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Count Formula-probably redundant

Good Afternoon ...
This questions is probably redundant, however, my question is how to write
the formula to count, and excluding certain criteria. For example:
Column A
Count the entries, but do not include the numbers 2921 and 3344. Results
should equal 4.

Thank you ... ceej

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Need count formula to count records with amounts in either columns E, F, or G. For example

Need a formula (not VBA) in cell F2 to return a count of 5 records counted that have an amount in column E, F, or G (but only count as one record when amounts exists in multiple columns):

_7 | 1200.62 | 1500.53 | -0-
_8 | 1000.00 |________|_1620.00
_9 | 7000.00 |________|________
10 |________|________|________
10 | 2000.00 | 3000.00|________
11 | 8000.00 |________|________

Thanks for all your help. mikeburg

Hi All, I need help in using a count formula incombination with dates. I need to count the total of names in a colum, but I need to count them for a set period.

Hi Everyone,

I need help with the manipulation of a formula.

I have the following formula:

The formula above is used to do a count of business days in a given month. I use one of the Excel add-ins to make it work properly. The last cell reference (K3) is used as holidays or any days that should be excluded from the count. Is there a way I can make this into multiple days to exclude in the count formula?


Hi - How do I write a count formula for non-blank cells that may contain
either a "X" or a number?


I am having some trouble with a count formula in my worksheet.

I have Cell1-10 in col A populated with the name 'john'
Col B contains different numerical values for Cell 1-10, three of them
being the number 5.

Is there a formula I can use that will give me a count of any cells in
Col A with the value 'John' *AND* any cells in col B with the value

Help would be much appreciated.

Jason B

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I am having some trouble with a count formula in my worksheet. Example:

I have Cell1-10 in col A populated with the name 'john'
Col B contains different numerical values for Cell 1-10, three of them being the number 5.

Is there a formula I can use that will give me a count of any cells in Col A with the value 'John' AND any cells in col B with the value '5'

Help would be much appreciated.

Jason B

I have created a list of text using the Data Validation List function. I want to count how many times each item in the list is used in the column. I have guessed at numerous counting success. I would greatly appreciate your help.


Hello There.

I am using the work day count formula with the analysis toolpack. The formula does not count holidays. so i need to make changes to skip to the next workday when there is a holiday inplace obvously a good example coming up is christmas.

Can someone please let me know how to input all the holidays in my formula ?

The spreadsheet that I am working with is for my football team. The help that I need is with the COUNT formula I think. In column Q I have all the cells that contain YES counted in cell Q49. I want a formula that will count the amount of times that a team has played at home this season. Whether a team has played at home or away is signalled by a H or an A in column B. When I use this formula
 it counts all the home games that a team will play this season, what I need is for all the home games that they have
currently played, so that I can express it as a percentage of the 4 'YES''s in column Q.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
I have attached my spreadsheet for people to look at.

I need a Count formula with an If statement to count how many accounts in column A have a start date (column B) greater than today?

Hi All

Need help with creating a formula if anyone can help.

I have a column A full of dates (A1:A250 to be precise), formatted as day, day of month, month, year (eg: Wednesday, 3rd June, 2008). There are 250 dates/rows in this column and I am wanting to get a count on (for example) how many "Mondays" there are, "Tuesday" etc.

I assume it's a either a Vlookup or count formula ???

Anyone ?

Many thanks


Ok, I have two columns
first one (H3:H17) representing the date in which fees were paid for a tennis club and the second (K3:K17) representing when the fees are due (1/9/06)

The 3 members who didn't pay their fees on or before the due date aren't considered 'current' members,

I need to construct a formula which counts all the 'current' members.

I beleive it would need to be a count formula using a date and
counting if the date occurs prior to or on the due date.

plz help,

1/9/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/14/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/17/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/9/06 1/9/06
1/10/06 1/9/06

I am trying to add up data based on another tab in my workbook using specific criteria. I have attached the file. The first tab lists demographic data by job title, job group,gender and ethnicity, but on then the next tab I need to total it by job group, gender and ethnicity. I was hoping to use a sum or count formula to auto-populate the second tab, but I can't get it to work.

Once the Job Group # column headings were named the same, this solved it:
E6 =SUMIF('Workforce Analysis'!$D:$D,MID($B6,1,255),'Workforce Analysis'!G:G)
M6 =SUMIF('Workforce Analysis'!$D:$D,MID($B6,1,255),'Workforce Analysis'!O:O)

Hi, I'm looking for some help with an OFFSET / COUNT formula (this may not be the correct choice for what I am trying to do).

I have 2 sheets.

Sheet 1 - List of Athletes, with 4 columns.
Athlete No - Name - Club - Age

Sheet 2 - Result Sheet based on Age, with a number of columns, the first 3 being.
Athlete No - Name - Club

I intend to populate Sheet1 first, I would like Sheet2 to auto-populate with the details of the Athletes listed on Sheet1 of a particular age. e.g. If the Result Sheet is for Senior Women then all athletes listed as 'Senior Women' will appear automatically.

I have included an example SS, and I have placed the formula that I have been playing with in the cells Athlete No - Name - Club on Sheet2. My formula is finding the first correctly aged athlete, but then inserting all subsequent athletes regardless of age. I dont think I'm far away....

