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Can you create side-by-side pie charts for comparison?

I need to show two pie charts side-by-side for comparison. One chart is at
100% participation in one plan option. The other chart (not a sub-division
of the 100%) shows three plan options at 58% participation, 38% participation
and 4% participation. I don't want to use something like a pie of pie chart
because the 2nd chart is not related to the first chart. They are just to be
used for comparison. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I would like to create side-by-side Box-and-Whisker Plots for exploratory
data analysis, comparing populations from a variety of sources (monitoring
wells, in this case). I want each "box" to include the following: a line at
the mean and a symbol at the median, a box extending to the first and third
quartiles, and whiskers extending to the min and max. I can tweak the details
myself, but I'm not sure how to get started with it, using the chart tools in
Thanks for your help! - Amy

Can you create an administrator for an excel file that is not subject to the

Creating Multiple Pie Charts from Excel Sheet

I have an Excel sheet with the following:
-1 header row with the column names.
-5 individual rows of unique numerical data underneath.

How can I create 5 separate pie charts each using a separate row and
the header row without going through the chart wizard for each
separate row?

Needless to say, I have about 75 rows in the actual example.

Any suggestions?

Dear Friends,

I am enclosing herewith a sample data file.

Here we are making monthly Pie chart for country wise sales contribution and Bar chart for month wise country-wise sales comparison.

Due to monthly Pie Chart, I am making monthly sheets.

I want to do away with Monthly Sheets and automate the Pie Chart so that the Monthly Pie Chart can be viwed by selecting the month from a drop down selection.

Suggestions and Guidance are needed for the same,


I have a Excel worksheet that has employee benefit information for 99
employees and would like to make an individual pie chart for each one. Some
of the employees don't have the same benefits as others, but I can't figure
out how to alter each chart for each employee. Can someone help?

Several of us around the store have tried,,, and we just can't create a
simple Line Chart showing the growth of Sales from 1973 up to 2008. It seems
this would be so simple. I have the Excel Spreadsheet open with Column A as
"YEAR" and Column B as "SALES". I follow just as the instructions say,
highlighting the columns and inserting them in the Chart Wizard, but it just
doesn't display like it supposed to. I manually created what I'm looking for
using, but I paid money to have this Excel software on my pc;
I wanna use it! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Rudy

Can you create dynamic named ranges with dynamic number of rows, containing
the mega array formula written below? It should be created in a seperated
sheet if I add a values on a new row in a input sheet.

Problem causing the need:
I have a input sheet and depending on how many rows of data there is there,
I stack the input list into four different groups above eachother, depending
on the the input value in one of the columns. Now I tried in a "result
sheet" to make 200 rows * 6 columns * 4 groups and intended to hide rows
with no data. (the max rows in input sheet are 200)

Since the groups is made of very long array formulas, I find that it doesn't
recalculate itself and even if I run "Application.Calculate" it take eight
seconds to update. Even if I reduce the calculation to the sheets in
concern instead, it will be to slow since there will be four or five sheets
with mega array formulas depending on eachother for 200 * 4 array groups * 6
columns TIMES four different Input sheets.

- Following formula take only rows with "Not Evaluated" in the column/range
name "INS_KVAL"(takning the value from column "INS_NU" besid "INS_KVAL")


If I run application.calculate it take several second to update. Even if I
reduce the calculation to the sheets in concern, it will be to slow since
there will be four or five sheets with mega array formulas depending on

I have thought of filter it instead but take that in a seperate tread later.

/Kind regards

Can you create a formula to define the table array in a vlookup?

1 100m sprint
2 Male Female Points
3 14 16 1
4 13 15 2
5 12 14 3
6 11 13 4
7 10 12 5

The table above is a (massively simplified) table to return a number of points for a decathlon/heptathlon event. I know how write a vlookup formula for either male =vlookup(REF,$A$3:$C$7,3)
or female =vlookup(REF,$B$3:$C$7,2)

Is there a way to write a vlookup formula which would select $A$3:$C$7 as the table_array for any male athletes and $B$3:$C$7 for female?

How can I create a process control chart for quality control using exel?

I keep a data base which has a list of when certian things expire. Can you
create alerts to notify you when the expiration is approaching or when they
have expired.

Can you create a formula to pull from one worksheet to another, both within
the same file?

How do you create a multiple pie chart?

e.g. if you have 3 groups A, B and C, each which 3 different category X, Y
and Z.

Is it possible to put it all into one chart?

I have done it but it has to be done individually and it takes time.

can you create a cash flow diagram in excel


I have a spreadsheet with answers - Excellent, Good, Average, Poor etc which can also be filtered by month which is another column. I would like to calculate forexample the percentage of each answer in a pie chart when needed.

So forexample in colum I will filter for month of May, and then I want in a pie chart to see precentage of answer that are good, percentage of excellent etc. Can this be done easily enough?

If it take a lot of complicated forumlas to do each time can you configure a macro or something like that because this spreadsheet will be going to a novice user when it is created?

Thank you in advance.

I am working in two workbooks and they are link to each other. Like , excel
2003 I would like to be able to view two worksheets in 2 quadrant or side by
side so I can compare the data for each worksheet?

