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Extract data from notepad to excel

hi i have a query regarding data extraction..i want to know if there is a way of extracting data from a notepad into an excel sheet in a table format..My data is in the below format;
I want it in a table format like:
Name Dob address country
xyz 11/11/11 wewr usa

is this possible..Thanks

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Hi friends,

I need some urgent help.
I need to import data from notepad to excel and filter the data
according to certain conditions.

I know how to import notepad file to excel, but how to filter the data
is not known.
Could you guys help me out.

thanks in advance.

I have different notepads say notepad1, 2 3 and so on. I have to import data from notepads to excel..

All the notepads are stored in a directory (common folder) after importing data from first notepad, the code has to calculate the end of the row automatically and insert the data from notepad2 to next row and so on..

Also, I need a separate column to say from which notepad the data is fetched (say I should have column to display notepad1 for the data fetched from notepad1)

Appreciate if somebody can help me on this.

Is it possible to extract data from website ( and paste them in Excel as follows:
Date Open High Low Close Vol


I have various report extracted from different applications in .txt format.
I would like to transfer the same report from .txt format to excel.......the
report in .txt is generated on regular basis.
The report in .txt format contains many unwanted fileds. Can we write a
macro to export the data from .txt to excel so that the fileds required can
only be exported to excel.

Please help....


I am trying to write data from access to excel using
The code snippets I have tried are not tying together well.

    Dim cnnConn As ADODB.Connection 
    Dim rstRecordset As ADODB.Recordset 
    Dim cmdCommand As ADODB.Command 
    Dim intColIndex As Integer 
    Dim TargetRange As Range 
    [B]Is this statement right ?[/B] 
    Set TargetRange = Application.Worksheets("FPS").Range("A2") 
     ' open the connection
    Set cnnConn = New ADODB.Connection 
    With cnnConn 
        .ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0" 
        .Open "C:salesitems.mdb" 
    End With 
     ' set the command text
    Set cmdCommand = New ADODB.Command 
    Set cmdCommand.ActiveConnection = cnnConn 
    With cmdCommand 
        .CommandText = "SELECT * FROM tblProduct" 
        .CommandType = adCmdText 
    End With 
     ' Getting Close With This
     ' open the recordset
    Set rstRecordset = New ADODB.Recordset 
    Set rstRecordset.ActiveConnection = cnnConn 
    [B]I tried This - Didn 't work[/B]
     ' TargetRange.CopyFromRecordset rstRecordset
    [B]Also tried this -Didn 't work[/B]
    For intColIndex = 0 To rstRecordset.Fields.Count - 1 ' the field names
        TargetRange.Offset(0, intColIndex).Value = rstRecordset.Fields(intColIndex).Name 
    TargetRange.Offset(1, 0).CopyFromRecordset rstRecordset ' the recordset data
     ' Close the connection and clean up.
    Set cmdCommand = Nothing 
    Set rstRecordset = Nothing 
    Set cnnConn = Nothing 
End Sub 

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Developing an application for customer in MS Excel for mass processing of xml data. Application is complete but we probably get to some limitations of excel.

There are two problems here:.
First problem is when I put 2500 characters to one cell and try to export it to xml, export works fine but in xml file is only 1125 characters exported and another 1375 characters disappear. If I put less character as 1125 everything is perfect.

Second problem is to get external data from xml to excel.
When there is more then 1011 characters in one cell, the import to excel application finish with error on that cell.

The errors are tested in Excel 2002 and 2003 (customer have Excel 2003).

Have you some experience with such problems? If you will need to see more details and also example of excel application, please contact me.

As a translator, I append at the end of each translation data from a winword (97)macro giving me the file name, no. of words,bytes, etc.
I would like to append this data to an Excel sheet which keeps a list of all translations done (and calculates the price).
To this end I need a macro that picks up the file name, number of bytes, etc. from the Winword document, and moves them to the next free row in the Excel spreadsheet.

Currently I do this by hand by cutting and pasting,then transposing the data (which is in a column) to the next free row. I then sort the rows alphabetically by filename, if the files are for a single client, or by date if not.

I am not expert in VBA, and whilst I have found macros for moving data from Excel to Word, I cant find ones for moving data from Word to Excel and organizing it.

Finally, should I run this macro from Word, or within Excel?

Good Morning,

Forgive me if this is a silly or simple question. I am wondering if it is possible to set up a Macro to copy data from Word to Excel.

The scenario is this - we receive feedback forms in Word format. At the moment, we transfer the data on to Excel manually and make calculations and reports from there. I know how to manipulate the data using a Macro once it is in Excel but was unsure if the transfer still has to be manual?

Also, there will be a large number of these Word documents coming in and they will be returned randomly. I therefore also need to be advised i the document will need to be saved somewhere or as something for the Macro to work.

Hope this makes sense. All advice appreciated.


I have upgraded my PC to MS Office 2007. Now I am unable to export data from
sap to excel 2007. How to overcome this problem. Please help.
Sanjay Jain

How to import data from Oracle to Excel 2003 or Excel 2007?

Whenever I try to export data from access to excel I face a peculiar
problem. If the data has forward slashes in it, it gets converted to date
format in excel even though it is in text format in access. Anyway I can
prevent this from happening.

I copy data from eBay to Excel. However, just lately when I copy data, the
font color is Excel is all black (rather than red or green that indicates if
an item sold or didn't sell). I contacted eBay and they said I had changed
something Excel that is causing the colors to not copy over. I didn't do
anything on purpose, but I'm not the only one who uses this computer. Do you
know how to fix this issue? Thanks!!