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey everyone, I am stuck again.

I am making an accident report where I need to use a Lookup and count formula (I think).
I have two Criteria to lookup and count when a certain type of accident happens in a certain location. Obviously the location and accident type is dynamic, so I am looking for a formula that will be able to count with two lookup criteria.

I have a more detailed explanation in the excel file which should makes things eaiser to understand.

I would like some help with the following count formula based on cells meeting a certain criteria/ condition

Count cells F4:F200 which contain RS but only if cells A4:A200=Jan09 and cells m4:m200=blank

so basically I need to count the number of times where RS appears in cells
F4:F200 based on the other cells meeting the criteria as specified above

Cells f4:f200 could also contain other initials or be blank so must only count where RS appears


Is there a Excel Equivalent of Multiplan's iteration count formula-ITERCNT?

I am developing my spreadsheets using Excel 2003 but using Multiplan instruction book.

The Multiplan formula goes something like this:

IF(ISNA(ITERCNT()),LOAN*MRATE,IF(ITERCNT()11,RC,R[-1]C*MRATE)). I would like to get the same outcome with MS Excel.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hi - How do I write a count formula for non-blank cells that may contain
either a "X" or a number?

Ok, so, I am a huge novice when it comes to Excel and my skills will not allow me to figure out how to create a formula for the type of counting I'd like to do with my data. Please forgive me if I'm using incorrect terminology. Here is some information on what I'm trying to do:

I'm an educator for a non-profit that operates an outreach program for schools. I'd like to create a year-end report for the # of schools we have visited according to the county/district, type of school (public/private), and semester. My workbook is made up of 4 sheets representing spring, summer, and fall semesters as well as the year-end report on the 4th sheet.

Currently, I'm using the COUNTIFS function to count the number of schools we've been to, broken down by county/district and semester. However, because we allow a school to book us for multiple days, some schools' names appear more than once in that same column. What I would like to do is only count the first occurrence of each school name for each semester to get an accurate count. If it helps, the column range that has all the school names is D7:D164. Also, there are many blank cells in column D since we are unavailable on some days and don't allow schools to book us.

Below in bold is what I have so far. It simply counts the number of Cook county public schools outside the city of Chicago that we visited in Spring 2011. As a temporary fix, I just subtracted 5 since 3 different public schools in Cook county had multiple day visits during the spring 2011 semester-which happened 5 times:

=COUNTIFS('Spring 2011'!I7:I164, "Non-Chicago Public", 'Spring 2011'!J7:J164, "Cook")-5

I have no clue how to tell Excel that I only want it to count the first occurrence/instance of each school name. My instincts tell me I'm going to need some sort of array, but that is soooo above my head in terms of actually figuring out how to incorporate it into the counting formula or figure out a different formula all together.

Any ideas on what I need to do here?

Also, if you need more information, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for the help!!

Does anyone know how to search a cell and identify and
count each formula in that cell. Then pass this to an
array which adjusts for redundant strings.


Hey- after learning the bare basics at school, I'm a bit out of practise with Excel and wonder if anyone can help me sort the following problem out with a working formula. It may be that there's an easier way of doing what I'm currently trying to do with IF functions.

Columns I, J and K are to contain numbers from 0-10.
Column P is to count how many of those columns have a number 1-10 in them (ie, not zero), and display that number, 0-3.

I'm getting myself into a tangle with the nested equation, perhaps due to my limited knowledge of functions. As it stands, I am looking for the correct formula in column P. For example, P7 currently reads:


This works well enough except when more than one column I-K goes from a number to 0 at the same time, when obviously only -1 is registered, not -2 or -3 as it should be.

Whilst typing this, it has dawned on me that there's probably a simpler way of working the calculation which doesn't involve comparing with the previous row, but rather just counting from the same row which have entries, which would provide the same outcome. Any suggestions for either methodology?

Much appreciated.

Hi Guys,

I've used a sumproduct formula to add up the values of criteria matching 3 different fields, but don't know how to use this information to create a count formula (e.g. counting how many of these cells have been added together).

The sumproduct formula is:
=SUMPRODUCT(($G$27:$G$65533="H")+0,($H$27:$H$65533="12 ")+0,($I$27:$I$65533="")+0,$E$27:$E$65533)

Is it possible to create a count that uses these criteria?


Hi Team,

I'm trying to use the Counf formula in VB to calculate the number of rows but it seems that my formula (ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=COUNT(R[10]C[-9]:R[28]C[-9])) is only calculating for specific rows, and if my data gets updated, the count value doesn't change.

I need to calculate the number of cells containing data from A11 to the last column containing data. Any ideas please?

Thanks and Regards,



I have been using the wrong formula to count total entries in columns and only just found this error.

The MAX formula in cell B4 is:
If the all the rows are full within range F12:F36, then the MAX formula is fine to count the total within range B12:B36 (25) so I thought.

But sometimes there are omissions between F12:F36
If there are 2 blank cells anywhere within F12:F36 for example, then B4 needs to show 23 respectively.

In the sample WkBk B4 needs to show 8

How can I get this to happen ?


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