in excel if you enter 2.4 in cell a2
then 3.12 in cell b2 then sum it will not result in 6.0
which in pounds this would be

I need help with the formulas for this
i am no computer excel genius
I just fish
and want to have this for our club

the sheet would go like this

name largemouth smallmouth fish 1 fish 2 fish3 fish 4 fish5 total

total largemouth total smallmouth total tournament weight

so if a person brought in 3 fish

fish 1 weighed 1.15
fish 2 weighed 2.1
fish 3 weighed 3.4

the total would be
7.4 pounds

ther sheet needs to also keep total of number of largemouth and smallmouth fish landed
please i have searched for help and functions for 4 months and can not figure this out

thanks to all in advance

Is it poosible whit a macro if V.B. for Excel to save a .xls file in a .mdb file in Access format (.mdb)
I have Office prof. 2000 and Win 2000 Prof.

anybody know where a copy of the dicdb for excel 97 can be obtained. Bummer they only support the hugher levels

I would like to download a list of Physical functions for Excell which may
be used in Formula by using the accepted symbol for that constant
The value Pi is already included as PI()
What I want is things like the gravitational Constant, The speed of light
etc. the latest SI unit values would be nice.
My simple Cassio Pocket calculator has this facility I expect a
sophisticated application like Excell to also have some easy method of
including SI Physical Constants in formula.
This might be as an ADD IN but eventually this service should be a standard
part of Excel

I have problem with VBA for EXCEL. In formulas there are links to other
files . When it's open it normally connects with other files and everything
is OK, but the other files are open protected with a password, so each time
I have to put the password manually. There are MANY files so it is not very
convenient. All files are protected with exactly the same password.

I use such piece of code:

ActiveWorkbook.UpdateLink Name:=ActiveWorkbook.LINKSOURCES

How to write the code so that it can automatically use the same password
during connecting to these files? Without opening them each time.
Can anybody help me?


Hi all,
I would like to insert a empty row based on the criteria. The criteria is from row 3 onwards at column B. Column B is the unique ID of the line. If the unique ID at column B change when it move to the next row. It will insert a new row in between.

For example, in row 3,4. The column B ID are ABC.
In row5,6 and 7, the column B ID are DEF. Therefore it will insert a empty row between the 2 different ID.

The macro will end when it move to the last available row

Is there a project management add on for excel inc. gant charts?

Is it possible to export a single row of information from Excel to Word.


Is it posible to export multiple rows of information from Excel to Word
where the rows must appear as separate lines of information within a single
word document.

I am using XP & 2003.

Regards & thanks,

Sketch :-)

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