I have written code to import data from Access to Excel using VB code since
I wanted values to be filtered on a value. I picked up this code from MS site
which used ADODB for connection. I found that this code was not working
properly despite choosing proper references.
Is there a simple way I can get data from Access to excel 2003 filtred on a
value which is stored in adjacent cell. (If I use get external data in Excel,
it dumps the entire table).
Appeciate your response.



Is it possible to get external data from access to excel?

I want to put the value of euro/usdollar to one cell in a worksheet. The
conversion rates are stored in a table in an access database.

excel and access are both 2003.
Thanks for answers.

i am able to send all the data from jsp to excel without any problems except for some numbers where the leading zeroes disappear. one way is to pass a apostrophe along with the dat but then that apostrophe appears along with the data which i would like to erase.i would like to preserve the data without it. any other way. please help at the earliest. thanks.

Hope this question makes sense.

I want to cut and paste text from notepad and paste it to excel, then I want to single out the persons name and the persons age. Each name and age is on its own line like this:

1. Jim from Texas age 53 Analyst
2. Mary from Massachusetts age 44 human resources

I have about 400 names and I want to extract the name and age into their own columns without having to manually type in every name and age into it's own cell.
Is there a function that removes all text but numbers from a text string, and secondly, is there a function that removes all text but the first word of each sentence ? I have a lot of work ahead of me and would like to do this ehem efficiently.

Hi, I'm trying to extract data from an Access database to Excel and get the error:
"Too many client tasks".

I have approximately 100 sheets and get the error when updating more than app. 50 sheets.

Is there a way to avoid this?



can i import the data from the notepad to xls THROUGH programm

data is like this:==
1986 Records, Jan 10 2007 1:27AM
No Data
60 Records, Dec 20 2004 9:39AM

No Data
1 Records, Jan 11 2007 12:02AM

i need to import this to new xls in column B row 5 6 7 9 10
this process contnious next column C ROW 5 6 7 9 10 NEXT COLUMN D ROW 5 6 7 9 10
TILL CW column load data from .txt file every half an hour


Hello Everybody!
Please help me to export notepad data into excel 2010
Format of data in notepad

Sometext (varing length)

Sometext (varing length)

Sometext (varing length)

Sometext (varing length)

Sometext (varing length)

I want Heading 1,2,3,4,5 all in seperate column in excel 2010

and then loop whole process as i have 100 such notepad files

I want all 100 files data in one excel worksheet only under heading 1,2,3,4,5

Kindly help!


Hi guys

i need to know if there is a possible way to do the following:

I want to set up a document to extract data from three other excel docs. Its Billing, monitoring and server farm location.

Now i have configured it to extract the data i wanted from the billing and monitoring document but i require help with the server farm location.

The documents format is as follow: horizontally i have the cabinet name (c1, c2, c3, etc) and vertically the server names under its corresponding location. Now each cabinet does not have the same amount of servers in so the vertical length of each row (A, B, C) varies in length. Meaning Row A has 10 lines on the document but row F has 15 etc.

What i want to do is extract server names in alphabetical order and it should then automatically in the column next to it list in which cabinet it is located. BUT if i movie the server in the farm and update the document accordingly i need the new sheet to update itself automatically and then resort itself in alphabetical order.

Any advice? I could perhaps draw up a example doc cause i can obvious reasons not post the original.


Is there anybody know how to extract data from Oracle RDBMS to a Excel worksheet using VBA. Is it possible to create a db connection & a query in VBA code? Please advise. Thanks in advance.


I need to copy data from one cell in a table from a Word document into an
Excel spreadsheet. Can anyone respond with tips (or sample code) that can
help with this?

Thank you!


I am often given pdf documents which contain text.

Is there a way of extracting the data i need so that I can manipulate it in excel.

The data will have date, name etc in pdf

the above shows the data.

I need to extract application number, name, address

Thanks in advance
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Hi all,
I have written a code using VB for extracting data from notepad to excel and copying the certain data like date in other cell.
I need to extract a particular value from the cell where data is copied to another using mid or any other function in VB.The code is as follows:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Call data
Call compare
End Sub

Sub data()
Dim fs, f, ts, s
Dim r As Long
Dim r2 As Long
Dim e1, e2 As Variant
Dim i As Integer
Const ForReading = 1

Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set f = fs.getfile("C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy DocumentssheetalCingularStatus .txt")
Set ts = f.openastextstream(ForReading)
r = Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1
r2 = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1
i = 1
Do Until ts.atendofstream False
s = ts.readline
Cells(r, 2).Value = s
'e2 = Cells(r2, i).Value
i = i + 1
r = r + 1
End Sub

Sub compare()
Dim i, x, j As Integer
Dim Errorrow As Integer
i = 8
x = 111
j = 114
k = 131
l = 137
m = 139
Errorrow = 4
errorrow1 = 25

Do Until Cells(i, 2) = ""
Cells(Errorrow, 3) = Cells(i, 2) 'have to include mid function here
Cells(Errorrow, 7) = Cells(x, 2)
Cells(Errorrow, 8) = Cells(j, 2)
Cells(errorrow1, 3) = Cells(i, 2)
Cells(errorrow1, 7) = Cells(k, 2)
Cells(errorrow1, 9) = Cells(l, 2)
Cells(errorrow1, 10) = Cells(m, 2)
Errorrow = Errorrow + 1
errorrow1 = errorrow1 + 1
i = i + 7
x = x + 38
j = j + 38
k = k + 38
l = l + 38
m = m + 38

End Sub

For eg: if data shows as "Status for colms:"
The output in other cell has to be "colms"

Thanks in advance

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