Thank you Everyone


I have managed to find a macro that allows me to create a bar chart for each row of data and put them all into a seperate sheet.

However, I need to modify it so that it will make pie-charts for me and not use any of the fields with 0's and labels the charts. Can someone please help?

This is the original code and I have attached the spreadsheet if that helps!

    Dim rCat As Range 
    Dim rVal As Range 
    Dim rUsed As Range 
    Dim iRow As Long 
    Dim cht As Chart 
    Set rUsed = ActiveSheet.UsedRange 
    Set rCat = rUsed.Rows(1) 
    For iRow = 2 To rUsed.Rows.Count 
        Set rVal = rUsed.Rows(iRow) 
        Set cht = Charts.Add 
        cht.Name = rVal.Cells(1, 1) 
        With cht 
            .SetSourceData Source:=Union(rCat, rVal) 
            .HasTitle = False 
            .HasTitle = True 
            With .ChartTitle 
                .Text = rVal.Cells(1, 1) 
                ActiveChart.Axes(xlValue).MajorUnit = 1 
            End With 
        End With 
End Sub 

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I have a pie chart and I was wondering if you could create a pie chart for a piece of it that shows what makes up that section of the pie. Ex main pie chart shows revenue by state, I want to show what made up Utah's revenue based on type of work. Is this possible?


I am a beginner who has just picked up vba the past week. I have been trying to figure out this exercise for the past two days. Right now, I can create a simple pie chart, but I want to how I can loop through (for example) 4 ranges of data to create 4 pie charts - one for apples, oranges, bananas, and blueberries.

My data looks similar to this:

Cows.........5276...........67 ...........562....... .....246
Monkeys.......2............564 ......... 8680............783
Pigs....... 6348...........854 .......... 2.................4
Horses.......24............ 2............ 4267..............2
Donkeys.......5..............0................0............. 0


Hi, I have just started using Pivot tables and charts and have found them to be very useful. I have a pivot chart (simple pie chart) created from a data table with filters on it. This is great for flicking between each filter. However i was wondering if there was a way to create a pie chart for each filter next to each other for easy comparison?

The only way i can do it is to copy and paste as picture, but then these charts no longer update or to create a seperate pivot table for each.. . If i simply copy and paste, when i change the filter on the table both charts change

Thanks for any help


Potentially a very basic quesiont but I just can't figure this out.

I am trying to create a template worksheet (that will be used as a structure to simply cut and paste data in and it will spit out final percentages and aggregates in a separate tab). I'm good across the board with my formulas, it's just that I'm having a frustrating problem with presenting some of this data in a pie chart.

My issue:

I have 4 projects from a project manager. 3 of these projects are in design by my firm. So, for this particular project manager, the natural percentage would be 75% designed by my firm. Right?

So when I select this data to create a pie chart in excel, the projects are added, so instead of 3/4, excel calculates 3/7 = ~43%. This is not what I want. I am merely trying to create a simple pie chart that shows that 75 percent of XYZ's projects were designed by our firm.

I feel like I'm missing something completely here so thanks for any help!


I have a pie chart, and the source data for the pie chart is a pivot table that I have created. However, there are several fields in my pivot table table, and I can only produce a pie chart that reflects the very first field in the table. I know pie charts can only use one field, but I need to make a separate pie chart for each field. No matter how I try and change the data source, I can only ever get a pie chart that uses thew first field in the pivot table.

Is there a way with VBA to create separate charts from the pivot table?

Many thanks,


With a Pie-in-Pie chart, the result is 1 big Pie chart and a 2nd user defined pie chart I have sucessfully done this. Now I would like to know if it is possible to create another user defined pie chart from the second pie chart? What i invision is 3 pie charts for my data--1st pie chart that represents the top 10 accounts and an "other" then a 2nd pie chart that takes the "other" and breaks it down into the top 10 in that section and an "other" and then a 3rd pie chart that will displays the "other" of the 2nd pie chart.

Is this possible?

I have included a sample of the data i am charting. There are 48 items to be plotted and the Pie Chart is the chart of preference. When i chart these items using a Pie-in-Pie Chart, spliting the data at a value of $15,000, the result is a very crowded second pie chart and i am trying to better display that second pie chart. NOTE: it is crowded with Pie-in-Pie or Bar-in-Pie chart.

Thanks for your help.

As you can see I have created a main pie chart that shows three groupings: girl's, guy's, and accessories. If I want to create "pie charts of pie charts" (the chart type) -- is there a way to have each of the three groupings have its own pie chart. Such that I could break out accessories as the % between girl's and guy's, or alternatively, the various categories of merchandise. And If I can have another two pie chart that emanates from the guy's pie chart or the girl's pie chart. These can show the ratio of tops to bottoms or again, various categories.

Is this possible? And if so, how do i set it up?

Thanks! Auto Merged Post;

Here is another example of a pie chart that could work that is also a pie in pie chart. Perhaps if I could show the big pie w/three pieces and then each of the three pieces broken up into two components... Please assist!

I have a worksheet with 70 rows where each row is an individual record. I am trying to find a macro which will read each record and create a pie chart for it on a separate sheet.

Some of these records contain zero values which I believe need to be hidden otherwise they mess up the pie charts by showing 0% labels.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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